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Currently Reading: Hugo Packet Novellas

It’s time for the not-so-big one but bigger than the two other ones!

In other news: things aren’t looking good for me versus Best Series, in which I’ve read exactly ZERO extra since the Hugo finalists were announced. Best Series – the category that somehow manages to combine elements of both the protestant work ethic and Catholic guilt in one package.

Some updates on Timothy’s PR work


Tim is too busy to write this himself so here are some general updates and questions:

  1. A question from a reader: “Is Timothy’s career choice in anyway inspired by the Princess Carolyn character¬† from Bojack Horseman?” – no, we only started binge watching Bojack Horseman the other day when I realised I’d let that Netflix account roll over for another month. Also Tim is more like Tod, except well he says I’m the Tod and I think I’m more the Diane but they we got confused with Cheers. It wasn’t a good conversation.
  2. “Has Tim got anymore clients?” – not currently but he has some excellent leads. He is hoping to specialise in tell-all books by former insiders from the Trump administration or failing that from former insiders from the teams investigating the Trump administration or failing that from former insiders from the legal firms defending the former insiders of the Trump administartion that are being investigated by the teams investigating the Trump administration.
  3. No, no luck on Tim negotiating a book deal from the Satsuma Spider God – in fact as no appaling Satsuma Spider God apocalypse has not happened, Tim is beginning to doubt whether there really is a Satsuma Spider God hidden on a secret floor in Trump Tower.
  4. Timothy is still hoping that Bortsworth Quest is nominated for a Dragon Award. I told him that is both silly and narcissistic. He said that I can’t even spell “narcissistic” and I said “it is easier to spell than you would thing” and I think I was write. Damn. I meant “right”. Look, that isn’t a mispelling- that’s just accidently putting a different word down like when I write “think” instead of “thing”.
  5. Jon Del Arroz has started his own answer to Sad Puppies called “Happy Frogs”
  6. Why are we even linking to that, is what I want to know? Tim says I have to as it has Declan Finn listed and “It is about time he won a Dragon Award – what even is the point of the Dragon Award if Declan Finn doesn’t win one”.

Spam Filter

I had an increase in spam recently. A lot of it was unpleasant comments about Taylor Swift (truly) – the same comment but from different addresses and then the same comment again but with random mispellings.

I zeroed the spam filter (sorry Phantom) and shortly thereafter in popped another another message:


It is spam obviously and declared to be such by whatever Bayesian algorithms are running the spam filter. But…what is it for? An advert for being a freelance paralegal? What is a freelance paralegal anyway? Is it an attempt to create links for “” – which appears to be a Linux forum?

Searches on the IP address takes me straight to a spam reporting website which lists a long list of comments caught by other spam filters on othe rblogs for the same IP address. Often, but always, linked to a or similar website but sometimes no website or the BBC.

Anyway, no, changing into a freelance paralegal would not be a good possibility for me.




Dinosaur cosplay ideas

I was in a longggggboring thing but they gave us paper.

T-rex as some guy, triceratops as a helicopter, pteradon-not-a-dinosaur as a microwave oven, brontosaurus-is-too-a-real-dinosaur as Donald Trump, iguanadon as a butterfly fairy princess and a stegosaurus as British police officer.

Image 10

Currently Reading: Hugo Nnovvellettess

Quite simply I have no idea which of ‘l’ and ‘t’ gets doubled in the name of this type of shorter fiction. I never get it right and it never sticks in my head – even when transcribing the word. So I’m just going to double ALL the consonants until JJ has me assassinated*.

I cave up on the Castalia House Campbell nominee – its existance was just making me not read rather than perservere. I’ll grant that the wordsmithing was substantially better than the normal stuff from the kyrpto-facsist wing of SF publishing but…it just wasn’t funny to me. Now, humour is fickle, so I’m not saying it is inherently unfunny but it didn’t raise even a whimsical smile. Nor did it raise any laughs from the so-bad-it-is-funny direction either. So, Rabids have failed on an additional count this year: not even producing stuff that was enjoyable to mock for its incompotence.

So onto nnovvellettess, which offers some interesting treats!

*[not an easy word to spell either.]