Timothy at the G20

No updates from Timothy currently as he is busy meeting with world leaders at the G20 summit.


He did meet the US President who gave him “something from Hobby Lobby”.



    • camestrosfelapton

      Phantom man, Phantom man
      Likes to comment whenever he can
      Does he read the links he posts
      No, unlike your host
      Watch out, badly briefed Phantom man

      New IP, New IP
      Phantom’s posting with a new IP
      Does that sound, really sad?
      I guess it does, that’s too bad
      Watch out, really sad Phantom man

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    • Scurra

      OK, so I’ve read the piece. What is it trying to say? As far as I can see, it is saying that some official bodies adjusted long-term data on global temperatures*. Well, big whoop; I understand this is often the case (in everything from GDP to tv ratings) and even the article notes that no-one is saying adjustment is wrong.
      So it then falls back on to the conspiracy case which is that a secret cabal must be fiddling the figures to produce a desired outcome because the adjustments are all in favour of a particular reading of a theory. Which is fair enough – there may well be such a secret cabal; I’m not saying there couldn’t be. I just don’t understand why they would want to fiddle some figures. Can you enlighten me on that? It’s not as though climatology is the career path of choice for wannabe billionaires.

      *also, I think I’d be more convinced if temperature was the only thing that mattered in climate science. It’s not even the only thing that matters in weather forecasting.


      • camestrosfelapton

        It is a classic self-contradictory position. People like Watts claim the temperature record is untrustworthy because of things like changes in the position of weather stations over time or changes to recording procedures or changes to the local environment (e.g. urban heat island).
        They also claim that only the raw data can be trusted – which contradicts their first objection.
        The only people who care what these clowns say never actually read what they say. They may as well just write the headline and stick Lorem Ipsum text in the paper.

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      • ligne

        can’t be arsed to read this particular ream of Watts burblings, but he’s has been pushing this particular line of “reasoning” for, ooh, best part of a decade now?

        he claimed to have a paper that would Finally Disproved Global Warming in about 2012 iirc. to no-one’s great surprise turned out to have major issues — eg. failing to account for particular adjustments that even Watts acknowledges need to be done.

        he’s since been promising those corrections with ever declining regularity, but it’s again no great surprise that this hasn’t stopped claiming he was right all along…

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    • Cora

      Too bad he later exploded and dripped blood and guts and brain matter all over the hobby supplies, ruining several yards of quilting fabric.

      Hobby Lobby does sell quilting and hobby supplies, right? Since I only know them as weird US Christian Fundamentalist store, I’m not quite sure what they actually sell.

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      • Aaron

        Quilting, fabric, sewing supplies, paints and paintbrushes, wood crafting supplies, baskets, and basically anything else that someone might want or need for little crafty projects. Plus you get a huge side-order of Christian fundamentalism with every purchase.

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