Review: Spiderman – Homecoming

Spider film, spider film
I just went to see a new spider film,
Was it good? Listen bub.
It didn’t recap the story of how he got radioactive blood.
Watch out, its a quite good spider film

Spider theme, spider theme,
Movie starts with the spider theme,
Yes, you know that classic song
But without the words to sing along
Watch out, earworm spider theme

Oh the last Spidey screen
Sony made such a crime
But will Marvel redeem
The franchise just in time?

Keaton film, Keaton film,
Not Buster but a Michael Keaton film,
Ha, ha yes, he’s Birdman again
But with less acting angst and a bad guys den
Watch out, its a Michael Keaton film

Avengers films, Avengers films
Continuity with all the Avengers films
Lighthearted tone, not really dark,
But too much cameo from Tony Stark
Watch out, its a sort of Iron Man film

Nerdy kids, nerdy kids
Sympathetic portrayal of nerdy kids
Do they play with Star Wars toys?
Of course, they do (but just the boys)
Watch out, even Flash Thompson is a nerdy kid

New Aunt May, new aunt May
Played adeptly by Marisa Tomei
Is she young, for the look?
Not really, just ignore the comic book

Watch out, sensible casting decisionnnn
Age matches with some precisionnn
Parenting age of the revision
Of the new Spiderman

Action scene, Action scene
Tense and scary action scene
Not overdone, or absurd
Spidey fighting, cyborg bird
Watch out, suspension of disblief

Is that all C.G.I.?
Or a trick of the eye?
It’s a tense fighting scene
Ignore the green screen

Love interest, love interest
Non-canonical love interest
Is this smart? Will it mesh?
New characters make things feel fresh
Watch out, they don’t rehash Mary Jane

Plotting twist, plotting twist
Spoilerific plotting twist
Really was, a surprise
Caught me out, um just like flies(?)
Watch out, final act plotting twist

Spiderman, Spiderman,
Yet another film of Spiderman,
Can this time they make it last?
Maybe with this diverse cast,

Watch out, an enjoyable Spiderman

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