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  • Friday’s Rag Tag Crew versus bounty hunters

    Friday’s Rag Tag Crew versus bounty hunters

    Jubal Early, Boba Fett, The Mandalorian, Spike Spiegel, and nearly everybody in Killjoys, the various spaceships that have rag-tag crews either are bounty hunters or a pursued by bounty hunters and sometimes are both. Of the various ways the genre of Space Opera has been influenced by Westerns, one of the most fertile has to […]

  • Friday’s Rag Tag Crew meets Hugo BDP: Space Sweepers (no spoilers)

    Friday’s Rag Tag Crew meets Hugo BDP: Space Sweepers (no spoilers)

    Space ship crews don’t come more rag-tag than this. Each and every one of them has a dark and tragic backstory but now they cruise Earth’s orbit salvaging junk as dramatically as possible. It’s the near(ish) future and Earth is sliding into an ecologically uninhabitable mess. Luckily there are new opportunities in space but those […]

  • Review: Stranger Things 4 (Netflix)

    This show hasn’t finished yet. Instead, it has been split into two parts of unequal length. The final two parts are in July i.e. the show has the big climactic fight and then bittersweet aftermath to go but the essential plot of the story is done. Having sent off various characters in different directions, the […]

  • Currently Playing: Skyrim

    I’m at the cutting edge of video game culture these days, playing a game that was originally released in 2011. To be fair, I’m playing the Nintendo Switch version which was released more recently (2017) so arguably I’m only five years behind the times. I like the idea of these huge, sprawling, open fantasy worlds […]

  • Friday’s Rag Tag Crew: I’ve started watching Farscape

    Friday’s Rag Tag Crew: I’ve started watching Farscape

    I’m not going to do an episode by episode review but rather do chunks of a season. There’s too much of it to do every one. I’m up to episode 6 and I want to get a few more in because, early on, it doesn’t feel like its worked out a direction yet. Initial impressions: […]

  • Hugo 2022 Novel: A Desolation Called Peace by Arkady Martine

    A mess-up on my part. I thought I had written a review of this last year after I read it but Debarkle messed up my normal blogging habits. So no review of my thoughts directly after finishing the book. So apologies. This will be a shorter discussion and more impressionistic. A Memory Called Empire was […]

  • Hugo 2022 Novel: A Master of Djinn by P. Djèlí Clark

    In a period running from Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign in 1800 to the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in the 1920s, French, British and American cultures had an ongoing obsession with the aesthetics of Ancient Egypt. It was a predatory obsession involving exploitation, colonisation and outright theft but also one that influenced esotericism, literature and style (e.g. […]

  • Hugo 2022 Novel: Light from Uncommon Stars by Ryka Aoki

    I was a bit worried from the publicity blurb of the book, that this would be a bit twee or a variation on the premise of The Galaxy and the Ground Within. Yes, there is a doughnut shop that is a central setting for the story but the novel isn’t particularly focused on the idea […]

  • Hugo Novel 2022: The Galaxy and the Ground Within by Becky Chambers

    This novel isn’t a specific covid-narrative but the circumstance in which a group of travellers find their journey’s interrupted by a planetary lockdown adds plenty of parallels to recent experiences. The planet Gora is a rocky wasteland of a world that is only inhabited because of its convenient location to a hub of wormholes-like “tunnels”. […]

  • Review: The Northman (spoilers)

    Review: The Northman (spoilers)

    Robert Eggers takes us on a weird version of Hamlet which positions the central character as something of a lost soul having a mid-life crisis while prone to fantastical visions. It is a very brutal and bloody film but also one with a lot of thought. We meet Amleth as boy-prince who is devoted to […]

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