Stefan Molyneux can’t reason


Molyneux is a You Tube “libertarian” who often appears with our old ‘pal’ Vox Day and I discovered today that he wrote a book.

Jack Graham (Shabogan Grafitti and Eruditorum Press) pointed out this issue with Molyneux’s reasoning on Twitter:

Following that back led to two different articles on Medium pulling Molyneux’s book to bits.

This one is more general:

And this one by Cian Chartier really goes to town on Molyneux’s logic:

I think the piñata is now empty.



8 responses to “Stefan Molyneux can’t reason”

  1. Wow. I’ve only read the two reviews, not the book, but holy hell, that sounds like an incoherent mess.


    • It’s by Molyneux, a man who pretty much runs a cult in his spare time.

      So ’nuff said.


  2. So, by Molyneaux own words, since he can’t properly formulate logical arguments we should ostracize him?

    I’m on board with that part.

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