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  • Some Swiss news about far-right publisher Vox Day

    The infamous Vox Day is back in the news despite his apparent relevance to right-wing extremists having faded. The man who so often has promoted sinister conspiracy theories about the “elites” has apparently bought a castle in Switzerland. “It is a place steeped in history and, according to the Confederation, a “cultural asset of national […]

  • Bialystock Redux

    Ladles and Gentle Ben, cast your minds back to July 2019. Not a happier time really but certainly one with fewer pandemics. In this post, I covered the bizarre plans for a movie based on Vox not-a-nazi Day’s comic books. I question that prompted that post was “is this a thing that is actually happening […]

  • Looking at the right and Ukraine

    I should preface this with a more general observation. In the spaces I look at/read (mainly people from English speaking countries), there’s no shortage of confused, uncertain or just plain-wrongheaded takes about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. People on the left aren’t always sure how to talk about an abusive imperial power that isn’t their […]

  • Positivity and Gibberish Ideology

    Way back in 2018, I talked about I called “the thing” in the context of the nonsense that Jordan Peterson was putting out. I still don’t have a better name for it. What I said at the time was: “To perceive yourself as inadequate or weak-willed or to see unhappy circumstance as your own fault […]

  • Theological anti-Semitism

    Sorry folks but this is a Vox Day post. Vox Day likes to dance around his anti-Semitism partly because he really likes the more militant ethno-nationalistic side of Israeli politics but also because of the standard fake philo-Semitism of the US Evangelic Christian tradition that regards Israel’s existences as a necessary pre-condition for the second […]

  • No, that really is what they meant by “Augusto”

    A content warning: this post covers some disturbing comments by people on the right of US politics including threats of violence. I cited a comment yesterday in the Debarkle introduction and a reasonable question was asked about it in the comments. I want to stress that the question really was a reasonable one and I […]

  • Debarkle: Draft outline

    Coming this month (and probably for most of the year) is “Debarkle”, a history of the Puppy Kerfuffle of 2015, the events that preceded it, the political context and how it presaged events in US politics that followed it. What follows is the draft section and chapter order. Naturally, what will actually happen is something […]

  • Gamestop etc and the Alt-Right

    The term “Alt-Right” has gone out of fashion largely because there is increasingly little differentiation between the US right in general and the section that promotes extreme & far-fetched ideas via internet communities and social media. I still find it a handy term though, partly because for everybody else when we think of “conservative” we […]

  • Lawfare…with a whimper

    I had missed this among the various histrionics among the right post Biden’s inauguration. The legal dispute between Owen ‘Flat Earth’ Benjamin and Patreon appears to be over. Patreon asked for the case they had lodged to be dismissed. Court documents for case CGC20584586 PATREON, INC. VS. PAUL MICHAEL AYURE ET AL show that the […]

  • Starting February: Debarkle

    I’ve been mulling over for some time (years tbh) writing a history of the Sad Puppy/Rabid Puppy attempt to hijack the Hugo Awards. A few things have put me off doing so. Two of the obstacles is any account needs at least some treatment of RaceFail and of the Requires Hate story and they are […]

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