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  • Retro-Blog: The Parliament of Cheese and Curds

    Reposting this June 2015 fable about cheese (and the first appearance of a talking cat). With apologies to John C Wright’s Parliament of Beasts and Birds. The dairy products gathered, one by one, outside the final city of People, furtive, curious, and slightly odd smelling. All was dark. In the west was a blood-red sunset […]

  • Trump Appoints New Secretary of National Security

    The sudden firing/resignation of National Security Adviser John Bolton marks the third person in this role in as many years. Seeking a more consistent and stable approach to the role, the President has sought to appoint the well known political commentator and publishing guru, Timothy the Talking Cat. Once tipped as a possible Vice Presidential […]

  • Further images from the Rubble Space Telescope

    People are wondering how the Moon-Mars dumbbell theory works if the moon is orbiting Earth. This latest image shows how the whole system works in majestic harmony.

  • Shock billionaire spoiler candidate enters presidential race

    Timothy the Talking Cat, billionaire CEO of publishing multinational “Cattimothy House” entered the 2020 Presidential fray, with a shock announcement on Tuesday. At a book launch in Borstworth Library, the outspoken cat and business guru laid out his vision for a new kind of US President. While discussing his new book I’m So Rich I’d […]

  • Cheese Update

    Sorry but I uploaded that last graph with some layers missing. Tweaked and corrected.

  • Terms and Conditions

    🔔 Step 2: You must also agree to the HereThere!(™️) teleport-buffer Terms and Conditions prior to energisation. ☑️ I agree to the HereThere!(™️) Teleport-Buffer Terms and Conditions! I’m ready for a great trip! Teleport-buffer Terms & Conditions 1 You must access and use the HereThere!(tm) teleport-buffer (“teleport-buffer”) only in accordance with these terms and conditions […]

  • Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Scripts Scoop! A Felapton Towers exclusive!

    Where next for Star Trek Discovery? The hit and miss Trek prequel has been greenlit for a second season but with major characters either dead or traitors of one kind or another, it is hard to see where the show can go in season 2. As people now know, I am secretly the husband of […]

  • In Americas Heartland, the Demonic Spider Monster Next Door

    By Dunk Chibblebits, the New Yrok Tines In Iowa, amid the rows of crops and non-existant hills, the Cheesecake factories and Happy Joes Pizza & Ice-Creams, Mr SnckerChitter’s presence can make hardly a ripple. He is the demonic spider monster next door, polite and low-key at a time the old boundaries of accepted canibalistic activity […]

  • McEdifice Returns: Chapter Fan Service

    McEdifice Returns By Straw Puppy and Timothy the Talking Cat. The “story” so far. After being captured by the forces of the Space Vampires, McEdifice was sent back in time and space through the gaping maw of a giant space vampire head. Determined to rescue him the alien Qzrrzxxzq and ScanScan the Dancing Photocopier man, […]

  • McEdifice Returns: Chapter It’s Grimdark Oop North

    By Tim “bobbins” Cat and Straw “fettled keks” Puppy It were grim all right. Grim and grey. Grim and grey and the air was sulfurous and full of grit. “This is must be an aspect of the hell dimension,” said McEdifice as the trio trudged up the hillside on the outskirts of the fume enshrouded […]

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