Timothy’s vocabulary score


I asked Timothy to take the test. Here are his responses. It gets a little sad at the end.

The synonym of large is faded, because remembering is large but it has faded.
•    The synonym of deal is plea, of course.
•    The synonym of above is work, because above is over and I’m over work.
•    The synonym of specify is capitulate, because to give specifics is to capitulate to them.
•    The antonym of old is small, because now I’m old I’m big.
•    The antonym of come is most, because most cats won’t come to you if you call to us.
•    The synonym of fly is drink, because they drink.
•    The antonym of active is disagree, because you can disagree passively.
•    The antonym of dangerous is sadness, because danger should be happy.
•    The antonym of distant is obey, because we shouldn’t obey distant governments.
•    The antonym of narrow is scold and that is the truth.
•    The antonym of separate is weak, because those who can’t live by themselves are weak.
•    The antonym of normal is doubt, because only the exceptional like me doubt the lies we are told by the elites.
•    The synonym of spade is oak because they both come out of the ground.
•    The synonym of done is embellished, because it isn’t done until it is embellished.
•    The synonym of beg is recant, because to beg is to recant everything a cat stands for.
•    The synonym of lax is delectable, or I maybe thinking of lox.
•    The synonym of quash is evade, naturally.
•    The synonym of minor is morris.
•    The synonym of drab is barbaric, because o be civilized is to dress well.
•    The synonym of related is alien, like my French cousins.
•    The synonym of annoying is clicker, obviously.
•    The synonym of incipient is chromatic, I assume.
•    The antonym of foul is repelling, because chickens chase me.
•    The antonym of compensate is extortion and do not forget it.
•    The antonym of acquiesce is irascible, because I never acquiesce and I am irascible.
•    The antonym of adamant is aerate in any sane universe.
•    The antonym of alienate is aggressive – ha! you thought I’d say they synonyms because aliens are scary, didn’t you?
•    The antonym of avulse is suture, like everybody knows. Is this a quiz for two-year olds or something?
•    The antonym of catalyst is damp, because making stuff damp usually stops them reacting – particularly postal workers.
•    The antonym of amorphous is abridge, like that time when I had to edit a really amorphous book, so I abridged it.
•    The antonym of aggrieved is warped, because only the warped aren’t aggrieved with the federal government.
•    The antonym of apologist is canon, because a canon never apologizes.
•    The synonym of widow is fiend. I’m thinking specifically of the old lady in the cottage who throws sticks at me.
•    The synonym of omen is opulence, as we all know.
•    The synonym of querulous is fugacious because both words make me laugh.
•    The synonym of hightail is perturb, because they are both cats I know. I don’t really like either of them but cats have to stick together in this cruel world of squirrels.
•    The synonym of gargantuan is equestrian, unless I’m confusing cows with horses again.
•    The antonym of avarice is yoke and let no one deny that.
•    The antonym of alacrity is provoker, you have been warned.
•    The antonym of altruism is apocrypha, because it is only in the secondary literature that we learn of how the non-altruistic are the true heroes.
•    The antonym of affinity is warped again.
•    The antonym of baneful is jejune, because it is a wonderful month (except in Australia)
•    The antonym of yes is notice, because if you just say yes to everything you don’t get noticed.
•    The synonym of fall is squeal, as I did.
•    The synonym of companion is fool, and he knows it.
•    The synonym of trash is squeeze, because of the time I had to hide behind the dumpsters when I was tiny.
•    The synonym of love is left, like how I had to leave my mum when I was a kitten.
•    The synonym of much is deal, because I don’t want to deal with that much.
•    The synonym of child is forget, because it is for the best.


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