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  • Low-hostility reviews

    This is another post vaguely on blogging but which applies beyond blogs to review sites and other social media. I should start by pointing back to what I said about conflict. I am not averse to conflict but I don’t like upsetting people. The third side of that coin is people tying themselves in knots […]


  • More blogging advice: controversy

    A blog, website, newsletter or social media account doesn’t need controversy to be successful. However, Here’s the top 10 posts of all time for this blog: Title Link Debarkle The True History of R2D2 – Sith Lord The Puppy Kerfuffle Timeline The Nebulas & 20booksto50, not-a-nudge-nudge-slate Meanwhile, Former Sad Pups Keep […]

  • Blogging advice

    There is renewed interest in blogging because of the Musk buyout of Twitter. I think the best advice is still to wait and see. The right has had a number of flurries about social media since 2015 (or thereabouts). I’ve seen ex-Puppies try to revive old blogs when Facebook’s erratic moderation policies fueled fear of […]

  • Ask Tim: Best Weapons for Home Defense

    Your home is your castle but as we all know crime has risen one million per cent in the last half hour alone. At any moment a criminal gang enraged by fentanyl disguised as Halloween candy may burst into your house and steal your carefully curated collection of NFTs of outtakes from the final episode […]

  • Time travel and energy

    I was reading this neat summary of time travel rules in fiction and thinking about a couple of things basically angles and effort. The idea that a small change at one point leads to a big change in the future (aka two different kinds of things both known as a butterfly effect) predates modern science […]

  • Fantasy Moon Landing

    Fantasy Moon Landing

    So imagine you are a magician in some off-the-shelf, bog-standard, faux-medieval-Europe fantasy setting. You’ve got your own little side tower in the castle and a king/lord/prince who makes demands on you. One day, the lord of the castle gets it into their head that they will do battle on the Moon. There’s just the one […]

  • Retro-Blog: The Parliament of Cheese and Curds

    Reposting this June 2015 fable about cheese (and the first appearance of a talking cat). With apologies to John C Wright’s Parliament of Beasts and Birds. The dairy products gathered, one by one, outside the final city of People, furtive, curious, and slightly odd smelling. All was dark. In the west was a blood-red sunset […]

  • Starting February: Debarkle

    I’ve been mulling over for some time (years tbh) writing a history of the Sad Puppy/Rabid Puppy attempt to hijack the Hugo Awards. A few things have put me off doing so. Two of the obstacles is any account needs at least some treatment of RaceFail and of the Requires Hate story and they are […]

  • The Return of the King but backwards

    A plot summary of JRR Tolkien’s book but backwards. Frodo Baggins, a hobbit, arrives from the Undying Lands to Middle Earth on a ship with many powerful elves and the wizard Gandalf. At the Grey Havens he is met by three hobbits who greet him warmly and invite him to come and live in their […]

  • Mechanics and genre

    A character from previous years re-appeared this week. (I say ‘re-appeared’ but that’s obviously from my perspective, I doubt they were hiding in a box until my attention was drawn their way.) Damien Walter, the former science-fiction critic from the Guardian, posted on the r/printSF reddit and the people there couldn’t decide if it was […]