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  • Fantasy Moon Landing

    Fantasy Moon Landing

    So imagine you are a magician in some off-the-shelf, bog-standard, faux-medieval-Europe fantasy setting. You’ve got your own little side tower in the castle and a king/lord/prince who makes demands on you. One day, the lord of the castle gets it into their head that they will do battle on the Moon. There’s just the one […]

  • Retro-Blog: The Parliament of Cheese and Curds

    Reposting this June 2015 fable about cheese (and the first appearance of a talking cat). With apologies to John C Wright’s Parliament of Beasts and Birds. The dairy products gathered, one by one, outside the final city of People, furtive, curious, and slightly odd smelling. All was dark. In the west was a blood-red sunset […]

  • Starting February: Debarkle

    I’ve been mulling over for some time (years tbh) writing a history of the Sad Puppy/Rabid Puppy attempt to hijack the Hugo Awards. A few things have put me off doing so. Two of the obstacles is any account needs at least some treatment of RaceFail and of the Requires Hate story and they are […]

  • The Return of the King but backwards

    A plot summary of JRR Tolkien’s book but backwards. Frodo Baggins, a hobbit, arrives from the Undying Lands to Middle Earth on a ship with many powerful elves and the wizard Gandalf. At the Grey Havens he is met by three hobbits who greet him warmly and invite him to come and live in their […]

  • Mechanics and genre

    A character from previous years re-appeared this week. (I say ‘re-appeared’ but that’s obviously from my perspective, I doubt they were hiding in a box until my attention was drawn their way.) Damien Walter, the former science-fiction critic from the Guardian, posted on the r/printSF reddit and the people there couldn’t decide if it was […]

  • Book Launch: How To Science Fictionally

    To celebrate five years of all this stuff and nonsense, here is a new collection of posts spanning the nearly two-thousand day history of the blog. We answer all the important topics! How can you make your space ship travel faster than light? How can you make your teleporter work? How are you going to […]

  • Sir Tim Cattenborough Presents The Life Cycle of a Novel

    [A stunning new nature documentary by world famous publisher, naturalist and national treasure Sir Timothy Cattenborough] Our beautiful planet Earth. From up here on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro we can see the vast vistas of nature’s own miracles and what greater miracle can there be than the majestic novel — one of the natural […]

  • The Being Not Human Awards

    Robots, aliens, talking (or at least sapient) animals, AIs, demons, gods, vampires, entities, orcs, goblins, trolls, elves, dwarfs, giant spiders and guests, welcome! Please take your seats, there is plenty of room in this elegant if ageing theatre that we call Camestros Felapton’s Experience of The Science Fiction and Fantasy Genre. Get comfortable, introduce yourself […]

  • The Arts and the Blog Challenge Project

    A few days the admirable Shaun Duke put out a call on twitter for fellow bloggers to join a kind of writing challenge. He later explained it in more detail in this post on his own blog: “What is the Blog Challenge Project? In short, the project aims to create a community of bloggers and […]

  • How to make a replicator

    Replicators are more of a staple of Star Trek than other franchises. As we’ve seen in Star Trek: Picard, DS9 and Voyager, the fun concept can be a bit limiting to plot and characterisation to the extent that later versions of Trek find ways for people to cook and make stuff without the use of […]