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  • Inflation or rather not

    This post from JCW appears to take most of its data from here but draws a weird conclusion about inflation. The basket of goods listed aren’t easy to compare with current prices except when they are fairly generic (e.g. “Kellogs Corn Flakes 3 Pkgs” doesn’t say the size of the packets). I picked four […]

  • Today’s infographic

    A guide to dichotomies in current discourse.

  • Unused image from yesterday

    Still fun but the context is the reverse of the idea as in it shows The Shard in Middle-Earth rather than London as an analogue for Middle-Earth. Why have The Shard as Orthanc rather than Barad-Dur? Mainly to maintain a rough west-to-east position of some towers. The Shard is south-west of the Tower of London […]

  • The sans-serif genre axis part 2

    Even though my previous post was more of an exercise in seeing what Excel’s new(?) box-and-whisker graphs do, I was pleased with the result. So I carried on adding the other Goodreads years. As a reminder, I’m counting how many of the 20 books listed in a category have a book title (I’m not looking […]

  • The sans-serif genre spectrum

    I’ve mentioned before that I think the most reliable (and yet absurd) distinction between fantasy and science-fiction is that science-fiction is more likely to have sans-serif fonts on the cover. A useless distinction for looking at the form or content of a genre and yet more reliable than a lot of other definitions I’ve seen. […]

  • Ways of fixing a study

    This is a vague follow-up to this post: As I said the other day, the study reads to me that it reflects people’s opinions of themselves. It didn’t (couldn’t) look at actual reading behaviour and didn’t look at actual cognitive preferences, so what they ended up with is a conclusion more like people who […]

  • Weirded out

    I’ve had two instances now of colleagues sincerely offering ‘condolences’ about the death of the Queen and it isn’t even 8:40 am here yet. OK, fair enough, it’s going to be weird for Australians as well and I don’t want to go off at people, so you get the rant here. Yes, I’m English and […]

  • For those who need it today

    Some great people won trophies today in the Hugo Awards and the Dragon Awards. However, where there are winners there must be losers. Now I’m not George R.R. Martin and I can’t offer a party or hood ornaments but I did ask an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to make a Hugo Losers Trophy (not affiliated in any […]

  • SCOOP! The final scene of the final episode of Rings of Power

    Wow! The hugely expensive Amazon show may have only just started but I have an amazing exclusive for you all: the very last scene of the very last episode of the very last season of the show! How did I get this? Well, let me explain. Jeff Bezos is so desperate for viewers that he […]

  • Finally a home for all your Colt Barrel needs

    Every author, even the fictional ones (maybe especially the fictional ones) needs an author webpage. That way fans and potential readers can go and see what they have to author. In Colt’s case that includes beer and coffee.