Crunching Some Numbers on Voxopedia

According to Vox D himself, his vanity encyclopedia has had a speed upgrade since my last post.  Now you can get out-of-date partially vandalised Wikipedia pages even quicker!

A positive side to this (for me, if not for anybody else) is getting a recent changes log for more than three days no longer takes forever. So I thought I’d crunch some numbers on how much actual editing is going on.

The answer is ‘not a lot’.

I made a dataset that avoids minor edits, resource file uploads, and log changes so that the focus was on actual changes to encyclopedia entries. The dates run from 23 December 2017 to 21 March 2018 – about a quarter of a year. 1225 significant change to entries in total.

Of those edits 94% are by just ten people, 72% are by six people and three people alone account for more than half of the edits. One editor alone accounts for nearly a quarter of all of those edits!
























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20 thoughts on “Crunching Some Numbers on Voxopedia

  1. By comparison, I found some stats showing English Wikipedia has nearly 30,000 editors making 5+ changes per month, and c3,500 making 100+ per month. Basically their top editor wouldn’t even be notable on Wikipedia.

    I tried to find a comparable wiki to them, but even Tagalog Wikipedia gets 3000+ edits per month and has at least 5 editors more active than all of theirs.


      1. They aren’t obliged to pay but the whole enterprise is funded by donations from supporters (supposedly). Also there was meant to be some sort of corporate scheme for businesses to edit their own pages but I doubt anybody signed up.


      2. Didn’t you get to be a super-uber Galactic Overlord if you paid money? Able to rule over other editors?
        I wasn’t really paying attention. I completely forgot the attempted corporate scam.


    1. So Teddy’s getting ~400 edits per month. I’ll stick to that stat b/c I’m terrible at stats.

      Even Basque Wikipedia is getting upwards of 14,000 and very few people speak Basque. And it’s probably not the only language they speak, unless there are a lot of people who predate Francisco Franco* who are editing Wiki. With 22 “very active editors”.

      Also doing worse than Esperanto and Ido (which 200 people speak). But better than Lojban and a few other artificial languages.

      To get numbers of EPM of natural languages like this, you have to go to ones like Somali, sub-Saharan Africa, and minority languages of India, central or eastern Asia, and native languages of the Americas or Oceana. Heck, Nepali is doing better, as are many of the -stan regions and Africa. And Navajo, Haitian, Venetian and other regional Italian languages, Low Saxon, two types of Frisian, Scots Gaelic…

      *still dead

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  2. And don’t forget, it’s for quality things like editing a racist conspiracy theory film that alleged that Frank Marshall Davis is Barack Obama’s real father so that it has a picture that shows that Davis maybe looks like Obama if you squint, and most importantly, really want to believe, and so that it is pretended that the damn theory had merit.

    Or an article on the Shadow Party. Or an article on the Pedophocracy. The respective editors of said articles having a ludicrous feud with each other.

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    1. Possibly even less successful. Which is really saying something.
      He can’t have taken in that much money from Galactic Overlords; OTOH he hasn’t spent much time or effort on it so the dollars per hour ratio is probably pretty good.


      1. I went back over your articles and at one point Teddy was claiming to have 500 editors signed up. Don’t know how many of them paid for it. Anyway, now he’s down to 10 of them being active. Yes, in 2 years the mighty ‘pedia has grown so much that there are now 1/50th as many active members as there were in 2016. 1/50, 0.02, 2%

        As our more-active pals in Nepal would say, उदास! and as my great-grandma would have said, Brònach! Tristis est! in that language Teddy thinks he can write (no, not English, the other one).

        (Tamil writing looks very cool, BTW.)

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