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  • Watching You Tube so you don’t have to: Larry & Ethan edition

    Watching You Tube so you don’t have to: Larry & Ethan edition

    If you write a book you should do a promotional tour but 1. I’m lazy 2. I’ve no time and 3. I don’t want to. Luckily, other people can do your promotional work for you and what better way to advertise Debarkle than for Larry Correia and Ethan Van Sciver to talk about the overlap […]

  • Freer & Funding

    Hey, it has been a long time since we had a look at Dave Freer and Mad Genius Club but we’ve got a new rewriting of history (and geography) over there. I can’t really complain about people who bury the lede in their blog posts but you have to get several paragraphs in to find […]

  • Rockets & Raytheon 2: Verein für Raumschiffahrt

    Rockets & Raytheon 2: Verein für Raumschiffahrt

    The underlying theme of space and the military was not one that I set out to highlight in Debarkle. However, it runs through this story from the early chapters onwards. In Chapter 4, I discussed Sam Moskowitz’s 1954 history of fandom The Immortal Storm. In discussing international fandom, one of the groups Moskowitz highlighted was […]

  • Ringo’s novel view of history

    Author John Ringo is a curious character. He’s pretty important in the history of the Sad Puppies and radical conservatism in science fiction and yet he largely backed out of the main conflict in 2015. Anyway, I’m not sure what is the water over in the former Puppy wastelands but Ringo is having a bit […]

  • Rockets & Raytheon: A Debarkle Coda – 1

    Rockets & Raytheon: A Debarkle Coda – 1

    In the last weeks of 2021 I attempted to write just one more chapter of the Debarkle series. It was poor timing and that additional chapter quickly spun out of control. So I put it aside and decided to return to it later on. The reason for the chapter was twofold. The initiating issue was […]

  • John C Wright Consumed by Dinosaurs

    Mentally that is. Wright had been running Chris Chan’s 8 part set of essays on the Sad Puppy campaign (entitled “No Award”). At the end of the last post Wright added a comment on how the conflict could be encapsulated by two stories: “As a useful appendix to this series of columns, in this space […]

  • Hugo 2022 Comments Place

    This is an automated post because I’m actually fast asleep. If my timing is correct then Chicon should have announced the Hugo finalists for 2021, so this is a post for initial reactions. Of course, I don’t know who the finalists are and I’m asleep but if you are reading this then you do know […]

  • Looking at the right and Ukraine

    I should preface this with a more general observation. In the spaces I look at/read (mainly people from English speaking countries), there’s no shortage of confused, uncertain or just plain-wrongheaded takes about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. People on the left aren’t always sure how to talk about an abusive imperial power that isn’t their […]

  • Cancel Culture Strikes Again

    Those awful mean leftists attacking people’s livelihoods because of wrongthink! Awful, just awful. Shocking, no less. Anyhoo, here’s Larry Correia using his internet presence to try (apparently successfully) to get an English teacher sacked from the local school his own kid attends. For a bonus seriously-what-the-f*ck you can read him berating members of a family […]

  • Trucks are the new tea bags

    The revolutionary fervour among the more wild-eyed sections of the right has been heightened by an anti-covid-measures truck convoy in Canada. As already discussed in the comments, my bellwethers for what’s hot and what’s not on the US right have got very excited by the length of the truck protests. Larry Correia declared the […]

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