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  • Weeeeeeeeee

    I made this gif of something I was doing for an unrelated thing. It’s just a Tron like background for pretending to be travelling through cyberspace. The effect might be a bit stroboscopic so I’ve put it behind the fold in case that kind of thing is not good for you.

  • Incredibly, Voxopedia is still running

    There is apparently moaning in the ranks of the far-right that the Brave web browser has Vox Day’s vanity version of Wikipedia “down ranked” so that it only appears on the second page of results. Time to have a look at the place again. Amazingly, it is still going and there are people still editing […]

  • A map for suddenly changing the topic in a hellish business meeting

    I have no good explanation for this.

  • I had writer’s block to I sketched a maze instead

    It didn’t help with the writer’s block but I got a maze. No guarantees there aren’t shortcuts or pointless loops.

  • Some Debarkle things

    Firstly, in the comments to Monday’s salon Saxon Brenton told us he’d made a bound hard copy of Debarkle for a friend (see ). Pictures have also been sent: Also, I’m not going to make a habit of linking to reviews but I came across this nice review wholly unexpectedly while looking for something […]

  • Another “new” genre claim

    This time from author and critic Charlie Jane Anders. This time we have “sweetweird” as the neologism and once again I’m sceptical. “And here’s where I should admit that sweetweird isn’t actually a formal movement, and nobody except for me has been using that term. I wrote in my recent writing advice book Never Say […]

  • Missing Moments in Movie History: Zardoz

    Naturally, when John Boorman was looking for somebody who could play the role of a big head, many people suggested Timothy the Talking Cat. It was a match made in heaven and Timothy and Boorman would go on to collaborate on several films. Sadly, none of these later films has ever been released. Boorman’s unique […]

  • Fan Writers: Gotta Catch ‘Em All 2022

    Here are links to all six of the fan writer profiles in glorious technicolor. Name: Paul WeimerTwitter: of a Feather: He/him Name: Jason SanfordTwitter: He/him Name: Cora BuhlertTwitter: She/her Name: Alex BrownTwitter: They/them Name: Bitter KarellaTwitter: [author account] [Midnight Pals] He/him, she/her Name: Chris M. […]

  • Swiss German-language news media

    More interesting facts about everybody’s third* favourite landlocked nation. Switzerland is a polyglottal nation and so has news media that cover different languages. Here for example is a German-language news outlet. “US-Rechtsradikaler kauft Freiburger Schloss als Zentrum für seine Anhänger: Der amerikanische White-Supremacy-Aktivist und Rassist Theodore Beale (53), der sich Vox Day nennt, lebt schon […]

  • Don’t mind me, just reading up on Swiss law for no reason

    You know, it just sounded like an interesting topic to do some reading about. So firstly, Swiss defamation law does sound a bit strict. “Defamation remains a criminal offence in Switzerland.The Swiss Criminal Code foresees the following offences:Defamation (Art. 173): Accusing a person of dishonourable behaviour or similar prone to damaging that person’s reputation. The […]

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