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  • Mental Health & Political Position

    Apologies for a rambling post that doesn’t reach any firm conclusions. The other day Ye, aka Kanye West, appeared on InfoWars, the show of the malicious conspiracy monger Alex Jones. With Ye was Nick Fuentes, who, along with Milo Yianpolous, has been accompanying Ye in recent weeks. A few days earlier Ye had appeared on […]


  • Friday’s Rag-Tag Crew: Rogue One

    Friday’s Rag-Tag Crew: Rogue One

    Having finished Andor I did what a lot of people do and rewatched Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Just as Star Wars itself doesn’t entirely match the sub-sub-genre of the gritty/wacky adventures of a rag-tag crew of an iconic ship, neither does Rogue One but Rogue One gets close in most ways aside from […]

  • Review: The World We Make (Great Cities 2) by N.K.Jemisin

    The sequel to The City We Became completes the story with the avatars of New York boroughs forced into a final confrontation with the ghastly Woman in White. There are a few dangling plot threads, particularly around Manhattan, that leave open the possibility of a second plot arc for the NYC crew but if you […]

  • Review: Andor Season 1

    The film Rogue One worked despite itself or rather despite the premise being a bad idea. It really is of no consequence how the Rebels got the plans to the Death Star and we know that because part of the fun of Star Wars IV is that it leaps the viewer into a story that […]

  • AI-generated writing

    NC: I’ve experimented with MidJourney to make images but how is the world of AI-generated text going? I’m trying out the LEX, a cross between a Google docs wordprocessor and an AI text generator. This paragraph is actually me typing but the next one…well that will be up to the machine [AI] LEX is a […]

  • Review: Warrior Nun Season 2 (Netflix) [some mild spoilers]

    What wonders have the descendants of Buffy wrought upon streaming television series. Season 1 of Warrior Nun followed a familiar path of an unwitting young woman discovering that she has gained superpowers and a mission to fight supernatural monsters. After some initial set-up, the show appears to have established a monster-of-the-week premise that, in the […]

  • Review: Babel by R.F.Kuang

    Like her previous Poppy War series, Babel, or The Necessity of Violence: An Arcane History of the Oxford Translators’ Revolution uses the medium of fantasy to engage with history and geopolitics. Babel interacts more directly with actual historical events with the setting primarily in 19th-century Britain on the eve of the Victorian period. The fantastical […]

  • The Dragon Prince Season 4 (Review)

    If you prefer your dragon fantasy series light, fluffy and PG-rated, then you may be pleased to know that Netflix has a new season of The Dragon Prince. This is more of a sequel to the original three seasons that ended with the bulk of the plotlines resolved as well as the genre-mandatory epic battle […]

  • I gave up on House of the Dragon (mild spoilers)

    I watched 5 episodes and started a sixth and then didn’t go back to it. Having watched the flawed but passable Rings of Power, I thought I’d have a look at the other big prequel series. I didn’t give up in disgust or anything but I started episode 6 some time ago and I realised […]

  • Low-hostility reviews

    This is another post vaguely on blogging but which applies beyond blogs to review sites and other social media. I should start by pointing back to what I said about conflict. I am not averse to conflict but I don’t like upsetting people. The third side of that coin is people tying themselves in knots […]