I Need to Cheer Myself Up – Time to Go and Have a Laugh at Voxopedia

Where can one turn in these dark times for light relief without a foreboding sense of guilt that one is not doing enough to stop the forces of darkness from hijacking the USA? Luckily there is a tasks that is both funny  and ticks the ‘keep an eye on what the alt right are doing’ in one handy website.

Since the last time I could actually get into the site, Idris (the Sisyphus of Voxopedia) has been busy renaming pages and re-importing Wikipedia updates in a vain attempt to stop Voxopedia lagging even further behind. He has also been busy sorting out the relative nomenclature of Xinjiang and East Turkestan. These are dueling terms for nearly commensurate regions and highly relevant to the Uyghur people. The Voxopedia change is one that favours the East Turkestan term over the Xinjiang in terms of a default – which is interesting.

I wonder if it is just the quirk of a given individual or whether there is some strategy here? Make changes that might generate some kind of partisan reaction from sides separate from US politics? Speaking of which there is also a big new page called “Scientology programs under David Miscavige”. It is not uncritical and is distinct from an existing page on Scientology – so maybe it is bait to get Scientologists into editing the wiki? Seems like an odd strategy, so probably just something some guy was interested in.

There has been a steady drip-drip of various kinds of more obvious far-right shit – including some nasty revisionism of the history of Jews in Spain (changed from ‘were forced into exile’ to ‘chose to migrate to the Muslim world’) Plus the same edits of 19th century artists/poets by Bassiano. Also the WTF page called Global warming propaganda exhibition page continues to make no sense.

More wacky stuff comes in the form of Rectified’s talk page, where he is planning more Miles Mathis themed stuff including the wonderful Pi=4 page. https://infogalactic.com/info/User:Rectified/Kinematic_Pi_%3D_4 which gives me hope that the supernatural forces continue to work for the side of all that is good and decent by making the alt-right look absurd.


12 thoughts on “I Need to Cheer Myself Up – Time to Go and Have a Laugh at Voxopedia

  1. The Scientology article is just odd. I sense a bee in a bonnet.

    However, the same editor has given us “List of claimed reasons for antisemitism” which is just as bad as you’d think. There’s an outward attempt at a balanced presentation but you can *really* tell which reasons the author is fondest of.


  2. Dollars to donuts that Idris has never met a Uyghur in his life.
    Perhaps I should say dollars to dumplings. The Uyghur restaurant I go to does very fine dumplings. I haven’t had cause to chat with them about what they want their ancestral country to be called, I’m mostly just asking if I can have more rice and tea.


  3. I guess Teddy’s gotten enough suckers to do the work so he can spend all his time offering disgusting favors to El Drumpfo for pardons for his daddy and himself. He soooo wants to come home, and doesn’t care that his kids have grown up entirely in Europe and would hate being uprooted to the US.

    He can harvest the egoboo of Voxipedia in between solicitations. Because since there’s already Wikipedia (for mostly facts) and Conservapedia (for RW truthiness), his project offers nothing of use except making him feel important, maybe making some money off the dupes, and giving that Rectified chap a place for all his rantings about pi=4. Geez, even the apocryphal pi=3 people were closer to the actual figure.


      1. has VD even done enough to impinge upon the Trumpian radar, let alone scrounge a pardon? the poor man’s got an important job to do now, like twittering about his phone-calls and planning another tour of political rallies.


      2. Yeah, that was more or less my feeling. Though he’s “draining the swamp” by appointing the dregs of the Bush/Bush/Reagan administrations, and diverse loons even too extreme for them: I suppose it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if one of them found a favour for an old buddy…


  4. Well, unless Trump is seeking the sweet sweet dollars of vaporware games software and propped up vanity publishing, VD may not be as influential with the administration as he hopes…


  5. If someone’s trying to keep up with Wikipedia updates *by hand*… wow. Weren’t there supposed to be some software professionals of some kind associated with this project? I can’t imagine why, if one wanted to maintain a Wikipedia fork and had any programming ability at all, one wouldn’t use an automated process to copy over updates to all articles that you hadn’t already modified or deleted on your fork.


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