The Puppy Kerfuffle Timeline

The True History of the Great Puppy Kerfuffle of 2015 CE and Beyond

This is intended to be a complete span of the timeline – finishing with the 2016 Hugos Awards but with an epilogue of reactions plus the Dragon Awards. As a narrative, N.K.Jemisin winning the Best Novel is a great finale and Larry Correia getting the Dragon Award adds some closure to the epic tale of rivalries, feuds, principled stands and far-right machinations. I’ll continue to make corrections and add obvious missing bits but in terms of the story arc, I’m calling this done 🙂

This is literally a narrative as it is a story shown over time with a plot and complications but it is also a subjective mapping of headspace. It looks more serious than my map but the same caveats apply – it is how I perceive the kerfuffle and while it is made out of truthful bricks (I believe) the structure itself is a fabricated thing.

Suggestions and corrections are welcome within the limit of not wanting to re-kerfuff old kerfuffles and certainly not wanting to re-open old wounds.

Major sources: Mike Glyer’s puppy round ups (, Jim C Hines’s article , The Hugo Awards blog, and the blogs of Larry Correia, Vox Day, Brad Torgersen and John C Wright.

  • Date (year/month/day) Event Link
  • 1950 Antequam catuli certamen [1]
  • 1953 The Hugo Awards – awarded by fans with membership for the notable SF/F convention ‘WorldCon’ [2]
  • 1964 Nominal start of the New Wave of SF [3]
  • 1980 Tom Doherty establishes Tor Books [4]
  • 1983 Jim Baen establishes Baen books [5]
  • 1990 Antequam pugnaretur ex catulis [6]
  • 1997/3/28 Vox Day (aka Theodore Beale) attends Minicon and claims to have disavowed attending SF conventions there after. [7]
  • 2003/7/1 Ace Books publishes ‘Singularity Sky’ by Charles Stross. The book is nominated for a Hugo. [8]
  • 2005/1/1 Tor books publishes ‘Old Man’s War’ by John Scalzi [9]
  • 2005/2/2 Vox Day publishes an article on World Net Daily on “Why Women Can’t Think” [10]
  • 2005/3/1 Patrick Nielsen Hayden (a notable Tor editor) on his blog ‘Electrolite’ publishes an article critical of Vox Day’s article and critical of him being a juror for the Nebula Awards. John Scalzi comments on the article defending Vox Day’s role on the jury but noting: “From what I know of Beale’s politics, he’s a jackass, and a fairly ignorant jackass at that. I feel pleased that my own politics, to the extent that they play any role in Nebula selection, are likely to counteract his “ [11]
  • 2006/6/28 Jim Baen, founder of Baen Books dies [12]
  • 2006/8/30 Francis Turner announces a campaign called “A Baen Sweep of the Hugos” – not actually intended to sweep the Hugos but to ensure Jim Baen was nominated for Best Editor and for several Baen works to win. [13]
  • 2008/4/8 John Scalzi’s blog ‘Whatever’ uses its regular ‘Big Idea’ feature to let Vox Day discuss his book ‘The Irrational Atheist’ [14]
  • 2008/9/1 Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded’ a collection of pieces from John Scalzi’s blog ‘Whatever’ is published by Subterranean Press. In 2009 it wins the Hugo Award for Best Related work. [15]
  • 2010/5/16 John Scalzi elected President of the Science Fiction Writers Association of America [16]
  • 2011/1/26 On Baen Book’s Facebook page, the publisher lists eligible works for the Hugo Awards. In the comments Larry Correia suggests himself for the Campbell Award: “Larry Correia for the Campbell for best new comer. Just throwing that out there. No bias or anything. :)” [17]
  • 2011/8/23 Larry Correia is a finalists for the Campbell Award for best new science fiction/fantasy (not a Hugo Award but part of the same voting process and awarded at WorldCon). Correia attends WorldCon but does not win the award. [18]
  • 2012/10/27 Vox Day post an article on his blog mocking a satirical letter John Scalzi had written on the topic of rape. Verbal feuding between Scalzi and Day reaches its height. [19]
  • 2013/1/1 Certantibus appropinquare facis [20]
  • 2013/1/8 Larry Correia posts on his blog an article called “How to get Correia nominated for a Hugo” in a bid to get Monster Hunter Legion nominated. [21]
  • 2013/1/16 Larry Correia posts a second message on the topic in which he makes reference to ‘sad puppies’. Nominal start of the ‘Sad Puppy’ theme. [22]
  • 2013/2/6 John Scalzi donates money to charity every time Vox Day makes a reference to him in his columns. [23]
  • 2013/2/7 Sarah Hoyt proposes an award for books that fall into her “Human Wave” movement. “Most of the readers who are rediscovering SF (or anything else) because they can finally find stuff they want to read, see the Hugo and it doesn’t say to them “Award given by small group of people who attend Worldcon.”  They see “Award” which means someone other than the author’s cat read this masterpiece and approved of – or at least finished—it.  That means they’re twice as likely to buy it.” [24]
  • 2013/2/28 Larry Correia posts the works and people he will be nominating for a Hugo. [25]
  • 2013/3/5 Apex Magazine publishes the short story ‘If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love’ by Rachel Swirsky [26]
  • 2013/3/30 Hugo 2013 Nominees announced. Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Nation is not successful in Best Novel Category. Writer Seanan McGuire is nominated five times across various categories – two nominations under her nom-de-plume Mira Grant. [27]
  • 2013/4/1 Larry Correia posts on his blog saying: “So the Sad Puppies Hugo stacking campaign was a success for almost everybody else I pushed, but me, as we didn’t get enough to break MHL into best novel. It will be interesting to see how close we got when the numbers come out after the awards.” [28]
  • 2013/4/1 At Staffers Book Reviews, Justin Landon writes a ‘polemic’ entitled ‘Can we stop talking about the Hugos now?’. In it he lists numerous issues he sees with the Hugos including relevance, Laryy Coreia’s campaign and people being nominated several times. [29]
  • 2013/4/2 On his LiveJournal, author Harry Connolly writes a piece entitled ‘How I feel about the Hugo Awards (spoiler: meh)’. Connolly takes Larry Coreia to task about a comment that Coreia had made about Saladin Ahmed’ nomination for a Hugo: ‘That’s grade-A horseshit right there. However small the nominating pool was, whatever value should be placed on the Hugo itself, they nominated the man’s book because they liked the man’s book. Attributing it to “an ethnic name” is racist bullshit.’ [30]
  • 2013/4/5 John Scalzi posts his reaction to his novel ‘Redshirts’ being nominated for a Hugo for Best Novel. [31]
  • 2013/5/3 Steven Gould is elected President of SFWA beating Vox Day in a landslide. Rachel Swirsky is elected Vice-presidents. They are set to take office in July. [32]
  • 2013/6/1 SFWA President John Scalzi announces a task force to look into the SFWA bulletin, after major controversy over sexist content. [33]
  • 2013/6/6 SFWA President John Scalzi announces the resignation of the editor of the SFWA bulletin, Jean Rabe [34]
  • 2013/6/6 Kate Paulk writes a commentary at Mad Genius Club on the SFWA Bulletin controversy entitled ‘Storm in a B Cup or the SFWA Glittery Hoo Haas’ [35]
  • 2013/6/7 The Daily Dot publishes a summary of the controversies around the SFWA Bulletin including the resignation of the editor [36]
  • 2013/6/8 Author N.K.Jemisin gives Guest of Honour speech at Continuum in Melbourne. Her speech addresses some of the issues in the SFWA at the time as well as broader issues of race, gender and sexuality. It also makes reference to Vox Day’s failed bid for SFWA President but not by name – referring to one candidate as ‘a self-described misogynist, racist, anti-Semite, and a few other flavors of asshole’ [37]
  • 2013/6/8 Vox Day posts an attack on N.K.Jemisin’s speech referring to her in derogatory terms and calling her a ‘savage’. He does this via his blog but also via a SFWA branded twitter account. [38]
  • 2013/7/1 Steven Gould replaces John Scalzi as SFWA President [39]
  • 2013/7/3 Mary Robinette Kowal posts a message addressed to the “Twelve Rabid Weasels of the SFWA” [40]
  • 2013/8/14 The SFWA President, Steven Gould, announces that a member has been expelled. Vox Day confirms that he is the member expelled. [41]
  • 2013/8/16 As part of her blog series on the SFWA controversies, Cora Buhlert writes ‘SFWA drama comes to a conclusion’. [42]
  • 2013/9/2 John Scalzi’s novel ‘Redshirts’ wins the Hugo for Best Novel. [43]
  • 2013/9/3 Author John Ringo complains about John Scalzi’s ‘Redshirts’ winning a Hugo. In the comments, Ringo suggests that voting irregularities resulted him not getting a nomination he should have received for ‘Live Free or Die’. He also says: “I had twice the votes for the John Campbell nomination in 2001 as the next highest person. Mine were ‘thrown out’ since I was ‘ineligible.’” In the same thread Larry Correia comments “So I’m totally going to so it again this year. Bigger. Because I am motivated entirely out of spite. 🙂 “ [44]
  • 2013/10/1 Ann Leckie’s ‘Ancillary Justice’ published. The book is a space adventure featuring the AI of a warship that now exists in a human body and is seeking revenge. The protagonist also tends to only use female pronouns. [45]
  • 2014/1/7 Larry Correia announces Sad Puppies 2 and request suggestions for nominees. [46]
  • 2014/1/14 Larry Correia posts a further Sad Puppy 2 announcement with cartoons and a manatee [47]
  • 2014/1/21 publishes essay by Alex Dally MacFarlane called “Post-Binary Gender in SF: Introduction” [48]
  • 2014/1/28 Larry Correia strongly criticises Alex Dally MacFarlane’s article. [49]
  • 2014/1/29 Jim C Hines criticises Larry Correia’s post [50]
  • 2014/2/3 Vox Day announces his new publishing business ‘Castalia House’ [51]
  • 2014/2/10 Natalie Luhrs discusses a petition that has been circulated by Dave Truesdale protesting proposed changes to how the SFWA Bulletin is managed. She includes links to two versions of the petition. [52]
  • 2014/2/11 Jim C Hines publishes a parody version of Dave Truesdale’s petition. [53]
  • 2014/2/13 The Daily Dot publishes a news story on Dave Truesdale’s petition to SFWA against the SFWA proposed changes to their Bulletin [54]
  • 2014/2/13 Kate Paulk writes a summary of on-going fall out from SFWA controversies entitled ‘SFWA Can Haz Glittery Hoo Haa’ [55]
  • 2014/2/17 Cora Bulhert posts a comprehensive review of coverage of SFWA controversy. She includes some comments on Kate Paulk’s piece at Mad Genius Club [56]
  • 2014/2/17 Sarah Hoyt posts a long response to a negative comment about Vox Day being expelled from the SFWA [57]
  • 2014/2/18 Sarah Hoyt posts a long GIF filled account of her changing feelings towards the SFWA and her reaction to Vox Day’s expulsion [58]
  • 2014/2/19 Brad Torgersen post on his blog ‘How to Fix SFA’. Torgersen suggests among other things, higher membership fees and ‘no politics’ [59]
  • 2014/2/20 Potential Sad Puppy 2 nominees suggested at Larry Correia’s blog. [60]
  • 2014/3/10 Toni Weisskopf, publisher of Baen Books, posts an essay on Sarah Hoyt’s blog: “But awards lists only maintain their legitimacy so long as they in fact accurately reflect the field. So if a large part of the field feels that its interests are not being served–and they do–the award is compromised.” [61]
  • 2014/4/11 The Guardian publishes an article called ‘Science fiction needs to reflect that the future is queer ‘ by Damien Walter. The article briefly criticises Larry Correia’s position. [62]
  • 2014/4/19 Hugo 2014 Nominees announced. Nominees include Rachel Swirsky’s Apex short story. Nominees also include several Sad Puppies 2 picks. [63]
  • 2014/4/20 Larry Correia announces the success of his slate at gaining nominations. [64]
  • 2014/5/2 John C Wright coins the term ‘The Evil League of Evil’ for the main Puppy supporters: “I hereby will vote Vox Day our Supreme Dark Lord, declare Larry Correia to be our International Lord of Hate, decree Sarah Hoyt to be our Beautiful but Evil Space Princess whom we all love and obey, and — let me see, all the good positions are taken — perhaps I can be the Evil Brain in a Jar just like my ancestor, Simon Wright. Perhaps Sarah Hoyt will carry me around in a handbag, as she walks the grounds of her secret base hidden in a cold volcano cone, commanding innocent and cringing minions to be flogged with electric whips, or sent screaming to the Agony Vat.” [65]
  • 2014/5/13 Charles Stross in a joint letter with Ann Leckie and Mira Grant announce that their publisher (Orbit) won’t be releasing their works for free in the Hugo Packet. In the comments Stross says this about Larry Correia’s nomination: “which is on the ballot as a protest nomination, not a real contender” [66]
  • 2014/7/30 Eric Raymond writes a post comparing the work of the ‘rabbits’ of SF against that of the ‘Evil League of Evil’ who name as ‘Larry Correia, Sarah Hoyt, Tom Kratman, John C. Wright, and Vox Day’ [67]
  • 2014/7/30 Vox Day publishes how he intends to vote in the Hugo awards for several categories. The short story category has only ‘No Award’ [68]
  • 2014/8/17 Hugo Awards 2014 announced at LonCon. Ann Leckie wins Best Novel. Larry Correia’s novel Warbound wins 5th place above No Award. Vox Day’s novelette Opera Vita Aeterna is beaten to 5th place by No Award after preferences. Rachel Swirsky does not win best short story. [69]
  • 2014/9/14 Mike Glyer discusses Vox Day’s claims about the New York Times Bestseller list in relation to John Scalzi and Larry Correia [70]
  • 2014/12/12 Brad Torgersen and Larry Correia discuss their views on GamerGate on Brad’s Facebook page. [71]
  • 2015/1/1 Catuli conflictu initium [72]
  • 2015/1/7 Brad Torgersen announces the start of Sad Puppies 3 [73]
  • 2015/1/21 Sad Puppies 3 logo displayed for the first time. [74]
  • 2015/1/25 Larry Correia appears on Daddy Warpig’s YouTube podcast to talk about Sad Puppies. [75]
  • 2015/2/1 SAD PUPPIES 3: the 2015 Hugo slate [76]
  • 2015/2/2 Vox Day announces the Rabid Puppies 2015 slate. [77]
  • 2015/2/5 Conservative news and comment site Brietbart publishes a story on the Sad Puppy campaign. [78]
  • 2015/2/5 At Monster Hunter Nation, Larry Correia asks people to provide examples of ‘SJW attacks in si-fi’ for a news reporter. [79]
  • 2015/2/6 Author Dave Creek publicly disassociates himself from the Sad Puppy nominations on his Facebook page. “I consider the Sad Puppy list to be tainted by its connotations of being anti-diversity in the SF field, as well as by the mere presence of Theodore Beale. That’s why I’m asking that I be removed from the Sad Puppy list and that none of my work be considered for any future list.” [80]
  • 2015/3/24 Teresa Nielsen Hayden posts a message suggesting that “I think the subject of this year’s Hugo nominations is about to explode. “ [81]
  • 2015/3/30 Brad Torgersen criticises Teresa Nielsen Hayden opinions of the Sad Puppies [82]
  • 2015/3/31 Brad Torgersen coins the term ‘CHORF’ on his blog. [83]
  • 2015/4/1 Primo conflictu catuli [84]
  • 2015/4/2 Amazing Stories publishes an editorial ahead of the Hugo nominee announcement, indicating that Puppies had likely got many nominations and says: “I’m going to place ANY nominee that is associated with advancing a political agenda BELOW No Award. If that means that No Award is my top pick in one or more categories, then so be it. (I’ll read the works in the voters pack so I can rate the works as #1 behind No Award, #2 behind No Award, etc.)” [85]
  • 2015/4/4 Hugo 2015 Award finalists announced [86]
  • 2015/4/4 Deirdre Saoirse Moen posts ‘The Puppy-free Hugo Award Voting Guide’ [87]
  • 2015/4/4 Matthew David Surridge posts an article at fanzine Black Gate that he had declined a Hugo nomination for Best fan Writer before the announcement. “Had anybody contacted me to explain the thinking behind the Puppy campaign and ask if I wanted me to be on the slate, I would have politely refused. In retrospect, I certainly should have sent everybody involved e-mails asking to be withdrawn from the Puppy lists in February.” [88]
  • 2015/4/4 Conservative news and comment site Brietbart publishes a supportive story about the Puppy nomination success. [89]
  • 2015/4/4 At Making Light, Patrick Nielsen Hayden writes about connections between Sad Puppies and GamerGate – primarily in terms of tweets by Daddy Warpig. [90]
  • 2015/4/5 In ‘The Day Fandom Ended’ El Sandifer says ‘The Hugo Award Nominations have just been successfully hijacked by neofascists.’ and advocates that ‘if you can spare $40, I highly encourage you to join and, when the Hugo Ballot is released, vote No Award in all categories’ [91]
  • 2015/4/5 Brad Templeton lists various approaches to solving the problem of slate voting in the Hugo Awards. [92]
  • 2015/4/6 Entertainment Weekly, publishes an error filled account of the Puppy success in the nominations [93]
  • 2015/4/7 On the blog Making Light, Bruce Schneier starts a discussion thread on ways of ammending the nomination voting process to reduce the impact of slate voting. [94]
  • 2015/4/8 George RR Martin writes one of a series of posts on what he calles ‘Puppygate’ [95]
  • 2015/4/9 In another of George RR Martin posts on what he calls ‘Puppygate’. Brad Torgersen replies in the comments. [96]
  • 2015/4/10 Brad Torgersen answers questions on whether people nominated by Sad Puppies had been contacted. [97]
  • 2015/4/10 Gawker publishes an article linking GamerGate and the Sad Puppies campaign entitled “How Gamergate Radicals Seized Sci-Fi’s Most Prestigious Awards” [98]
  • 2015/4/11 Mary Robinette Kowal posts an article on the Hugo Awards which concludes with an offer. “I encourage you to buy a membership to WorldCon and become part of fandom. If you cannot afford it… I will buy a supporting membership to WorldCon for ten people, chosen at random, who cannot afford it.” [99]
  • 2015/4/12 George RR Martin argues against the ‘nuclear option’ of No Award for everything. [100]
  • 2015/4/13 Sasquan rules two nominees as ineligible and removes the from the ballot: John C Wright’s ‘Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus’ from best Novelette and John Eno from Best professional Artist. Wright’s novelette is replaced by “The Day The World Turned Upside Down” by Thomas Olde Heuvelt. John Eno is replaced by Kirk DouPonce. [101]
  • 2015/4/13 George RR Martin writes a reply to Larry Correia [102]
  • 2015/4/13 Daily Kos publishes an article called “Freeping the Hugo Awards” [103]
  • 2015/4/13 In response to a claim by Vox Day that Amazon ratings demonstrate that the Puppy nominees are ‘objectively’ superior, Glenn Hauman notes that Amazon ratings can be gamed and encourages people to add their own reviews to Puppy works on Amazon. [104]
  • 2015/4/14 David Gerrold writes an essay on the Puppies on his Facebook page: ‘This year — this stuff, this little turd in the punch bowl — the community will survive it. Whatever happens, the Hugo will survive. With an asterisk, perhaps. (Maybe we’ll hand out official asterisks with the trophies this year.) But the one thing that is growing more and more likely … the architects of this squabble will have indelibly damaged themselves in the eyes of the SF community. There are invitations and acknowledgments that will never be offered — not because it’s a blacklist, but because nobody wants to hang out with assholes. ‘ [105]
  • 2015/4/14 Connie Willis withdraws as a guest presenter for the Hugo Award ceremony 2015 because of the Puppy slate. [106]
  • 2015/4/15 Annie Bellet withdraws her Hugo nominated story ‘Goodnight Stars’. “All joy that might have come from this nomination has been co-opted, ruined, or sapped away. This is not about celebrating good writing anymore, and I don’t want to be a part of what it has become.” [107]
  • 2015/4/15 Marko Kloos withdraws his Puppy nominated novel ‘Lines of Departue’ from the Hugos. “I also wish to disassociate myself from the originator of the “Rabid Puppies” campaign. To put it bluntly: if this nomination gives even the appearance that Vox Day or anyone else had a hand in giving it to me because of my perceived political leanings, I don’t want it. I want to be nominated for awards because of the work, not because of the “right” or “wrong” politics.” [108]
  • 2015/4/15 The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu replaces Lines of Departure in Best Novel and A Single Samurai by Steven Diamond replaces Goodnight Stars in Best Short Story [109]
  • 2015/4/16 Puppy nominee Lou Antonelli suggests that Bellet and Kloos withdrew because of fear. “They are both young and probably afraid their careers will be hurt. Quite frankly, I think it’s a futile gesture. Their flirtation with deviancy will never be forgiven by the SF establishment.” [110]
  • 2015/4/16 Eric Flint posts his first essay on what he calls the ‘Hugo controversy’. [111]
  • 2015/4/16 Larry Correia publishes a post entitled: I’m not Vox Day [112]
  • 2015/4/16 Brad Torgersen publishes a post entitled: Sad Puppies: we are not rabid. [113]
  • 2015/4/19 Fanzine Black Gate withdraws its Hugo nomination. [114]
  • 2015/4/21 Brad Torgersen posts an article called “Why Do It?” explaining his motives behind Sad Puppies 3. [115]
  • 2015/4/21 El Sandifer posts an analysis of the Rabid Puppies. Brad Trogersen replies in the comments. [116]
  • 2015/4/22 Kary English posts an essay on her blog discussing how the controversy over the Puppy nominations is affecting the authors who were nominated. “There’s a trope made famous by Anita Sarkeesian that in the game of patriarchy, women aren’t the opposing team, they’re the ball. There’s a contingent that’s going to be upset that I’ve name checked Sarkeesian, but her comment is applicable to the Hugos, too. In the Hugo debate, the nominees aren’t the opposing team. We’re the ball.” [117]
  • 2015/4/24 George RR Martin speculates on who the many new supporting members that have joined WorldCon are. [118]
  • 2015/4/27 Edmund Schubert withdraws his Hugo nomination for Best Editor (Short Form) “I believe that while the Sad Puppies’ stated goal of bringing attention to under-recognized work may have been well-intentioned, their tactics were seriously flawed.” [119]
  • 2015/4/27 On Jim Hines’s blog Annie Bellet clarifies the extent to which she felt under pressure to withdraw. “Because I wanted to make sure my withdrawal was for me and that it could be something I felt comfortable with instead of just a reaction to other people’s pain.” [120]
  • 2015/4/28 “SF author John Ringo posts (and later deletes) a long defence of the Sad Puppy campaign called “Understanding SJW logic and why it is destroying science fiction”. He goes onto claim that John Scalzi’s novel ‘Redshirts’ is an example of SJW SF fiction. ” [121]
  • 2015/4/29 John Sclazi responds on his blog to John Ringo’s claim that his Hugo winning novel ‘Redshirts’ was an SJW novel. [122]
  • 2015/5/1 Certantibus in medio catulorum [123]
  • 2015/5/1 Voting opens for the Hugo Awards [124]
  • 2015/5/2 On File 770 Juliette Wade provides an account of how Brad Torgersen invited onto Sad Puppies 3 and why she later withdrew. Brad disputes her account in the comments. [125]
  • 2015/5/4 Brad Torgersen implies on Twitter than John Scalzi is gay. Scalzi replies saying “If Brad Torgersen wants to insult me, insinuating I’m gay won’t work. It’s not an insult to be gay. Be an insult to be a Sad Puppy, however.” Torgersen later apologizes. [126]
  • 2015/5/6 Alexandra Erin reviews “The Little Prince” in character as John Z. Upjohn, USMC (Aspired) – a satirical Puppy commentator [127]
  • 2015/5/7 Vox Day describes himself as ‘the leader of Gamergate’. [128]
  • 2015/5/10 John Scalzi posts an essay on why he regards the Hugos as not broken. “he flaw is fixable by addressing the nomination process so that a) slating is made more difficult, while b) the fundamental popular character of the Hugos (i.e., anyone can vote and nominate) is retained. There are a number of ways to do this (the simplest would be to allow folks to nominate three works/people in each category and have six finalist slots on the ballot; there are more complicated ways as well), but the point is that there are options.” [129]
  • 2015/5/11 Tor Creative Director Irene Gallo posts a message on her personal Facebook page that describes the Sad and Rabid Puppies as “extreme right wing to neo-nazi, respectively”. The comment goes unremarked beyond her Facebook page at the time. [130]
  • 2015/5/12 At Making Light, Keith ‘Kilo’ Watts posts the wording of a proposal for the Hugo Awards to adopt a single divisible vote with least popular eliminated system (SDV-LPE) [131]
  • 2015/5/14 The Sad Puppy 4 blog goes online with a post from Amanda S Green promising that on September 3 ‘more goodies to end Puppy-Related Sadness will start appearing here’ [132]
  • 2015/5/18 Hugo Packet (a collection of nominated works made free to members) is released online for members. [133]
  • 2015/5/19 At Making Light the name ‘E Pluribus Hugo’ is first suggested by Joshua Kronengold, as a name for the SDV-LPE proposal, [134]
  • 2015/5/24 A $3.4 million deal between Tor and John Scalzi is announced. [135]
  • 2015/5/26 At Making Light a thread starts on finalising the wording of the E Pluribus Hugo proposal [136]
  • 2015/6/6 Nebula Award winners announced [137]
  • 2015/6/7 Jim C Hines posts a collection of quotes by notable Puppies. [138]
  • 2015/6/7 On Twitter Vox Day Tweets a screen grab of Irene Gallo’s 11 May comment on Puppies. [139]
  • 2015/6/7 Several authors post negative responses to Irene Gallo’s comments. Writer Peter Grant posts a message on his blog saying “THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE” [140]
  • 2015/6/8 Tom Doherty, founder of Tor Books, posts an open letter to readers, apologising for Irene Gallo’s comments and stating that she should have made it clear she wasn’t speaking for the company. Comments are left open. [141]
  • 2015/6/8 Vox Day calls for action against Tor: “I have can count dozens of Tor and Forge books on my bookshelves surrounding me, and that doesn’t count the bookshelves in the halls, in the bedrooms, and in the attic. But I don’t have to buy any more.” [142]
  • 2015/6/8 Eric Flint posts an essay entitled ‘In Defense of the Sad Puppies’. The article is deeply critical of Irene Gallo’s comments “Irene Gallo has slandered the Sad Puppies by trying to make them identical with the Rabid Puppies.” [143]
  • 2015/6/8 The Pex Lives podcast broadcasts a debate between El Sandifer and Vox Day in which they discuss John C Wright’s Hugo nominated story ‘One Bright Star…’ and Iain Bank’s debut novel ‘The Wasp Factory’. [144]
  • 2015/6/9 Popular culture site The Mary Sue posts a news article critical of Tom Doherty’s letter and supportive of Irene Gallo. [145]
  • 2015/6/9 Numerous people post messages in support of Irene Gallo and critical of Tom Doherty’s letter. [146]
  • 2015/6/10 Tor editor Moshe Feder defends Irene Gallo’s comments on his Facebook page and criticises the campaign against her and Tor. [147]
  • 2015/6/12 El Sandifer post a message on his blog entitled ‘John C Wright Has Just Advocated for My Murder’. The post is in reference to comments by Wright on Vox Day’s blog regarding the Sandifer/Day podcast. [148]
  • 2015/6/12 Mike Glyer’s daily Puppy roundup is entitled ‘The Hydrophobia that Falls on You from Nowhere’. The title is a play on the title of a past Hugo winning story that included themes around same-sex marriage, and a play on the name of the rabid puppies. [149]
  • 2015/6/13 Peter Grant claims to have been contacted by an ‘individual’ at Tor Books. Grant claims that at Tor “Some have even asserted that the thousands of e-mails complaining about Irene Gallo’s statement aren’t genuine, but the product of a bot-net, a manufactured wave of pseudo-indignation that has no foundation in reality. “ [150]
  • 2015/6/15 L. Jagi Lamplighter expresses dismay ‘to see posts suggesting that emails to Tor…were not legitimate but were sent from automated bots’. She calls on readers to send printouts of photos of their Tor books to Tor and to also send her photos of readers books. [151]
  • 2015/6/15 Sarah Hoyt is critical of the Mike Glyer’s Puppy roundup title saying that it implied she was homophobic. [152]
  • 2015/6/18 Larry Correia states ‘The Sad Puppies Campaign is NOT calling for any boycotts.’ [153]
  • 2015/6/18 Amazing Stories announces a ‘Buy Tor’ day to counteract any effects of the boycott. [154]
  • 2015/6/19 Peter Grants announces that ‘The Tor Boycott is on’ but he also makes clear that ‘I am not a member of, and I do not speak for, either the ‘Sad Puppies’ or ‘Rabid Puppies’ campaigns (although I support the former).’ [155]
  • 2015/6/20 An article in Starburst Magazine claims the Tor boycott has backfired. [156]
  • 2015/6/20 Vox Day says that Moshe Feder is fanning ‘the flames’ of the Tor boycott. [157]
  • 2015/6/26 In a long comment on File770, Puppy nominated writer Kary English expresses her frustration with the Puppy campaigns. “All that stuff about nominating liberals just to watch them self-flagellate and see how fast they withdraw? I’m not his marionette, and I won’t dance to his tune. He set us up to be targets, just like he set up Irene Gallo. I’m not giving in to Vox Day.” [158]
  • 2015/6/28 Kary English follows up her comment with an open letter on her own blog, explaining her motivations and issues with Sad and Rabid Puppies. [159]
  • 2015/6/28 Vox Day replies to English’s File770 comment. “I think it’s interesting that she thinks I have given her any thought whatsoever. Kary, my dear, I don’t give a quantum of a damn what you do. Withdraw, don’t withdraw, retire to a nunnery, it makes absolutely no difference to me.” [160]
  • 2015/7/1 Certantibus exitu catulis [161]
  • 2015/7/1 Peter Grant publishes an update on the Tor boycott. [162]
  • 2015/7/3 Blog comments and stories on the Kerfuffle become more summative overall. Mike Resnick writes an intro to Galaxy’s Edge magazine discussing past controversy at WorldCon. [163]
  • 2015/7/6 Mike Glyer publishes his final daily Puppy roundup. [164]
  • 2015/7/13 Puppy nominated Michael Z Williamson announces on his blog that he will be voting ‘No Award’ in all categories. [165]
  • 2015/7/24 Vox Day publishes his voting suggestion for 2015 [166]
  • 2015/8/1 Superversive SF holds a podcast roundtable with John C Wright, Lou Antonelli, L J Lamplighter and others. During the podcast Antonelli says that he has warned the Spokane Police about David Gerrold. “ I personally wrote a letter addressed to the police chief in Spokane and said I thought the man was insane and a public danger and needs to be watched when the convention’s going on, and I mean it” [167]
  • 2015/8/8 Jim Hines takes issue with Lou Antonelli apparently warning the Spokane Police about Sasquan Guest of Honor David Gerrold. Lou Antonelli apologises on Hines’s Facebook page. [168]
  • 2015/8/8 Carrie Cuinn of Lakeside Circus writes to Antonelli saying that a story she had accepted from him was no longer welcome because of his comments about David Gerrold. [169]
  • 2015/8/8 Antonelli publishes an edited version of Carrie Cuinn’s rejection letter on his Facebook page, as a ‘cautionary tale’. Several comments a very negative towards Carrie Cuinn. [170]
  • 2015/8/10 Carrie Cuinn describes how she has received threats as a consequence of rejecting Antonelli’s story. [171]
  • 2015/8/11 Sasquan publishes a ruling on Antonelli’s behaviour on the grounds that he is an attending member and his actions were directed towards another member (Gerrold). After discussions with both Gerrold and Cuinn they decide not to take action. [172]
  • 2015/8/12 Sarah Hoyt posts her account of the events in the kerfuffle [173]
  • 2015/8/19 Sasquan, the 73rd WorldCon opens. World doesn’t end but sky look apocalyptic due to near by forest fires. [174]
  • 2015/8/22 Hugo Awards announced. No Award wins many categories. [175]
  • 2015/9/1 Initium quarti certamen parva canum tristes [176]
  • 2015/9/1 In a comment at File 770 Hugo Admin John Lorentz discusses the proposed release of Hugo nomination data and the issues that may arise. [177]
  • 2015/9/3 Kate Paulk starts the Sad Puppies 4 campaign [178]
  • 2015/9/3 The Sad Puppy 4 site is open with a post about the new logo [179]
  • 2015/9/7 The Sad Puppy 4 site opens recommendation pages (one per category) for people to suggest nominees in the comments. Each page has a description of the category. [180]
  • 2015/9/7 File 770 reports that there has been a “Hitch in Sasquan Nominating Data Turnover” – the nomination data could not be adequately made anonymous [181]
  • 2015/10/3 Sad Puppy 4 blog makes some cosmetic changes [182]
  • 2015/11/12 Kate Paulk compares critics of Sad Puppies to Nazis at Mad Genius [183]
  • 2015/12/10 Kate Paulk announces that ‘it is time to start Sad Puppies 4 in Earnest’ at Mad Genius. She begins a series of posts on each of the major categories. [184]
  • 2015/12/11 The first of Kate Paulk’s Sad Puppy 4 Hugo category posts is published at Mad Genius. The highlighted category is Best Fan Artist. [185]
  • 2015/12/11 Steve Davidson at Amazing Stories announces that ‘Puppy Watch 2016 Begins’ [186]
  • 2015/12/20 At the Sad Puppy 4 site Kate Paulk shares an email she has sent to MidamericonII (Worldcon 2016) asking to host ‘one or more panels on the history and goals of the Sad Puppies campaigns’. She promises to keep people informed of developments. [187]
  • 2015/12/24 George RR Martin posts an essay on the possibility or reconciliation with the Sad Puppies. [188]
  • 2015/12/29 Steve Davidson is critical of George RR Martin’s hopes of reconciliation with Sad Puppies. [189]
  • 2016/1/1 Steve Davidson proposes a two-week ‘moratorium’ on Sad Puppy posts so that notable puppies can consider proposals he has made regarding Sad Puppy 4. [190]
  • 2016/1/1 In response to Steve Davidson’s ‘offer’ to some notable Puppies, Kate Paulk posts a response at the Sad Puppy 4 site pointing out who is currently organising Sad Puppies 4 and detailing how Sad Puppies 4 will operate. [191]
  • 2016/1/2 At Sad Puppies 4 Kate Paulk post Steve Davidson’s email which has now sent to her directly. She again outlines the position of the Sad Puppy 4 campaign. [192]
  • 2016/1/14 At Amazing Stories, Steve Davidson explains his ‘moratorium’ has ended and outlines his current stance on the Sad Puppy 4 campaign. [193]
  • 2016/1/14 Vox Day discusses Sad Puppies 4 and says about his plans for Rabid Puppies: “This year is when the Rabid Puppies will respond. But not in kind. No, because we have no need to tell lies about them. I intend to do something far, far worse. I intend to tell the truth.” [194]
  • 2016/1/20 Tor senior editor David G.Hartwell dies. Hartnell was a highly respected and Hugo award winning editor. [195]
  • 2016/1/22 George RR Martin posts a tribute to David G Hartwell. [196]
  • 2016/2/1 John C Wright also posts a tribute to David G Hartwell, who had edited some of Wright’s work. Wright quotes from and praises George R R Martin’s tribute [197]
  • 2016/2/1 Vox Day starts a series of Rabid Puppy posts on his provisional choices for 2016 nominations. He begins with Campbell Award: Best New Writer category. [198]
  • 2016/2/8 At File 770 researcher Jameson Quinn announces the research her and Bruce Schneider have been doing using the EPH voting system on 2015 Hugo data [199]
  • 2016/2/10 Midamericon II writes to File 770 explaining their release of data to Quinn and Schneider for testing of EPH [200]
  • 2016/2/15 At Mad Genius, Dave Freer posts criticism of Jameson Quinn and Bruce Schneier for their research into the Hugo data to validate the workings of the EPH voting system. Freer describes Quinn as “one of the Making Light cabal plotting to institute EPH” [201]
  • 2016/2/16 John C Wright posts a collation of Vox Day’s recent Rabid Puppy posts saying: “In that spirit, I hereby officially announce in my capacity as the Grand Inquisitor of the Evil Legion of Evil Authors, that the following list is the recommended reading list of our Darkest Lord only, and not a voting slate. These are the recommendations of my editor, Theodore Beale, aka Vox Day, the most hated man in Science Fiction, but certainly the best editor I have had the pleasure to work with.” [202]
  • 2016/2/17 Matthew David Surridge posts an article entitled “The Great Hugo Wars of 2015” [203]
  • 2016/2/25 Kate Paulk posts the last of her Hugo Category posts at Mad Genius (Best Novel and Campbell). She announces that she will close recommendations on February 29 and release the collated lists in mid March [204]
  • 2016/2/25 Sad Puppies officially closes for recommendations. [205]
  • 2016/3/3 At Mad Genius, Kate Paulk describes the next steps in the Sad Puppy 4 campaign. [206]
  • 2016/3/17 Et iterum modicum triste canibus [207]
  • 2016/3/17 At Mad Genius, Kate Paulk announces the collated Sad Puppy 4 lists [208]
  • 2016/3/18 Author Cat Valente objects to appearing on the SP4 list on Twitter and explains her reaction in depth on her blog [209]
  • 2016/3/18 Author Alistair Reynolds posts a comment at Mad Genius Club that objects to the inclusion of his novella ‘Slow Bullets’ on the SP4 list [210]
  • 2016/3/19 Author Alistair Reynolds explains his objection to the inclusion of his novella ‘Slow Bullets’ on the SP4 list [211]
  • 2016/3/21 Vox Day publishes his finalised Rabid Puppies list. Despite appearing in the draft version, Mad Genius and Dave Freer are no longer are on the list. [212]
  • 2016/3/21 DragonCon announces a new SF/F book award called the ‘Dragon Award’. [213]
  • 2016/3/22 Bryan Thomas Schmidt asks to be removed from the SP4 list [214]
  • 2016/3/22 David Levine asks for his story ‘Damage’ to have an asterisk added on the SP4 list indicating he was not endorsing the list [215]
  • 2016/3/28 Chaos Horizon publishes the first part of a multipart analysis/prediction of 2016 Hugo voting [216]
  • 2016/4/4 Official press release for the Dragon Awards [217]
  • 2016/4/26 Rabidi canes, praemia belli [218]
  • 2016/4/26 2016 Hugo Finalists Announced, many finalists are from the Rabid Puppy list [219]
  • 2016/4/26 Blog Nerds of a Feather discusses giving up on the Hugos due to the repeated actions of Rabid Puppies [220]
  • 2016/4/26 David Van Dyke posts his reaction to his story being nominated saying: “I’m apolitical about the whole Hugo process and on nobody’s side. I just submitted a story to one of the grand masters of military sci-fi and it got picked up for the anthology, and then nominated. That’s it. No investment in puppies, kitties, gerbils, tortoises or other animals. “ [221]
  • 2016/4/26 At ‘Flayrah: furry food for thought’, Brendan Kachel discusses the Rabid Puppy nomination of ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ saying: “Looks like the ponies are actually Trojan horses. For puppies.” [222]
  • 2016/4/26 Lois McMasters Bujold comments that “As a point of information, “Penric’s Demon” was conscripted onto the “Rabid Puppies” slate without my notification or permission, and my request that it be removed was refused.” [223]
  • 2016/4/26 John Scalzi discusses the Hugo nominations, the Puppy campaigns and Neil Gaiman at the LA Times [224]
  • 2016/4/26 Jerry Pournelle posts his reaction to being nominated for a Hugo quoting himself as saying “Money will get you through times of no Hugo’s much better than Hugo’s will get you through times of no money,” [225]
  • 2016/4/26 Thomas Mays declines the nomination for his story ‘The Commuter’ because of his misgivings about the Rabid Puppy slate: “But, now that all hopes for a clean nomination are dashed, it is my turn to speak: Rather than eat a shit sandwich, I choose to get up from the table. “ [226]
  • 2016/4/26 File 770 documents the possible impact of the slates on the nominations [227]
  • 2016/4/27 Amanda S Green posts a defence of Sad Puppies 4 at her blog Nocturnal Lives [228]
  • 2016/4/27 Larry Correia posts his reaction to the Hugo nominations saying: “All I can really say to the CHORFs is that they had a chance to deal with people like me or Brad, but instead they decided to be a bunch of pricks and hand out wooden assholes while block voting No Award. In the process they insulted disgruntled fans, and proved that they were a bunch of cliquish elitists just like I’d said they were to begin with. “ [229]
  • 2016/4/27 Salon publishes an article entitled: Sci-fi’s Tea Party trolls go to war: Battle over prestigious Hugo Awards heats up [230]
  • 2016/4/27 Alyssa Wong posts her reaction being nominated for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer: “There is no way in hell I’m withdrawing. The fact is, in spite of the Rabid Puppies attempts to lock people like me out of the finalists list through slate voting, some truly deserving folks and their works who weren’t on their slate slipped onto the list anyway “ [231]
  • 2016/4/27 Brandon Sanderson posts his reaction to his novella being nominated. His post discusses the Sad Puppy campaign in terms of his issues with it. [232]
  • 2016/4/27 George RR Martin posts an article entitled ‘The Puppy Wars Resume’. He praises the steps Kate Paulk made to reform Sad Puppies 4. [233]
  • 2016/4/27 Vox Day posts his round up of reactions to the Hugo nominations with a blog post whose title echoes Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. [234]
  • 2016/4/27 Eric Flint appeals for calm in reaction to the nominations “ This time around—remember, it’s 2016, not 2015—don’t hyperventilate, don’t work yourself up into a frenzy, don’t overact. Just treat the nominations the same way you would in any other year. Ignore who nominated who because, first, it’s irrelevant; and secondly, if you do you will be falling for a hustle by an idiot like Beale—which makes you an even bigger idiot.” [235]
  • 2016/4/27 Lauren Sarner profiles the 2016 Hugo nominations and interviews metafictional author of metafictional gay erotica Chuck Tingle [236]
  • 2016/4/28 Jim C Hines posts ‘A Few Hugo Requests’ outlining his reaction to the on-going kerfuffle as a series of points including ‘Don’t be an abusive doucheweasel’ [237]
  • 2016/4/28 At Rocket Stack Rank, Greg Hullender posts an analysis of how Puppy voting played out in 2016 [238]
  • 2016/4/28 Tony C Smith of ‘Tales to Terrify’ podcast posts his reaction to being nominated and discovering they had been part of the Rabid Puppy slate: “Still reeling from the sheer shock and disappointment, we just wanted to let our listeners and the science fiction community know that we did not know we were on the Rabid Puppies slate.” [239]
  • 2016/4/28 Alastair Reynolds posts his reaction to his novella being nominated, explaining his mixed feelings and unhappiness with being included in the SP4 list [240]
  • 2016/4/28 Kevin Standlee proposes a Three Stage Voting process for the Hugo awards [241]
  • 2016/4/29 Slate publishes an article entitled: “Oh No, the Puppies Are Back for the 2016 Hugo Awards—and As Angry As Ever” [242]
  • 2016/4/29 John C Wright complains about press coverage of the Rabid Puppies [243]
  • 2016/4/30 Spacefaring Kitten posts a round up of reactions to the Hugo nominations [244]
  • 2016/4/30 Steve Davidson at Amazing stories asks people to ‘vote their conscience’ in response to the impact of Rabid Puppies on the nominations [245]
  • 2016/4/30 Mike Glyer calls for suggestions of articles to include in File 770’s Hugo Packet contribution [246]
  • 2016/4/30 El Sandifer posts on his blog that “Vox Day Put A Child Pornographer On The Hugo Ballot”. This is in relation to images made by Rabid nominated artist Kukuyoru showing teenaged character Ms Marvel displaying her genitals. [247]
  • 2016/5/1 In response to El Sandifer describing Kukuyoru as a ‘child pornographer’, Vox Day defends the artist by saying (among other things) that Kukuyoru did not know the age of the character when he drew her. [248]
  • 2016/5/6 Cat Pictures Please’ replaces ‘The Commuter’ and ‘Lady Business’ replaces ‘Black Gate’ on the Hugo ballot due to people withdrawing [249]
  • 2016/5/16 Voting opens for the 2016 Hugo Awards [250]
  • 2016/5/16 Bruce Schneier and Jameson Quinn publish a draft paper of their analysis of EPH using 2015 nomination data. It shows “The number of slate nominees would have been reduced by 1 in 6 categories, and by 2 in 2 categories, leaving no category without at least one non-slate nominee.” [251]
  • 2016/5/16 George RR Martin discusses the analysis of the 2015 Hugo nomination data. “Over the past few months, I’ve read countless variations of the statement that goes, “well, this is the last year we will have a problem, come summer we’ll pass EPH and all will be fine.” I had my doubts about that every time I heard it, and this new report just confirms them. We may indeed pass EPH, and it may help… a little… but all will not be fine. “ [252]
  • 2016/5/17 At File 770, Kevin Standlee summarises some of the proposed voting reform responses to slates and the Rabid Puppies [253]
  • 2016/6/12 Larry Correia encourages his readers to nominate for the Dragon Awards. “So if you’ve not already, go click that link and nominate your favorite things. Let’s flood this sucker! Tell your friends. Share the link. Spread the word.” [254]
  • 2016/6/14 The Hugo Packet is made available. Due to the themes and adult nature of some of the content, there are additional warnings. [255]
  • 2016/6/15 George RR Martin encourages people to nominate works for the Dragon Awards. [256]
  • 2016/7/13 At File 770 Jameson Quinn summarises the discussions that had been held in comment threads on voting reform – specifically around Three stage voting (3SV) and EPH+ [257]
  • 2016/7/21 A group of fans working on Hugo voting reforms publish their proposals as a Google Doc [258]
  • 2016/7/31 Hugo 2016 voting closes [259]
  • 2016/8/1 Worldcon 2016 Business Meeting Agenda announced. Contains EPH+ and 3SV voting reform proposals. [260]
  • 2016/8/12 Final voting for the Dragon Award begins. Nominees include many Sad Puppy and Rabid Puppy associated works but also other works. [261]
  • 2016/8/13 iO9 covers the Dragon Award nomination announcement calling them ‘(mostly) puppy free’ [262]
  • 2016/8/14 Larry Correia responds to iO9 coverage of Dragon Awards calling it a ‘Bullshit Headline’ [263]
  • 2016/8/16 Dragon Award trophy is revealed. [264]
  • 2016/8/18 Results of running 2015 nominations using EPH instead of the existing system are released by Midamericon prior to the 2016 Business Meeting [265]
  • 2016/8/19 At Midamericon’s ‘State of Short Fiction’ panel, panel moderator Dave Truesdale reads a lengthy prepared speech [266]
  • 2016/8/20 At Midamericon the business meeting passes multiple voting reforms. It is announced that Dave Truesdale has had his membership revoked for the con. [267]
  • 2016/8/20 The 2016 Hugo Awards are announced. The Fifth Season by N K Jemisin wins best novel. Cat Pictures Please wins best Short Story, Space Raptor Butt Invasion comes third after No Award. Works from Vox Day’s Castalia House are consistently beaten by No Award. [268]
  • 2016/8/21 At Midamericon Mary Robinette Kowal is suspended for the day for serving alcohol at a panel. [269]
  • 2016/8/21 EPICINIUM [270]
  • 2016/8/21 The Guardian publishes an article entitled “Hugo awards see off rightwing protests to celebrate diverse authors” [271]
  • 2016/8/21 Vox Day writes a post-Hugo analysis saying: “We were only able to burn two categories this year, but we reduced their choices to X or No Award in 5 other categories” [272]
  • 2016/8/22 At Tangent Online Dave Truesdale publishes his audio recording of the State of Short Fiction panel [273]
  • 2016/9/5 Dragon Award winners announced: Larry Coreia wins best Fantasy Novel, John C Wright wins best Science Fiction novel. [274]
  • 2016/9/22 Greg Hullender at Rocket Stack Rank posts an analysis of the 2014-2016 Hugo Voting in a scenario where the EPH voting system was used [275]

The 2015 Sad Puppy and Rabid Puppy Slates

I’ve added this because I found I’d forgotten details of both (eg. Brad wasn’t nominated by the Sad slate but was on the Rabid slate).

Key ! Finalist, RP- Rabid Puppy slate, SP- Sad Puppy slate.

Best Novel
!RP-SP- The Dark Between the Stars – Kevin J. Anderson – TOR
SP- Trial by Fire – Charles E. Gannon – BAEN <- failed to be a finalist
!RP-SP- Skin Game – Jim Butcher – ROC
RP-SP- Monster Hunter Nemesis – Larry Correia – BAEN <- withdrew
RP-SP- Lines of Departure – Marko Kloos – 47 North (Amazon) <- withdrew
RP- The Chaplain’s War by Brad Torgersen, Baen Books <- failed to be a finalist

Best Novella
!RP- SP- “Flow” – Arlan Andrews Sr. – Analog magazine November 2014
!RP-SP- One Bright Star to Guide Them – John C. Wright – Castalia House
!RP-SP- Big Boys Don’t Cry – Tom Kratman – Castalia House
!RP- ”The Plural of Helen of Troy” by John C. Wright, City Beyond Time / Castalia House
!RP- ”Pale Realms of Shade” by John C. Wright, , The Book of Feasts & Seasons / Castalia House

Best Novelette
!RP-SP- “The Journeyman: In the Stone House” – Michael F. Flynn – Analog magazine June 2014
!RP-SP- “The Triple Sun: A Golden Age Tale” – Rajnar Vajra – Analog magazine July/Aug 2014
!RP-SP- “Championship B’tok” – Edward M. Lerner – Analog magazine Sept 2014
!RP-SP- “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium” – Gray Rinehart – Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show
RP-”Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus” by John C. Wright, The Book of Feasts & Seasons/ Castalia House <- deemed ineligible as was published in 2013

Best Short Story
RP-SP- “Goodnight Stars” – Annie Bellet – The Apocalypse Triptych <- withdrew
SP- “Tuesdays With Molakesh the Destroyer” – Megan Grey – Fireside Fiction <- deemed ineligible as was published in 2015
!RP-SP- “Totaled” – Kary English – Galaxy’s Edge magazine, July 2014
!RP-SP- “On A Spiritual Plain” – Lou Antonelli – Sci Phi Journal #2
!RP-SP- “A Single Samurai” – Steve Diamond – Baen Big Book of Monsters
!RP-”Turncoat” by Steve Rzasa, Riding the Red Horse, Castalia House

Best Related Work
!RP-SP- Letters from Gardner – Lou Antonelli – Merry Blacksmith Press
!RP-SP- Transhuman and Subhuman: Essays on Science Fiction and Awful Truth – John C. Wright – Castalia House
!RP-SP- “THE HOT EQUATIONS: THERMODYNAMICS AND MILITARY SF” – Ken Burnside – Riding the Red Horse, Castalia House
!RP-SP- Wisdom From My Internet – Michael Z. Williamson
!RP-SP- “Why Science is Never Settled” Part 1, Part 2 – Tedd Roberts – BAEN

Best Graphic Story
!RP-SP- Reduce Reuse Reanimate (Zombie Nation book #2) – Carter Reid – (independent)

Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)
!RP-SP- “The Lego Movie” – Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
!RP-SP- “Guardians of the Galaxy” – James Gunn
!RP-SP- “Interstellar” – Christopher Nolan
!RP-SP- “The Maze Runner” – Wes Ball
RP- Coherence, James Ward Byrkit <- failed to be a finalist

Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)
!RP-SP- Grimm – ” Once We Were Gods” – NBC
!RP-SP- The Flash – “The Flash (pilot)” – The CW
SP- Adventure Time – “The Prince Who Wanted Everything” – Cartoon Network <- failed to be a finalist
SP- Regular Show – “Saving Time” – Cartoon Network <- failed to be a finalist
!RP- Game of Thrones: “The Mountain and the Viper”

Best Editor (Long Form)
!RP- SP- Toni Weisskopf – BAEN
!RP- SP- Jim Minz – BAEN
!RP- SP- Anne Sowards – ACE/ROC
!RP- SP- Sheila Gilbert – DAW
!RP- Vox Day, Castalia House

Best Editor (Short Form)
!RP- SP- Mike Resnick – Galaxy’s Edge magazine
RP- SP- Edmund R. Schubert – Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show <- withdrew after ballot released
!RP- SP- Jennifer Brozek (for Shattered Shields)
!RP- SP- Bryan Thomas Schmidt (for Shattered Shields)
!RP- Vox Day, Riding the Red Horse, Castalia House

Best Professional Artist
!RP-SP- Carter Reid
RP-SP- Jon Eno ,- deemed not eligible in 2014
!RP-SP- Alan Pollack
!RP-SP- Nick Greenwood
!RP-Kirk DouPonce

Best Semiprozine
RP-SP- Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show <- withdrew
!SP- Abyss & Apex
!SP- Andromeda Spaceways In-Flight Magazine

Best Fanzine
!RP-SP- Tangent SF On-line – Dave Truesdale
!RP-SP- Elitist Book Reviews – Steve Diamond
!RP-SP- The Revenge of Hump Day – Tim Bolgeo
RP-Black Gate, John O’Neill <- withdrew after ballot released

Best Fancast
!RP-SP- “The Sci Phi Show” – Jason Rennie
!RP-SP- Dungeon Crawlers Radio
RP-SP- Adventures in SF Publishing

Best Fan Writer
RP-SP- Matthew David Surridge (Black Gate) <- withdrew
!RP-SP- Jeffro Johnson
!RP-SP- Amanda Green
!RP-SP- Cedar Sanderson
!SP- Dave Freer
!RP-Daniel Enness

The John W. Campbell Award
!RP-SP- Jason Cordova
!RP-SP- Kary English
!RP-SP- Eric S. Raymond
!RP-Rolf Nelson, The Stars Came Back

Update History

[Update] Reformatted for the Gutenberg editor. Some links replace with archive links. Some names updated

[Update] Some additional links added. Some broken links noted. If I get round to it, I’ll start using the Internet Archive to curate some of these links before they vanish. I’ve moved these update comments to the bottom of the page for clarity.

[Minor update] Added an archive link to the original EW article.

[Major Update] This now intended to be the complete span of the timeline – finishing with the 2016 Hugos Awards but with an epilogue of reactions plus the Dragon Awards. As a narrative, N.K.Jemisin winning the Best Novel is a great finale and Larry Correia getting the Dragon Award adds some closure to the epic tale of rivalries, feuds, principled stands and far-right machinations. I’ll continue to make corrections and add obvious missing bits but in terms of the story arc, I’m calling this done 🙂

[Major Update] Events up to the release of the SP4 and RP2 lists have now been included. Some more links on SFWA controversies included and some reactions from Mad Genius writers to earlier events also included for SP4 context. Still haven’t done the necessary work on the Asterisk side-quest or the 4/6 proposal history.

[Update] A revised version with some additions from the comments (thanks Mark, Tom, JJ), typos fixed (well at least some of them), plus some other things picked up around the place. Just a couple of things to add still: The Gerrold ‘Asterisk’ side quest and a bit of history for the 4/6 proposal.

[Update] N.K. Jemisin had a misspelled name as “Jesmin”. Now fixed.

[Previous Intro] Still a work in progress but it gets a new home here. I have given up trying to wrangle tables in this WordPress theme, so now the formatting is a list.

This is literally a narrative as it is a story shown over time with a plot and complications but it is also a subjective mapping of headspace. It looks more serious than my map but the same caveats apply – it is how I perceive the kerfuffle and while it is made out of truthful bricks (I believe) the structure itself is a fabricated thing. Same warnings about false balance apply and also the timeline has the issue of stirring up old arguments.

Suggestions and corrections are welcome within the limit of not wanting to re-kerfuff old kerfuffles and certainly not wanting to re-open old wounds.


29 responses to “The Puppy Kerfuffle Timeline”

  1. Some suggestions

    2015/4/4 Patrick Neilson Hayden posts several screenshots of tweets by noted Gamergater “Daddy Warpig” encouraging GamerGate to support SP3. Patrick comments “(2) Reaching out to #GamerGate, inviting them to join Worldcon: special.”
    Relevant because of later claims of GG involvement.

    15/2/7 Dave Creek publicly declines a place on SP3

    (Possibly for completeness) 15/2/1 Juliette Wade declines a place on SP3

    (Possible edit) 2015/6/9 Numerous people post messages in support of Irene Gallo….
    The originator of this was Chuck Wendig


  2. Correction: Connie Willis did not withdraw as a Worldcon Guest of Honor. She declined an invitation to present one or more awards at the Hugo Ceremony (I have a recollection that the Campbell was mentioned, thus the “awards” rather than “Hugos” phrasing, but am not 100% sure). She was not a Worldcon GOH this year, and given current practices is unlikely to be so again, having been one in 2006.


  3. Cuinn’s last name is spelled with two “n”s.

    Thanks for pulling this all together, it’s extremely helpful when formulating replies to Puppy revisionist history.


  4. 2015/5/11 The Gallo FB thread is no longer accessible and the F770 article doesn’t have a direct quote. You could use this F770 or one of these others:

    I also suggest a final entry “Today: still no visible effect from the Tor boycott.” It’ll be accurate no matter when anyone reads it!


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