Five years, what a surprise…

To be frank, two months ago now feels like an eternity but if you want to feel the inexorable passage of time even more, here is the appropriate sections from the Puppy Kerfuffle timeline for recent days:

  • 2015/4/2 Amazing Stories publishes an editorial ahead of the Hugo nominee announcement, indicating that Puppies had likely got many nominations and says: “I’m going to place ANY nominee that is associated with advancing a political agenda BELOW No Award. If that means that No Award is my top pick in one or more categories, then so be it. (I’ll read the works in the voters pack so I can rate the works as #1 behind No Award, #2 behind No Award, etc.)” [85]
  • 2015/4/4 Hugo 2015 Award finalists announced [86]
  • 2015/4/4 Deirdre Saoirse Moen posts ‘The Puppy-free Hugo Award Voting Guide’ [87]
  • 2015/4/4 Matthew David Surridge posts an article at fanzine Black Gate that he had declined a Hugo nomination for Best fan Writer before the announcement. “Had anybody contacted me to explain the thinking behind the Puppy campaign and ask if I wanted me to be on the slate, I would have politely refused. In retrospect, I certainly should have sent everybody involved e-mails asking to be withdrawn from the Puppy lists in February.” [88]
  • 2015/4/4 Conservative news and comment site Brietbart publishes a supportive story about the Puppy nomination success. [89]
  • 2015/4/4 At Making Light, Patrick Nielsen Hayden writes about connections between Sad Puppies and GamerGate – primarily in terms of tweets by Daddy Warpig. [90]
  • 2015/4/5 In ‘The Day Fandom Ended’ El Sandifer says ‘The Hugo Award Nominations have just been successfully hijacked by neofascists.’ and advocates that ‘if you can spare $40, I highly encourage you to join and, when the Hugo Ballot is released, vote No Award in all categories’ [91]
  • 2015/4/5 Brad Templeton lists various approaches to solving the problem of slate voting in the Hugo Awards. [92]

5 thoughts on “Five years, what a surprise…

  1. Are we sure that was only five years ago? Feels like decades, but I think some of that has to do with His Orangeness and his talent of turning a year objective time into a decade subjective time.

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  2. “Nielsen Hayden”: I before E, no hyphen. (A nitpick, but it is a name, and I have mostly been pretty good about not nitpicking you for a while now.)

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