@voxday attacks milo?

I read this at his blog:

Seriously, what is it with Gammas? They can’t follow the rules, they get snarky and disrespectful when they’re warned, then they bitch and cry and hurl angry accusations and threats when you follow through and ban them.

And they do this every single time, even though they’ve seen it happen to dozens of other Gammas. Are they totally incapable of learning from either their own experience or others? It’s like they have no ability to recognize that what happened to others is going to happen to them if they do the same thing. https://voxday.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/every-single-time.html

It sure sounds like he is trying to describe Milo Yiannopoulis relationship with Twitter.

  • couldn’t follow the rules? check
  • got snarky and disrespectful when warned? check
  • hurl angry accusations etc when banned? check

Vox then continues his tirade about ‘gammas’ on his PUA site http://alphagameplan.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/the-flawless-gamma-tell.html

But if you see someone react poorly to having their commenting privileges limited or removed, you can be certain that you’re dealing with a Gamma.

But apparently, he isn’t talking about his pal and Twitter troll Milo but some random commentator on his own blog.


27 thoughts on “@voxday attacks milo?

  1. The whole alpha/beta/gamma conversation, coupled with the IQ conversation, is why I don’t bother with Vox and never did.

    However, are you saying that Milo would have been banned from Twitter if he were a gay -Democrat/SJW- troll?

    Because if so, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in acquiring. I can get it for you wholesale.

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      1. So, you like the bridge, eh? I have gold bricks too. Three for ten dollars, get ’em while they’re hot.


      2. Sounds like a good deal with all that hyperinflation that should be around anytime soon. I mean, conservatives were promising us hyperinflation was just around the corner when Obama first got elected, so its got to be here anytime soon right? Tomorrow maybe? The day after?


      3. Trying to converse with you is an interesting experience. What’s hyper inflation got to do with Twitter kicking Milo off for commenting while Republican? Zippo.

        And while on the subject of aggressive media bias, Wolf Blitzer partying to celebrate Hillary’s ‘victory’ live on CNN. What, it was rigged? Bernie wuz robbed? Never mind, look at this shiny thing!

        The thing that concerns me is not just that they’re all in the tank for the Dems, that’s been a thing since the 1950s. It’s that they’re in the tank for a -person-. Hillary Clinton has her own broadcast news organ: the whole main stream media.

        Google, Twitter and Facebook, also obviously and egregiously in the tank for Hillary. All caught this week with their hands in the cookie jar, to the shoulder.

        Meanwhile, Camestros Phlepatron: “Oh, look over there! A shiny thing!”

        You’re not on her payroll, are you? And if not, why are you carrying her water? She’s crooked as a snake with a broken tail.


      4. Hillary Clinton has her own broadcast news organ: the whole main stream media.If you think that, I’ve got this bridge you might be interested in.

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  2. In that last quote, he’s talking about himself, right? From when he got his ass thoroughly handed to him on Making Light elebenty billion years ago and he hasn’t shut up about it since. And from his SFWA ban, which he also keeps whining about.

    Purest Gamma actions by his own definition.


  3. But you don’t understand – Vox is a Sigma, which is, like, a super-duper-Alpha who could totally bang any chick he wanted to prove his super-Alphaness, but doesn’t have to because Sigma’s are above that and also because his wife reads his blog. Since he’s this super-Alpha (who, never let it be forgotten, COULD bang supermodel quality chicks but DOESN’T WANT TO), he can’t be a Gamma.

    YOU’RE the Gamma, Cam. He’s so amused at you.


  4. And while you’re at it, Camestros, tailor your posts to be of more relevance to whatever The Phantom wants to write about today. Your attention and engagement is very important to him.

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      1. Yeah! Because wandering off the point and evading unpleasant truths is Job One for CF these days.

        How about you, Really Dumb F-er, you wanna buy a bridge or a gold brick? Wanna tell me how Milo would have -totally- got banned if he was a DumbocRat troll instead of a Repugnican? Go on, amaze me.

        You know, if it wasn’t going to be so financially punishing and generally arduous for me, I’d wish you little boys could get every damn thing you say you want in this election. Conservatives muzzled, wall-to-wall Hillary propaganda all the time, every jot and title of the Hillary platform delivered right to your door, from a federal minimum wage to free immigration to gun control. And five flavors of bathrooms! His, hers, xis, xers and Can’t Decide. The whole thing. With a bow on it.

        Because you’re like a dog chasing a car. The look on your face when you actually bit that tire would be really something to see.


      2. //Wanna tell me how Milo would have -totally- got banned if he was a DumbocRat troll instead of a Repugnican? Go on, amaze me.//

        Nope because as I’ve pointed out, Vox, Milo, Cernovich, Roosh et al have tied trolling and bullying to their distinct ideology. It is *NOT* separate from ideology because they have chosen to conflate the two. Consequently the counterfactual world in which Milo is just like Milo but leftwing is too different from reality to make sense.

        To reiterate my frequently made earlier points: Milo isn’t just a troll (heck I kinda of like trolls) but part of a bullying-as-ideology movement that I don’t think is representative of conservatism as a whole necessarily but is definitely of the right.

        Not every troll is rightwing, lots of leftwing abuse out there but only the alt-right are trying to make it systemic and ideological.


      3. Honestly, best evidence suggests the determining factor is who the victim is. If the tweets contain sufficiently vicious or taboo material and the victim has enough of a following to make Twitter look bad for failing to act, down comes the banhammer. It’s a comparative calculus, and Milo lost to Leslie; if some idiot took on Ivanka with an equal degree of obscenity and bigotry, I bet he’d be bounced just as fast.


    1. Yeah! Because wandering off the point and evading unpleasant truths is Job One for CF these days.

      Still not able to face up to the fact that you got schooled over lying so blatantly, huh?


  5. //Trying to converse with you is an interesting experience. What’s hyper inflation got to do with Twitter kicking Milo off for commenting while Republican? Zippo.//

    That’s OK because I was replying to your comment about bridges and bricks made of gold.


  6. //It’s that they’re in the tank for a -person-. Hillary Clinton has her own broadcast news organ: the whole main stream media. //

    Meanwhile the various Cruz conservatives have been claiming that the media has been ‘in the tank’ for Trump.

    Here is the thing – the right have been complaining about media bias for so long, even in the face of overt rightwing media bias, that it has just become empty words. But, now, hmmm. You have an obvious far right demagogue with zero respect for either truth or free speech or the independence of the media. Trump is doing his utmost to make media impartiality close to impossible.

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    1. “You have an obvious far right demagogue…”

      The actual problem with Trump is that he’s a Big Government socialist. The only thing he has going for him is that he’s found a way to make the media bias against Conservatives work for him. Virtually -all- media coverage of Trump is negative, most of it hilariously so.

      He’s making that a positive. Every time some schmuck in the New York Times makes fun of his wife, Trump comes out and says something like “What does my wife have to do with immigration? What the hell is wrong with you people?” The media makes fun of his hair, he says “The USA owes 20 trillion dollars, and you want to talk about my hair? WTH is wrong with you?”

      That’s genius. That’s the thing that got Cruz dumped on the crap heap of history. Cruz is working inside the media narrative, running against other men. Trump is running against the media narrative. That’s why he’s kicking Hillary’s ass right now, despite the fullsome attention on her and the firestorm against him. Every time something negative comes out against Trump, it pushes his poll numbers -up-.

      Trump himself is a New York limousine liberal. He’s one of -your- people. You want to see some straight talk on Trump, have a look at Correia’s blog. Trump is anti-gun, pro-minimum wage, pro a lot of things that liberals just love. He’s really not going to build that wall in Arizona, he’s just saying he wants to.

      That’s the problem.


      1. Huh? The first report from the Daily Caller says overtly “No Visible American Flags Present At The Democrat Convention” and repeats that categorically in their article. http://dailycaller.com/2016/07/25/no-visible-american-flags-present-at-the-democrat-convention/ The link you just gave concedes that there were actually American flags on day one of the convention.
        Aside from being a bizarre argument, the Daily Caller was wrong factually in its report. No?


      2. There were no flags on the podium on Day 1. There is plenty of photo evidence that this was so. Big podium, no flags. Snopes said there were flags on the podium, they lied. Flags did not show up on the podium until Day 2, after everybody mentioned it on Day 1.

        The DNC raided City Hall to get flags, there was an article to that effect on Drudge. Why are they raiding City Hall? Because there’s no flags on the podium at the convention, and it looks bad, and they know it.

        So yes. Snopes lied. Them lying is the point of interest, as far as I’m concerned.


      3. The Daily Caller shows flags on the RNC podium that are part of the giant screen image – that is what they used as visual evidence of flags at the RNC being ‘on the podium’. By that standard there were flags at the DNC on the first on ‘the podium’. Then to top that in the article you cited from the Daily Caller they actually concede that there were flags on the podium! For goodness sake.
        I mean, its a none story in the first place and even then your source can’t get it right.


  7. Now, checking out Teddy’s site, I see he’s screeching about page views(*) and John Scalzi being a liar again.

    So, BEFORE visiting Whatever, I’m gonna predict Scalzi announced some accomplishment recently showing he’s an actual success in the real world. Teddy is nothing if not predictable in his jealousy.

    One notices that he never tries to montarize his claimed page views, showing he knows just how many of them are from people who want to see what the monkey is gibbering about today and he doesn’t want to deal with the blowback from aggrieved advertisers.


    1. Ah, there we go

      So here’s news that’s kind of been an open secret for a while. Many of you know I’m part of the team that is putting together Midnight Star: Renegade, the sequel to last year’s mobile shooter game Midnight Star (it’s coming! Soon!). What you may not have known is that for the last several months I have also been part of the team putting together an entirely separate mobile video game, called Exiles of Embermark, from Gunslinger Studios.

      I wonder what ARISTOTLE! had to say about jealous snits against your betters?


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