I was considering doing a round-up of various reactions to the Trump election from the puppy-sphere but one in particular out-did itself in terms of an utter lack of self awareness.

Here is Brad Torgersen (you guessed it would be Brad didn’t you?) thinking about the children: https://www.facebook.com/brad.torgersen/posts/1635053296520897?pnref=story

And now I am reading all these stories from parents, supposedly screaming about how their children are living in Trump Terror, and I just shake my head—dummies, your kids are having a cow because *you* are having a cow.

And if you are thinking “but wait…didn’t Brad freak out after the 2015 Hugo Awards?” then you would be right: https://bradrtorgersen.wordpress.com/2015/08/23/nothing-more-need-be-said/

So lets be clear:

  • A corrupt authoritarian sexual predator becomes most powerful man in the world with a minority of the vote and starts surrounding himself with white supremacist sympathisers? Brad’s advice: calm down and respect the vote and don’t let the kids get upset.
  • A shonky plan to rig a science fiction award (with the bonus help of a very similar group of white supremacist sympathisers) loses big time in a vote? Brad’s advice: FREAK THE FUCK OUT PEOPLE!!!! VOTERS ARE ABUSERS, CHILDREN ARE UPSET!!!



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  1. And yet Camestros, I do not recall Sad Puppies rioting and breaking shit at the 2015 Hugos. I -do- recall Brad Torgersen being falsely called a racist. Like Trump.

    This week, Trumpers are conspicuously absent from the riots. Everybody that’s rioting and braking shit is on the Hillary side.


    1. thephantom182: I -do- recall Brad Torgersen being falsely called a racist. Like Trump.

      Both of them have said incredibly racist and homophobic things. They’re both racists and homophobes; they provided that evidence themselves. Stop pretending otherwise.

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    2. thephantom182: This week, Trumpers are conspicuously absent from the riots.

      That’s because they’re too busy being conspicuously present at all the incidents of harassment and assault of minorities and LGBTQ.

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      1. Such as? But I repeat myself.

        You’re running on empty, JJ. Your propaganda machine has broken down, and nobody believes your crap anymore.


      2. thephantom182: such as?

        BT: Worldcon and fandom alike have tended to use the Hugos as an affirmative action award: giving Hugos because a writer or artist is (insert underrepresented minority or victim group here) or because a given work features (insert underrepresented minority or victim group here) characters.

        That’s Brad, making the sexist and racist claim that women and minorities who’ve been Hugo Finalists have only achieved that honor because of their gender and ethnic heritage, and not because their work actually deserved it.

        BT: No offense to Leckie, but she was the beneficiary of a lot of affirmative action voting.

        Translation: No offense to Leckie, but her writing isn’t actually good, people just nominated and voted for her because she’s a woman.

        BT: Correia also likes women. We’re not sure about Scalzi, on that count. If you know what I mean.

        Translation: Scalzi might be gay, and being gay is a bad thing.

        BT: A friend who is wise reminded me that insinuating about Scalzi’s sexuality is literally below the belt… even Scalzi doesn’t need me punching low like that… my apologies to Scalzi, too. Shitty move on my part, and I am sorry for it.”

        Translation: Being gay is SUCH a terrible thing, that it was awful for me to imply that Scalzi was gay.


      3. Your propaganda machine has broken down, and nobody believes your crap anymore.

        Yes, ye, Phantom, we know. You are unable to distinguish fact from fiction and have retreated into a fantasy world that comports with your ideological predilections. Almost every claim you have made here has been shown to be false, so why should anyone take you seriously on any subject? Why do you think anyone will buy any claims made by an intellectually dishonest coward like you?

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    3. “falsely called a racist. Like Trump.”

      Trump isn’t a racist; it’s pure coincidence that all his appointments have received the full-throated approval of the KKK.


  2. My new favorite propaganda model: the lie swarm.

    Yes. You are quite good at it. Someone who read the screed you linked to would note that it doesn’t provide any support for its claims about Bannon, it just asserts he’s a good guy. On the other hand, Bannon’s vile views are well-documented in his writing and in his tenure as editor of Breitbart.

    You don’t seem to be able to distinguish between facts and lies, or between claims supported by evidence and claims that are not. Here’s a hint: The ones that are supported by evidence provide quotes and citations in support of their claims, while the baseless ones that you seem to favor do not. That makes the “sources” you point to worthless.

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