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  • For those who need it today

    Some great people won trophies today in the Hugo Awards and the Dragon Awards. However, where there are winners there must be losers. Now I’m not George R.R. Martin and I can’t offer a party or hood ornaments but I did ask an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to make a Hugo Losers Trophy (not affiliated in any […]


  • SCOOP! The final scene of the final episode of Rings of Power

    Wow! The hugely expensive Amazon show may have only just started but I have an amazing exclusive for you all: the very last scene of the very last episode of the very last season of the show! How did I get this? Well, let me explain. Jeff Bezos is so desperate for viewers that he […]

  • Finally a home for all your Colt Barrel needs

    Every author, even the fictional ones (maybe especially the fictional ones) needs an author webpage. That way fans and potential readers can go and see what they have to author. In Colt’s case that includes beer and coffee.

  • Colt Barrel

    Obviously, Cattimothy House publishing has had a LOT of inquiries about the newest member of our author family. So, just to reassure you that Colt is real and not “an obvious made-up name to facilitate a one-note joke that is being stretched way beyond being funny anymore”, here is his author portrait from the back […]

  • On Passing Stranger’s Suggestion

    The Towers of Gunfondle have fallen but the mighty flying fleets of the Fondlegun Doomfarers still rule the skies. Can a raw recruit defeat their foul enemies? From the sharpshooting imagination of legendary fantasy author Colt Barrel, comes this exciting return to the land of black powder and fragile egos.

  • Exciting new book cover!

    The great towers of Gunfondle have warded the proud people of Fondlegun from all enemies for ninety epochs. Yet can their inviolable defences hold when faced with a terrible new enemy: people being slightly mean to them? Gunfondle needs a new champion! From the sharpshooting imagination of legendary fantasy author Colt Barrel, comes this daring […]

  • Press Release from the President of C.T.Corp

    Yesterday, my beautiful home1 was besiged2 by armed goons of the FBI3. This unprecedented4 and unwarranted invasion of the sanctity of my home was both brutal in its execution5 and a violation of the constitutional rights of all Americans6. Without a doubt, this gross perversion of the apparatus of the state was part of the […]

  • AI Variant Cover for Debarkle

    Base image created by Midjourney with text taken from the earlier covers. The puppy is too lovable though 🙂

  • Hey, hey, guess what time it is?


  • Playing with Midjourney

    Another art/image machine-learning generator to play with. I started with a really old post of my where I illustrated the syllogism for “Felapton” with “No monsters are penguins, all monsters are snowmen, some snowmen are not penguins” After an extra interaction, I settled on this manifestation: