Welcome – politics, maths, fiction and why logic is absurd in a good way.

The blog Camestros Felapton began in may 2015 and is written by the eponymous Camestros Felapton (he/him/they). The blog is the unfiltered and unedited writing of Camestros (typically called “Cam” by readers and much ruder things by their detractors). In 2018 Camestros was a Hugo Award finalist in the Best Fan Writer category.


Who is who and what is what? Some of us are fictional.




Camestros Fealpton:

An avatar of two syllogisms that are existentially lacking.
Originally from elsewhere currently lives in Felapton Towers, Bortsworth, England.


Timothy the Talking Cat:

Timothy wandered out of somebody else’s fiction and set up home in Felapton Towers. Timothy believes that he is a right-wing iconoclast and the finest editor, publisher and writer of his generation.


Susan Triceratops:

From the far future and the distant past, Susan is the resident writing advice columnist. She is originally from the age of the dinosaurs but now lives in the post-apocalyptic Fungus Town.

Supporting Cast


Mr Atomic:

A robot of unknown origin. Likes cleaning.
Possibly the fever dream of a Roomba.


Straw Puppy:

Timothy’s imaginary friend, muse and agent-provocateur.


Chiselled McEdifice

The Vampire hunting hero of Timothy and Straw Puppy’s exciting space adventures.

No man is as manly as Chiseled McEdifice.


The mysterious superhero of Fungus Town.
Somehow both triceratops AND a helicopter.




The meat robot often writes about this place – mainly Sydney. Allegedly, Timothy has a safe house near Adelaide.


Bortsworth, England

A charming but economically unviable town in the South-east of England. England is the bottom bit.


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