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  • A Worldcon Election in 2015

    Kevin Standlee has an interesting article at File 770 on the future of Worldcon governance There is a lot to the post but the guts of his idea is to replace the Business Meeting with a representative committee that would pass initial rule changes. The ratification of those changes would happen in the following […]


  • Unofficial Worldcon Mascot

    Individual Worldcon’s have had their own Mascot (Helsinki had a Polar Bear, Chengdu has a panda bear, maybe it’s all bears) but Worldcon, in general, doesn’t have one. So I plonked “Worldcon mascot” into Midjourney to see what I’d get: Unsure of which one to pick, I put the question on Twitter and asked them […]

  • Fan v Pro v Fanzine

    The indefatigable Hugo Book Club have a lengthy discussion on the issue of the fan v pro distinction in the Hugo Awards. It is a knotty issue but an important one for the Hugos precisely because the single most notable feature of the awards is that they include both professional works and fan activity.

  • Tim’s Hugo Base Design

    The cat is complaining that he has been “snubbed too many times” by the Dragon Awards and has decided to turn his attention to the Hugo Awards. He has only one demand: he will only accept a Hugo if they adopt his new base design for the trophy. I’ve mocked it up based on the […]

  • Bonus Hugo Stat Nerdery

    I assume the PDF is a Nicholas Whye production because it is full of additional fun stuff. There’s a really great table at the end of the PDF which I’ve included here as a screenshot: The key thing is columns M and N. M is the rank of the ultimate winner in the nomination stage […]

  • Hugo Quick Reactions

    It’s been a busy work day for me and I had to sneak in peaks at the Hugos during one of those meetings that are both important and deathly boring. I missed Cora’s acceptance speech (sorry!) and later only got back onto the live stream to see Charlie-Jane Anders win Best Related Work. Debarkle didn’t […]

  • Hugo Ceremony Tomorrow

    For the Americans, it is Sunday evening but in my spooky time prison it will be on at 11 am Monday morning. I’ll be at work, so will be watching off and on 🙂

  • I will astral project myself to Worldcon

    After engaging in a gruelling* regimen of psychic exercises, I have gained the power to send my psychic essence anywhere I so choose. If you attending Worldcon this year and you feel a sudden but small gust of air that might well be me*. That weird, uncanny feeling of a presence, an odd movement just […]

  • Familiar arguments with a different spin

    Familiar arguments with a different spin

    A cautionary post… A tricky issue to navigate when looking at discourse in science fiction spaces is who to talk about. I’m interested in both bad and unusual arguments more than I am in personalities but talking about somebody obscure, even critically, elevates the attention that person gets.

  • Hugo Novel Picture Quiz

    This year, as the Hugo Awards come closer, I thought I’d combine my current hobby (throwing weird prompts as Midjourney AI) and a guessing game. I used the names of each of the Hugo Award finalist novels as prompts for the AI. It drew a quartet of pictures for each. Based on the picture, you […]