Bruce Wayne is Spiderman


Prequel: I’d sent the guy his prize by Twitter:

Surreal art forms follow via Twitter and Scrappy-Doo thinking.






To wit: I was muted (having never sent this guy a Tweet) and then blocked, then approx 15 minutes later unblocked and sent another tweet. Accused of being a multiple Hugo winning legend of fandom (oh noes!), unmuted, told that he doesn’t even want a Nebula award, etc, it’s around about then that I send him another reply after retweeting

I was incorrect here because I’d written ’emails’ instead of ‘Tweet’ (!?!) upon which rock a mighty paranoid theory was built.

I actually wrote ‘dude’. I think that makes me suspicious that this isn’t me who is typing. I don’t know, it just felt like the right context to say ‘dude’.


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  1. Damn! Who knows which rich tapestry my life could have taken were it not for the fact that I’m a Chinese web bot? About all that’s left is to see if I can get an upgrade to a better class of bot…

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    • If I was a Chinese web bot, I’d be able to read Chinese. Of which I can, if you count a few often used symbols, the characters for different sorts of meat animals, and the numbers 1-10. Let’s call it two dozen words on a good day.

      If I could read Chinese, I’d be doing something way more interesting and lucrative than being a web bot. Or at least I’d be able to read the non-gwailo menu.


  2. Thought experiment: judging by the flurry of communications, the sustained shouting into the void, the pronounced ability to draw wild and incorrect conclusions based on factual error and little evidence, and the use of childish nicknames — RP is Phantom.

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    • No – he says he sent me that Tweet because he wanted Mike to read his book but he also wants Mike to leave him alone. It really doesn’t make sense. He also says that tweet doesn’t count as being to me because he just wanted me to tell Mike? He really can’t seperate his own view of his intent from how others might see it.

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  3. You do realize that whatever it may look like to you, the attention you’re showering him with looks to Duck PaoZeronelli like winning.

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      • Of course it’s winning, because laughter on SJW blogs is what he’s looking for, so he can play the victim and cultivate sympathy (and he believes, customers) on the political right.

        However, I don’t advocate totally ignoring people like him. I’m just saying that if he turns into a Day-after-Day topic (hm, where have I heard that name before) then you’re assisting the audience growth he’s after.

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      • That level of introspection might be beyond most of them, Mike. Of course were all some kind of ambulance chasers here (Is that the expression? I’m German)


  4. Saw an interesting post by one of the commentators on his blog:

    “I was trying to express my incredulity at this attack. This guy’s behaviour is totally abnormal and I was seriously asking if this guy is suffering from some mental issues or demonically oppressed.”

    The demons are back…

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  5. It’s clear that what you need, CF, is a distraction. What if, *just for example* the fine people at Superversive had done another of their lovely anthologies? And it had stories from *all* our favourites? And it had, like, the worst cover in the history of really bad covers?

    This is all totally hypothetical, of course….

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    • Is that a spaceship flying among the fireworks above Trump’s head? Cause that makes no sense at all.

      Also, do they have the correct image rights for that Trump photo? Cause photos of political and other public figures at stock sites are normally only for editorial use (e.g. newspapers) and not for commercial use, including book covers.

      Coincidentally, I had a flash story accepted for an anthology of satirical Trump stories, which never came out (though the editor assures me it’s not dead, just stalled). Worries about the cover were part of the reason behind the delay and that anthology was going to use a caricature on the cover, not a photo.


    • Holy shit, Mark, I thought you were kidding till I clicked the link.
      Now I have to go scrub my Amazon “recently viewed” list.

      They’re a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      Cora, if they got that from an official gov’t photo, it’d be free to the public. I think. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they used a stock image without paying Shutterstock or whoever. Doubt there’s a credit for it in the “book”.

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      • Doris, that’s….a thing.

        For my sins I read the sample. There’s a Milo intro that’s so on autopilot that I just skimmed to make sure he was hitting the catchphrases and ignored the rest.
        Then you get the whole of a JdA story. It’s actually quite funny, some of it intentionally so. Basically Trump and slightly-older son Barron are viewing their latest super-weapon, an all-US-made suit of power armour when word comes through that the Wall (sigh) has been breached, and of course the only way to save the day is for Barron to get in the suit and go fight illegal alien zombies who turn out to be proper alien aliens controlled by a super sized Kim Jong Un. At the risk of saying non-negative things about JdA it’s actually not terrible, just silly trope deployment with tongue fixed firmly in cheek. Actually now that I think about it, it’s pretty much a Timothy story!

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      • And thank you for reading Mark! I just aim to have fun with stories, never anything political. Hopefully more folk like you will realize I just write some fun stuff and check some of the bigger works out. Cheers. I appreciate it for real.

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        • @Jon Del Arroz

          “I just aim to have fun with stories, never anything political”

          The thing is Jon, while your story was at least above the level of making me want to pluck my eyeballs out, that’s pretty faint praise, and the same can’t be said for your political insertions and alt-marketing tactics. I mean, it was a story about Trump in an anthology about Trump, with a foreword by Milo about how those SJWsareruiningeverything, but you say you don’t do anything political? I appreciate that the ability to lie with a straight face can be a benefit in life, but maybe you should consider a different path? While we’re at it, if that path was one where your marketing MO *isn’t* to harass people and then claim you’re being oppressed, that’d be great.

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      • ???

        I hope this was an effort at a joke, Jon, otherwise I can’t fathom how blinkered you must be not to realise that a story about Trump, a border wall and literally fighting illegal aliens is massively political. Especially given that it appears in an explicitly far right anthology.

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      • @Jon, I can’t fathom why you would want to push your anthology here. You must realize that only those brave souls like Mark-kitteh above who can handle taking one for the team, and those of us who enjoy looking at trainwrecks (and I certainly belong to neither of those categories–I have much better things to do with both my reading time and my money) will even throw a passing glance in your direction. Most of us here are not going to touch your book with a ten-foot pole. I see the horror of Trump playing out in the news every day, and I have no desire to add to it. Your time would be more profitably spent at…I don’t know, Stormfront? Breitbart? and similar ilk.

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      • @Mark-kitteh: You’re a hardier person than I. However, I would like to completely second what you said. Or in the native idiom of this ilk ,”mega-dittos”.

        Didn’t see JdA at the local con last month, BTW. It was small and delightful, and actual prominent local authors were there. Saw 770’s own Heather Rose Jones a few times. And this year’s Fan Artist Hugo winner and another finalist of same. Lots of networking going on, awesome Maker room (BFF made a Harry Potter wand and a GoT dragon egg), GREAT parties to hang out in and chat*, many panels with successful self-pub. A Chuck Tingle reading. Lots of voice actors. Not affiliated with Baycon at all.

        Would have been an ideal opportunity for an indie author to circulate, meet up with the small groups. F’rex, I went to a panel that consisted of a GoH and several others sitting around a round banquet table on the veranda. Lots of panels where everyone just sat in a group and talked.

        Would have been perfect for showing off a sense of humor. Could have brought the book to the Bad Book Cover panel 😛 There was a horrible Fritz Leiber cover, and a Bradbury cover that actually made the artist GoH shriek in fright.

        Very friendly, very funny, very oriented to indie authors. Wonder why JdA didn’t go?

        Schedule here:

        *I blame the Klingons for my teeny tiny Sunday AM hangover. They’re generous with the pour, even to us puny Earthlings. (All their proceeds go to Make A Wish Foundation.)

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  6. We know it’s always projection with these folks, so the real question is how many sockpuppets Paolinelli has.

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  7. So okay, wait, I’m still trying to follow all this. RP sends emails to MG about his book. RP believes that CF is a sock puppet that is really MG, and tweets weirdly at CF to see if there is a response from MG? (Why not just email MG again?) When CF absent-mindedly uses the word emails instead of tweets in his tweet to RP, RP believes that is MG absent-mindedly referring to RP’s emails to MG. This then proves that CF is MG to RP because CF cannot produce emails sent to CF from RP because the only emails are to MG. The explanation of a typo is written off as a lie by RP, who believes he has delivered a “message” of some sort to MG by tweeting at CF, whom he believes to also be MG. And the message delivered is that MG is controlling RP’s behavior by reporting about RP’s behavior on his fandom aggregate news blog.

    Did I get it? Do I get a prize now? (“Jam tomorrow and jam yesterday but never jam today.”)

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