Debarkle Volume 2: The eBook!

The collected ebook edition of the second volume of Debarkle is now available.

Volume 2 covers the chaos of the 2015 Sad Puppy/Rabid Puppy sweep of the Hugo nominations through to the decline of both campaigns in 2016 and 2017. It is available from Books2Read (the offshoot of Draft2Digital) and is also being distributed to a range of other online bookstores including:

No news is…exactly what we expected

It’s October 12 where I am and it is Monday evening in Europe, about 9 pm. If you were expecting amazing insights into legal battles from 2019 (see previous post), you will be disappointed but if you’ve been following this blog for a while then you won’t be surprised 😄

I too can use calendars

It is October 11 2021 or at least it is in Sydney, Australia as I write this. Why is that relevant? Well cast your minds back to 2019 and one of my moments of literary masochism:

This didn’t come up in the last chapter of Debarkle because it is about Vox Day’s attempt to cash in on both Comicsgate and Qanon simultaneously, so I’m saving it for the next chapter and also because October 11 2021 is when Day claimed he would reveal whatever stunning victory he won over crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Meanwhile, it isn’t quite October 11 in the rest of the world but I’m waiting for what I am sure will be very anti-climatic news.

Ebook coming soon

The collected ebook version of Debarkle will have its second volume available soon. If you want a kerfuff by kerfuff history of a kerfuffle in one handy ebook the here you go. The font choice does make it look like it is Volume Z though.

“Oh no Facebook is down” said nobody as everybody got on with their lives instead

However, many people may be missing Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook is down as well as associated apps around many parts of the world:

“Madory said it looks like the DNS routes that Facebook makes available to the networking world have been withdrawn. The Domain Name System is an integral element of how traffic on the internet is routed. DNS translates an address like “” to an IP address like If Facebook’s DNS records have disappeared, no one could find it.”

In an extraordinary coincidence, the outage occurred while Facebook was under increased scrutiny after a series of articles by the Wall Street Journal exposed fundamental problems with the site, as well as a 60 Minutes interview with a Facebook whistleblower.

“Revealing her identity on national television, Haugen described a company so committed to product optimization that it embraced algorithms that amplify hate speech. “It’s paying for its profits with our safety,” Haugen told 60 Minutes host Scott Pelley.”

Not just the infamous swamp of Facebook but also Instagram was revealed as dangerously messed up:

“The Journal’s report highlighted specific findings from the document as evidence of a broader mental health problem on the app — most notably the finding that “thirty-two percent of teen girls said that when they felt bad about their bodies, Instagram made them feel worse.””

So a coincidence that Facebook is down currently or has the company done a quick manoeuvre to remind all its users how much they would miss Facebook if it was gone or has a rogue hacker taken the giant down? I’m going to bet on coincidence, mainly because Facebook is probably aware of how many of its users have a love-hate relationship with the platform and many users might enjoy the respite a bit too much and never come back.

I may have a distorted view though. I mainly access it to see what terrible people are saying and while the site is full of terrible people, they all hate Facebook as well. However, Facebook works for many people who vocally loathe Facebook. For example:

“That’s always easy for people for people who nobody cares what they write to tell me how I should communicate. Back in practical reality if I am able to post on Facebook and people share it there, my articles get read by another 20,000 people. If it goes viral, 100k easily. But thanks for the advice.

Correia repeatedly gets locked out of his Facebook account for various reasons and in general, over the years he has shifted more of his signature outrage to Facebook and used his blog more for more bland author self-promotion. I believe him when he portrays this as a business decision. The two things aren’t unrelated: it is good for his business (i.e. promoting his personal brand and attracting new readers) to play up the foul-mouthed-culture-warrior bit on Facebook even though that gets him repeatedly sent to Facebook-jail. He’s not going to find himself “censored” on his own blog but it is more profitable to be more outrageous on Facebook, even though that leads to intermittent bans on him posting on Facebook.

Facebook has been implicated in at least one genocide ( ) and while it is not the only cause of a lot of modern disinformation, the world will be a little better today for its absence.

eta: and it is now back in all its grimey glory

Debarkle Chapter 65: Post Apupalypse 2018-2019

The protracted culture war for the soul of science fiction fandom was over…sort of. The broad social issues and responses to demographic and technological change were still ongoing. Issues of systemic bias and ingrained prejudice within fandom and publishing still existed. Fandom’s seemingly insatiable appetite for controversies and feuds was not going to end or even truly pause to catch a breath. Unravelling the distinction between personal differences, justifiable anger, aesthetic arguments and shitty behaviour had not been simplified. If anything, having faced down an almost caricature-like example of an antagonist (Vox Day even portrayed himself as supreme dark lord sitting on a throne of skulls) highlighted how complex non-Puppy related fannish disputes could be.

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Dear Tyop Patrol

First of all thank you to everybody who has pointed out errors, typos, poor grammar or just confusing wording in Debarkle. It really is genuinely received and very welcome.

If you spot an error in any chapter, please do continue to point them out in the comment section of the relevant chapter. I will act on them.

However, for parts 1 to 4 of Debarkle (aka Volumes 1 and 2 aka 1880 to 2017) the most up-to-date maintained version of the text is now the offline Apple Pages collected version of Debarkle, rather than the blog version. That doesn’t mean I won’t fix errors in the blog version but the priority is to fix the offline version (i.e. the book version) first. Also, there are typos and rewordings in that version, so it may be the original error has been superseded.

Also, when fixing consistency of terms (eg Gamergate v GamerGate etc) I’ll do that in the offline version rather than the blog.

I’m still working on the book version of Volume 2 but it will be available via Draft2Digital soon (probably next week).

Part 5 of Debarkle will start at the weekend.

237,987 words

That’s the current word count for published chapters of Debarkle. Not quite as long as Game of Thrones but getting there.

Still working on formating and copyedits on Volume 2 and working up to the first chapter of the next part very soon.

Timothy’s Twelve Volume Fantasy Series [updated]

I’ve been passed a memo by my cat telling me to tell you that he has finished his 12 book epic fantasy series. Which is odd because I don’t think he has written a 12 book epic fantasy series. I’ll go check…

ETA: OK, what he means is that he has written the END of his 12 book epic fantasy series but he might not have written all of the preceding parts.

ETA2: OK, new memo. “Just to reassure my fans that this series will be completed, I have written the end first. Signed Timothy T.T. Cat Esquire”

ETA3: I’ve got a sample:

“As Flargon emptied the final flagon of demon blood onto the last firey remains of King Jerrob what was left of the Companionship of the Cutlery rested their weary heads knowing that evil had finally been vanquished.”

So there you go.

Update: Apparently that isn’t a sample…that’s the whole thing. That’s all he’s written. I’m so sorry. OK, new note… he’s going to write the middle next to make sure it doesn’t sag. So far he’s literally written more memos than story.