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  • She-Ra Leads to Scrappy-Doo Distemper

    I will concede a massive bias in favour of the work of Noelle Stevenson, artist and writer and genius behind one of my all time favourite webcomics Nimona, as well as the quirky Lumberjanes. So I’ve been anticipating the project she has been working on: a Netflix re-boot of 1980’s cartoon She-Ra Princess of Power. […]


  • The Puppy Axis Returns: Part 2 – Fireside and making sense of it all

    In my earlier post, I remarked on how the Fireside report on the underrepresentation of black authors in published SFF short fiction generated an unusual degree of agreement among four major Sad/Rab Puppy protagonists, Larry, Brad, John C Wright and The Dumpster Fire who Walks Like a Man*. In this post, I want to talk […]

  • Semiprozine – All the Semiprozines (almost) [Updated]

    Here are all the semiprozines I looked at minus the stuff that I left out (mainly podcasts) and stuff that changed eligibility etc. I’ve updated were needed (I hope). A big thanks to the Clarke’s World Semiprozine Directory Lots of good stuff to look at and I don’t think there is any one of […]

  • Semiprozine: T, U (V,W,X,Y,Z)

    Come on people, seriously – yes I know X and Z are low frequency initial letters in English but this is SF people! Nobody has a semiprozine starting with Z? Z the most science fictional letter of the alphabet? Last round up! And with nary a day to spare before February arrives in all its […]

  • Semiprozine: (R) & S

    There is a clear gap in the market for a semiprozine starting with R. I’ve also noticed that I’ve not encountered much in the way of conservative leaning SF in my semipro journey, so maybe Rabid Rightwing Robot Tales is the sweet spot for a new semipro? Actually that deserves a visit to the Pulp-o-mizer. […]

  • Semiprozine: Mind the P’s and Q’s

    Perihelion Plasma Frequency Pornokitsch Quantum Muse Perihelion They describe themselves thusly: WE ARE LOOKING for well-written, original science fiction, that is, science fiction with a solid plot, a beginning, a middle, and an end (but not necessarily in that order). No fantasy. No horror. No fan fiction. No poetry. Alternate history, not entirely taboo, […]

  • Semiprozine N &O

    I’ve gone through a view minor-emotional stages with this mini-project: firstly ‘that’s a neat idea’, secondly ‘this is nuts, I can barely get a handle on one never mind several’, thirdly ‘there are way to many’, fourthly ‘plow on regardless’. Currently I’m in a ‘this was worthwhile’. I’ve met some interesting short stories, one novella […]

  • Semiprozine Update

    So some addenda etc. Fireside: the link at Semiprozine was out of date. Correct link (as confirmed with Fireside) is Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destoyer got a lot of love from Sad Puppies last cycle but was ineligible because it was dated 2015. You can read it here it is fun. Lightspeed: I […]

  • Semiprozine: I, (J),K, L & (M)

    Ideomancer Interzone Kaleidotrope Lackington’s Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet Lightspeed Magazine LONTAR: Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction Luna Station Quarterly Onwards into the alphabet of semiprozanity. Ideomancer Some neat fiction and poetry This story really struck me “The Changeling and the Sun”, by Lee S. Hawke Interzone Venerable, long-running British SF magazine […]

  • Semiprozine: E, F, G & H

    Onward, ever onward through the lands of the chimeric beasts that neither ‘pro’ nor ‘fan’ but ‘semipro’! Expanded Horizons Fantasy Scroll Flash Fiction Online The Future Fire GigaNotoSaurus Grimdark Magazine Holdfast Magazine Expanded Horizons The mission of this webzine is to increase diversity in the field of speculative fiction, both in the authors who contribute […]