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  • Fact-checking really old comments on other people’s blogs long after the fact

    …And then posting it here because this blog is just where things fall out of my head like one of those sci-fi junkyard planets. So from 2016, I saw was a puppy supporter saying Larry Correia was outselling N.K.Jemisin by a huge margin. Given the state of information about book sales that is a tough […]


  • Hugosauriad 4.6: Extinction event 2 – Chuck Tingle versus the Alt Right – Space Raptor Butt Invasion

    [A tad NSFW…so more after the fold]

  • Draft Timeline Update

    This is the draft of Hugo 2016 section of the Puppy Kefuffle Timeline. Once this section is done, I’ll call the timeline done and complete. Any further events, kefuffles etc won’t be included on this timeline. Suggestions, edits, typo-corrections all welcome. The interval between slates/lists being announced and the nominations being announced is a bit […]

  • Vox Day’s No Good Horrible Very Bad Week

    Not the best week for our favourite evil-genius. Sunday: The Hugo Awards didn’t collapse but instead voted for top-notch works. The multiple dark threats from 2015 amounted to little more than Space Raptor Butt Invasion aka the joke that backfired on the devilman Vox. Here he is in 2015.   Tonight will tell us one […]

  • The Sad Puppy 3 meltdown over Hugo 2016 Continues

    In yet another extraordinary display of sore-loserness, Brad Torgersen enter into the fray with a rant about how the leftwing media is ganging up on him Now, just to remind everybody: Brad (and Larry) were not really involved in Sad Puppies 4 – the relevant campaign for Hugo 2016 Brad has always been very […]

  • Sad Puppies volunteer again as the shields for Vox and the Rabids: a reply to Larry C

    Larry Correia has re-entered into the Hugo debate, apparently to lambast Hugo voters for not voting for the Rabid Puppies. As so often happens, Larry (and Brad) have forgotten briefly about the supposedly massive distinction between Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies and naturally has come down fair and square on the side of Vox Day’s […]

  • The Rabids Lost 25 to 5

    I forgot to actually post a score using my wholly arbitrary bragging rights xanatos-gambitized scoring system. No extra points against Vox for getting fewer votes in the final ballot than he did in the nominations…

  • Estimating Rabid Puppy Numbers

    How many Rabid Puppies voted in the Hugo Awards: here are my guesstamations. Best Novel: Rabids should have voted Uprooted 1 and then Seveneves. Uprooted came second, so if we look at the round for third place we can see how many preferences went from Uprooted to Seveneves. Position 2 count: Seveneves 520, Position 3 […]

  • How badly did the Rabid Puppies lose?

    Hugo Award results are up here How do does Vox Day’s rabid ballot compare with the actual winners? Actual Best Novel: The Fifth Season. Rabid ballot: Uprooted by Naomi Novik (Del Rey) Seveneves: A Novel by Neal Stephenson (William Morrow) The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher (Roc) No Award Fifth Season […]

  • The EPH Analysis

    An analysis of proposed new Hugo voting rules is out. It’s disappointing to some but I think it validates the change to EPH. The story so far: In response to the Sad Puppy/Rabid Puppy slate of the 2015 Hugo Awards, a voting system called E Pluribus Hugo was proposed and passed at the 2015 Worldcon […]