The Puppy Kerfuffle Timeline

The True History of the Great Puppy Kerfuffle of 2015 CE and Beyond

[Minor update] Added an archive link to the original EW article.

[Major Update] This now intended to be the complete span of the timeline – finishing with the 2016 Hugos Awards but with an epilogue of reactions plus the Dragon Awards. As a narrative, N.K.Jemisin winning the Best Novel is a great finale and Larry Correia getting the Dragon Award adds some closure to the epic tale of rivalries, feuds, principled stands and far-right machinations. I’ll continue to make corrections and add obvious missing bits but in terms of the story arc, I’m calling this done 🙂

[Major Update] Events up to the release of the SP4 and RP2 lists have now been included. Some more links on SFWA controversies included and some reactions from Mad Genius writers to earlier events also included for SP4 context. Still haven’t done the necessary work on the Asterisk side-quest or the 4/6 proposal history.

[Update] A revised version with some additions from the comments (thanks Mark, Tom, JJ), typos fixed (well at least some of them), plus some other things picked up around the place. Just a couple of things to add still: The Gerrold ‘Asterisk’ side quest and a bit of history for the 4/6 proposal.

[Update] N.K. Jemisin had a misspelled name as “Jesmin”. Now fixed.

[Previous Intro] Still a work in progress but it gets a new home here. I have given up trying to wrangle tables in this WordPress theme, so now the formatting is a list.

This is literally a narrative as it is a story shown over time with a plot and complications but it is also a subjective mapping of headspace. It looks more serious than my map but the same caveats apply – it is how I perceive the kerfuffle and while it is made out of truthful bricks (I believe) the structure itself is a fabricated thing. Same warnings about false balance apply and also the timeline has the issue of stirring up old arguments.

Suggestions and corrections are welcome within the limit of not wanting to re-kerfuff old kerfuffles and certainly not wanting to re-open old wounds.

Major sources: Mike Glyer’s puppy round ups (, Jim C Hines’s article , The Hugo Awards blog, and the blogs of Larry Correia, Vox Day, Brad Torgersen and John C Wright.



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  2. Mark

    Some suggestions

    2015/4/4 Patrick Neilson Hayden posts several screenshots of tweets by noted Gamergater “Daddy Warpig” encouraging GamerGate to support SP3. Patrick comments “(2) Reaching out to #GamerGate, inviting them to join Worldcon: special.”
    Relevant because of later claims of GG involvement.

    15/2/7 Dave Creek publicly declines a place on SP3

    (Possibly for completeness) 15/2/1 Juliette Wade declines a place on SP3

    (Possible edit) 2015/6/9 Numerous people post messages in support of Irene Gallo….
    The originator of this was Chuck Wendig


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  4. Tom Galloway

    Correction: Connie Willis did not withdraw as a Worldcon Guest of Honor. She declined an invitation to present one or more awards at the Hugo Ceremony (I have a recollection that the Campbell was mentioned, thus the “awards” rather than “Hugos” phrasing, but am not 100% sure). She was not a Worldcon GOH this year, and given current practices is unlikely to be so again, having been one in 2006.


  5. JJ

    Cuinn’s last name is spelled with two “n”s.

    Thanks for pulling this all together, it’s extremely helpful when formulating replies to Puppy revisionist history.


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  7. Mark

    2015/5/11 The Gallo FB thread is no longer accessible and the F770 article doesn’t have a direct quote. You could use this F770 or one of these others:

    I also suggest a final entry “Today: still no visible effect from the Tor boycott.” It’ll be accurate no matter when anyone reads it!


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