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  • The weird attempt at a 2014 revival

    Given this blog recently enjoyed great success with a whole book centred on right-wing shenanigans in 2015, I perhaps shouldn’t complain about the latest culture war gambit. I say “latest” but I can’t think of a better way of putting it than “let’s do 2014/15 again”. A lot of this is coming from the Twitter […]


  • Rockets & Raytheon: Jack Parsons

    In the previous post in this increasingly irregular series, I looked at the thread of esoteric thought within science fiction and how it worked syncretically with the genre’s apparent philosophical materialism and pro-technological stance. The idea in these essays is that there is something in particular about rockets that joins multiple separate topics: These connections […]

  • Will the new Trump campaign fizzle out?

    Donald Trump announced yesterday that he was running again for US President. The announcement was met with some scepticism across the political spectrum. There is an assumption that Trump’s influence is waning, particularly after the recent mid-term elections in which the GOP did relatively poorly and in which wackier candidates, in general, did badly (with […]

  • More blogging advice: controversy

    A blog, website, newsletter or social media account doesn’t need controversy to be successful. However, Here’s the top 10 posts of all time for this blog: Title Link Debarkle The True History of R2D2 – Sith Lord The Puppy Kerfuffle Timeline The Nebulas & 20booksto50, not-a-nudge-nudge-slate Meanwhile, Former Sad Pups Keep […]

  • Now is the springtime of our Bialystock…

    There is news…but first a refresher… Back, back in 2019 when global pandemics were mere speculation and I was focused on dinosaurs, Vox Day had a glorious idea to make a film. Day was set to rival Marvel not just in comics but also in the domain of superhero movies! Now, there were naysayers, feckless […]

  • Big in Seattle

    OK, I’m drunk on actual numbers because since starting this blog, I’ve had to make do with proxies like Goodreads data, Amazon rankings or Wikipedia views. The Seattle Library data has a big limitation, as already noted: it’s one part of the world and in some ways, a weird part of the US and this […]

  • A minor Debarkle footnote update

    Chapter 43 of Debarkle covered the shambolic “Tor Boycott” of June 2015, one of the more toxic phases of the Sad/Rabid Puppy campaigns. The issue at the time was a description of those campaigns as: “There are two extreme right-wing to neo-nazi groups, called the Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies respectively, that are calling for […]

  • How a stupid position evolved

    We’ve been watching for many years variations on the right-wing pushback against diverse casting. The arguments happen like clockwork now and recently we’ve seen objections to the casting of Death in The Sandman series and a more vocal objection to diverse casting in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings prequel. What I wanted to state in […]

  • Zombie Galactic

    I’ve been sporadically following the journey of the ill-fated attempt at an alt-right version of Wikipedia known officially as “Infogalactic” but which we’ve always preferred to call Voxopedia. However, I’ve never paid very much attention to its news-based spin-off aka because I never saw much point in it. The site was launched back in […]

  • Sub-genres and fascism

    This was provoked by a minor discourse on Twitter which I won’t quote because the original take wasn’t some terrible thing, it was a reasonable idea — I just think it is incorrect. Essentially, somebody was speculating whether the relative popularity of fantasy over science-fiction reflected the current fascist trend in wider society. I think […]