Just One Last Note on ex-Kerfuffles

As I already have one whateverhappenedtoo post up about those unhappy hounds of Hugo hostility, I’ll leave one more snippet: the domain name ownership of “sadpuppies4.org” has expired. The website that hosted the fourth iteration of distempered doggedness that used to look like this:

Sad Puppies 4 Then

Now looks like this:

Sad Puppies 4 Now

While it was kind of tempting to buy the domain name, I have, in a stunning expression of will power, NOT DONE so. ‘Tis said to be haunted and whosoever claims the domain becomes consumed with hubris and claims of embiggingment that fall sadly flat and leave one having petty arguments with Declan Finn.


5 thoughts on “Just One Last Note on ex-Kerfuffles

  1. Well, wasn’t that spelled wrong anyway? Shouldn’t it be “embiggening?” (According to Urban Dictionary, Wiktionary and others)

    Nah, you did right. Leave it. “Dog potty training” is funnier, and more accurate.

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    1. Pretty sure it’s supposed to be a portmanteau of “embiggen” and “beginning” – as in, the start of the expansion.


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