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  • Missing Moments in Renaissance Art: Tim’s Ceiling

    Back when he lived in Rome, Timothy had his bedroom ceiling redecorated by some bloke from Florence. The painting, entitled “The Author Coming Up With a New Character” became a popular theme for further ceiling paintings.

  • Missing Moments in Renaissance Art

    Leonardo Da Vinci is famous for many things: his clever inventions, his great art work. OK, that’s two things but he did also draw cats and would use real cats as models as seen in this early draft of one his most famous paintings.


  • On the unfortunate (but temporary) demise of Timothy the Talking Cat

    Close relatives have confirmed that Timothy the Talking Cat died tragically from a “severe lack of attention” this morning. Doctors confirmed he is likely to recover just as soon as people pay him all the attention he deserves. The medical emergency which led to the fatality started at breakfast when the cat was starved to […]

  • Cat picture

    No text, just cat.

  • Factor maze

    A puzzle for your holidays You start in the cell at the top left with a value of 1. You then move horizontally or vertically to adjacent cells. As you move, multiply your total by each new number as a running product. If you moved horizontally along the top line’s first four cells, you would […]

  • What weird fandom thing will happen this January?

    I don’t have firm statistical evidence that January is prone to fannish feuds, disputes or cause célèbres but something about a new year sets things in motion. Sometimes, it is a delayed reaction to stuff that happened in December (e.g. in 2020 the Courtney Milan/RWA dispute was really a late December thing that spilled over […]

  • Subterrene Christmas

    It was a bright sunny Christmas Day at Felapton Towers and a certain purple cat was wide awake with expectations as luminous as the weather itself. Yet, to his mounting horror, there was no sign of any presents under the Christmas tree. Worse there was no sign of a Christmas tree at all. Also, it […]

  • Seasoned greetlings 🎄

    Sometimes you expect three wise men and sometimes you get something else. Probably still Christmas Eve for most of you but I hope you have a lovely day whatever you are doing. May you all share your mutual understandings of when to coordinate celebratory behaviours with social groupings as best you can!

  • Contrarian Cli-Fi 0.03: Forecasts, Famine and Freezes

    John Gribbin is a science writer and astrophysicist and despite his inclusion in this series, he is not to my knowledge a climate science denialist or a global warming contrarian. Indeed, he has written several books about the reality of global warming. However, science writing is just as much a victim of choosing the more […]

  • Thank you Taylor Swift

    And thanks to Aaron for this comment: “Regarding using your index finger to hold a pencil or pen instead of the thumb, my daughter (13) was doing that the other day and pointed me at an article about how Taylor Swift wrote that way: this can protect your joints, though it really depends on […]