Semiprozine Round-Up: Cs and Ds [Updated]

Keeping on going in the Cs and Ds of semiprozines.

  • The Cascadia Subduction Zone
  • The Colored Lens
  • Crossed Genres Magazine
  • Daily Science Fiction
  • The Dark Magazine
  • Diabolical Plots

The Cascadia Subduction Zone

The CSZ aims to treat work by women as vital and central rather than marginal. What we see, what we talk about, and how we talk about it matters. Seeing, recognizing, and understanding is what makes the world we live in. And the world we live in is, itself, a sort of subduction zone writ large.”

Framed in terms of being a literary magazine with essays and reviews. Full issues are availble online

[ETA] The Colored Lens:

[I messed up somewhere earlier and said this only had issues up to 2014 but it is still very active. Apologies to The Colored Lens people. Sorry!]

Publishes four to five short stories per quarter. Issues available online.

Crossed Genres Magazine

Magazine of a small-press publisher. Stories and reviews. Latest issue takes the pro-noun thing to new levels including this story in which personal pronouns are replaced by numbers indicating your position in a social hierarchy

Daily Science Fiction

Does what it says on the tin. One story a day Mondays to Thursdays, mainly flash fiction. In this one a woman attempts to kill a god

The Dark Magazine

Magical realism and horror and other stuff

Diabolical Plots

A general SF/F magazines: reviews + news but also publishes stories. Notable for running the Kickstarter for the ‘Hugo Longlist Anthology’ – a collection of the stuff pushed off the ballot by the Puppy slates.

Not listed:

The Colored Lens: last issue was in 2014 [My stuff up. Still very active]

Drabblecast because I’m not doing podcast to make my life easier.

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6 responses to “Semiprozine Round-Up: Cs and Ds [Updated]”

  1. I’ve tried a few stories from Crossed Genres, and I think I like their overall concept more than I actually like the individual stories that come from that.
    Daily SF is a great idea and I’ve read some good stories from them, although nothing that’s made my longlist for the year.


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