New From Cattimothy House

He is planning his own vanity publishing outfit…


13 thoughts on “New From Cattimothy House

  1. Chuck sez needs moar pseudonym. Suggests “Timothy the Talking Cat o’ Nine Tales”
    Also, since he’s got the tinglers covered, counsels ThTCoNT target the firebug crowd, viz:
    “Spires of Cinder in the Butt”
    “Hey is that a 2,000 kPa hose or are you just glad to see me?”
    “Space Volcano Lava Invasion”
    And for your new Andean readers “Canciones de fuego y hielo (ahora, con más fuego)”
    You’re welcome.


      1. Well, we wouldn’t expect much from a publishing house started by a vain and vicious animal interested mostly in preening and nowhere near as smart as it thinks it is.

        And let’s clarify, I’m talking about cats…


  2. I offer to write a story entitled “The Walrus And The Talking Cat” for this anthology:

    The Walrus and the Talking Cat
    Were scrolling on the site;
    They wept like anything to see
    The prose of John C. Wright:
    “If Wite-Out came in pixel form,
    The future would be bright!”


  3. My cat demands that I order this so that he can sit on it.
    I tried explaining that it doesn’t really exist, but he is a cat.
    So you need to make it happen because his wanting things is very loud.


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