Jon Del Arroz hires Timothy the Talking Cat as his Publicist

[From the Felapton Towers Press Office]

Prominent local author, Jon Del Arroz entered into extensive negotiations with Cattimothy House yesterday to massively boost his profile by recruiting the services of Timothy the Talking Cat. Timothy, who is notable for his work with John C Wright, Declan Finn, Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin, is one of the leading editors of modern science fiction and is at the forefront of what he calls “the Pulp Revolution” (Timothy’s Jarvis Cocker cover band).

Timothy is alread taking proactive steps to boost Mr Del Arroz’s profile including new cover design concepts:


“I’ve been called the new, new, new Heinlein,” said Timothy on a rainy afternoon at the Bortsworth Post Office, “and I think I can help move Jon into the bigly leagues of writers such as Chisled McEdifice or my pal Mike.”

Business associate, Camestros Felapton was his usually negative-ninny and just brought the whole tone down with his needlessly niggly naysaying negativity:

“I think Timothy may have misunderstood a Tweet exchange,” said the annoying loser, who frankly we only keep around because he can reach the kibble cupboard, “I can’t see this working out for any of the parties concerned.”

Brandishing a series of Tweets, which the politically-extreme Felapton said “prove my point” Felapton seem agitated and kept claiming this was just proving that, “what the mouse said was true.”

[ETA] Jon responds



8 responses to “Jon Del Arroz hires Timothy the Talking Cat as his Publicist”

  1. Wut, has JdA not been following the past few years of increasingly obscure in-jokes? Has he not scoured the comment sections to find the origin stories of Timothy and the Walrus, multiple chapter fives and Tank Marmot?
    Goodness, with such a lack of in-depth knowledge someone might mistake him for a johnny-come-lately hanger-on, and that would never do.

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  2. I have to admit that it’s interesting to watch him as he digs his career deeper and deeper into a hole (in the same way that it’s interesting to watch a train wreck). He’s so desperate for attention that he will insult people and then turn around and beg them to read and review his book, and that he insists on interpreting ribbons mocking his pompous, overinflated sense of self-importance as an “homage”.

    I hope he enjoyed his 5 minutes. I’d feel sorry for him if he wasn’t such an asshole.

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