More Scrappy Dooing being Done

I’m increasingly glad I coined some sort of term for the post-Sad Puppy self-promotion via internet feuding culture. Recently I saw some weird aspects of it (see here) but yesterday it took on an even nastier tone with SuperversiveSF’s twitter account (and one other) harassing writer K. Tempest Bradford.

There is a stark contrast here. The recent bizarre attacks thrown at Mike Glyer and then at me where overheated and made little sense and then descended into conspiracy theories but were largely laughable. However, note that when the target was a black woman writer the attacks quickly focused on sex, sexuality and her ethnicity and were more personal and much nastier. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised in 2017 that the misogyny and racism quickly becomes overt but I’m still saddened by it.

I don’t want to tell people how to react if you become embroiled in a Scrappy-Doo campaign. Mute/Block is one approach, ignoring it is another, responding is another – but people know this already. I guess I’m just trying to point this out as a general warning that there is a current uptick in such activity.


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  1. Or you could Scooby-Doo them. Example:

    Them: “You’re a fake and a poseur and everyone knows it.”
    You: “Rou’re a rake and a roseur and reveryone rows it.”

    Not that I’ve tried it.

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  2. I’m not very Twitterate. Is there a conversation thread or something to search for to find this latest Pupping?


    • To clarify, I am searching Twitter for K Tempest Bradford at the moment, I just usually have mixed success – the way Twitter flows confuses me.


    • This response was very measured by her compared with the provocation:

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  3. The Dragon Awards do seem to crop up a lot in these discussions.


  4. So, it looks like the starting point was that Tyrant Books thing? With the Scrappies on the anti-agent side?

    What’s interesting (or inevitable?) is not that they ended up being abusive to someone but that of all the people weighing in they just happened to end up getting the most abusive with a black woman. The trends in their target selection become more blatant over time.

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    • Yup – the overall methods are similar but the kind of attacks, their intensity and the racism & sexism are increases for particular targets.

      I get this is not new but watching it again remains shocking.

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      • I think they attack people they perceive as being inferior to them in some way, because attacking someone they think has power (white dudes) is frightening for them. I didn’t notice it so much before, but now our so-called president is tweeting attacks on mostly women and people of color, and it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore.

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  5. I think it was Lyndon Johnson who explained that as long as you could persuade poor white men that they were superior to all black men they wouldn’t notice that rich white men were stealing them blind.

    They want to attack black women because it’s an even better diversion from the fact that rich white men are stealing them blind…

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  6. On somewhat a related note, there is a new edition of The Odyssey, this one translated to English by a woman for the first time. And, not surprisingly, she has excavated different meaning from the text through word choice and restoring some elisions that had been made in previous editions. Sounds fascinating and relates to the scrappy culture wars by showing how even classical Western canon is actually a mirrored disco ball of perspectives.

    I was just talking about this with a friend today and she recommended a TED Talk (which I normally loathe), called “The Danger of a Single Story” by novelist Chimamanda Ngozi .

    PS — In answer to the exam prompt, I think they delight in attacking women POC and absolutely know that they are doing it. The only other group they enjoy attacking as much are “cucks” and even there, the puppy types tend to snicker among themselves rather than confront dudes “Head On” (scalzi pun intended)

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