Timothy versus the SFWA

For the sake of political balance, Timothy has asked if he can also have a minor internet feud on the grounds that me squabbling with Vox Day over IQ is stealing much-needed attention away from Timothy. What follows is, as always, strictly the view of Timothy and not that of this blog.

A certain ‘Cat Rambo’ (and I very much doubt that she is actually a cat) has claimed that the SFWA is not ‘a gelatinous cube‘ that ‘lives in a basement somewhere and looks much like a pale green gelatinous cube, covered with lint and cat hair, and various unguessable things lurk in its murky depths, like discarded typewriter ribbons, empty Johnny Walker Black Label bottles, and that phone charging cable you lost a few weeks ago’

I note the implication made with ‘cat hair’. So yes, I was in the SFWA basement. I did leave some of my hair behind – I’m shedding a bit at the moment, so sue me – and actually I can confirm that the SFWA is not a gelatinous ‘cube’. It is more of a cuboid rather than a cube and more glassy than strictly gelatinous. Alas, the phone charging cable I lost was not there but clearly, the SFWA has it somewhere. The petty theft of important cabling has to stop SFWA!




6 thoughts on “Timothy versus the SFWA

  1. Is Timothy the Cat Who Walks by Himself? Are all places alike to him, or are some gelatinous cuboid-containing basements more equal than others?


  2. Dear Timothy –

    I’d like to request that you stay out of my basement. I heard you down there last night with the raccoon and cannot fathom how you got the resident cats to both let you in and then (crudely) attempt to cover up whatever revels the pack of you indulged in by placing large placards reading “this is not a mess” over the debris you left strewn about. Come on, did you really think I was going to fall for that?



  3. Also SFWA will be sending a letter thanking you for your tax-deductible donation of a phone cable to the organization.


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