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Is Discovery on an Alice in Wonderland trip?

I’m quite taken with a theory that was posted in the comments by “tegeus-Cromis” on the last review of Star Trek Discovery. Here is part of the comment:

“I wonder if it’s all a big Carrollesque joke (or game, at least). Obviously, we’ve had Michael/Alice being chased *up* the rabbit hole/Jeffreys tube by the caterpillar/tardigrade (which grooves on mushrooms, of course – and does a passable imitation of hookah smoking later) – and all the while she’s reciting the actual Alice in Wonderland.

But we also have the mad-as-a-hatter Lorca, who always seems to have a meal/tea party laid out before him (never mind that he anagrams out as ‘I B Carroll egg’ – red herring, I think). Alice/Michael then acquires Tilly as a roommate, so we have two of the three sisters who lived in the treacle well – Lacie, Tillie and Elsie. Haven’t figured out Elsie yet. There’s something of the White Rabbit about Saru too, I think.”

Here, as a reminder you probably don’t need, is Tenniel’s iconic illustration from Carroll’s book.


As pointed out the fussy Saru has a White Rabbit like aspect to him and Lorca does seem to be mad as a hatter. The comment suggests Tilly as one of the sisters who live in a treacle well but given Tilly’s notable snoring the Doormouse (who if I remember rightly is the one who tells the story of the treacle well) seems like a match. Tilly isn’t actually particularly sleepy as a character but she is shown sleeping (and snoring) far more often than normal.

Then there is the end of episode 5 and…well…the show runners have said that the infamous Star Trek mirror universe (where people are evil and Spock has a goatee) will be making an appearance aka Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Aside from anything else consider this. Michael is *supposed* to be a massive Alice in Wonderland fan, carries with her a paperback edition of the book and recites passages of the book under stress (episode 3) but DOESN’T go ‘OMG a spaced-out caterpillar with on a mushroom!’ when she works out what the tardigrade can do.

However, there does not seem to be any obvious matches with Stamets nor does the Cheshire Cat have any obvious matches with the crew.




McEdifice Returns: Chapter Alt-Comic Book!!!

mcskycopyFrom the desk of Timothy the Talking Cat, Chief Editor and Owner of Cattimothy House Publishing:

For too long have ordinary readers been treated like scummy scum by the hoity-toity elites of BIG comic book publishing! We all sick to our stomachs with stories that spit on our sacred values of simplistic plots, hastily drawn figures and the pressing need for squirrels to be the bad guys.

Well good news! Thanks to our incredible campaign of crowd sourced fundings, Cattimothy House’s latest project can NOW BE REVEALED. Thanks to ordinary backers like Straw Puppy, Straw Puppy’s brother Bob, Straw Puppy’s Mum (and no thanks at all to some stingy people who didn’t contribute anything – yeah, you know who you are SUSAN, the sarcasm was NOT appreciated) all our stretch goals are now FULLY funded.

Yes, all you McEdifice fans out there GOOD NEWS! The exclusive, collectors edition, GRAPHIC NOVEL chapter of McEdifice Returns is now available! A clear shot across the bows of Marvel and DC and Image. With an amazing script from Straw Puppy and art by a super-well-known comic book artist who cannot be named for fear of reprisals by the liberal elite!


[What? What do you mean there’s a typo on the cover? Yeah, well that maybe how they spell “their” in your fancy New York offices but that’s not how we spell it on the streets with right thinking ordinary people who are sick and tired of being lectured to by social-justice spellers and leftwing proofreaders and cultural-Marxist copyeditors!]

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McEdifice Returns: Chapter Baen


McEdifice Returns by Mr Timothy TT Cat and S. Puppy Esquire

“Make me a Baen cover.”


“Make me a Baen cover.”


“Make me a Baen cover.”

“It’s…shit…its 2 am in the morning.”

“Is there another 2 am?”


“Is there another 2 am that isn’t in the morning?”

“Yeah, there’s this 2 am that is in the middle of the bloody night.”

“Make me a Baen cover.”


“Make me a Baen cover.”

“I’m trying to sleep.”

“Make me a Baen cover.”

“OK. If I concede to your demands will you let me sleep.”


“Good. What do you want?”

“Make me a Baen cover.”

“You know other cats wake their owners up to get water, or food or to get out of the house.”

“Make me a Baen cover.”

“Is this your book?”

“Yes. Make me a Baen cover.”

“I’ve made like twenty covers already.”

“Make me a Baen cover.”

“A Baen cover?”

“Yeah…all big letters or different sizes and garish colours and a picture that doesn’t quite make sense.”

“Does it need nozzles?”

“I’m easy one way or another on the topic of nozzles.”

“Good. I’m a bit nozzled out from the last cover.”


pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter.

“He said he would do it.”


“So what’s this chapter.”

“McEdifice goes to a job agency and gets a a job working in an office.”

“Is that it?”

“Well that’s what needs to happen.”

“My chapter was better.”

“Why is the computer making words without typing?”

“I’m wearing this microphone and using dictation software.”

“Has it been running all this time?”

“I guess so.”

“Well I can guess we can call this chapter done!”

“Yay! Time for bed!”