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  • Sunday Beer: Australian Inland Ale

    Actual beer in an actual glass in an actual pub. The pub was in Paddington — not the bear but the posh suburb in Sydney. I mean, who knows, maybe the whole of Sydney is contained within Paddington Bear. Perhaps he contains whole universes. Short of putting the bear into a particle accelerator and letting […]

  • Sunday Beer: What Rough Beast Hazy IPA

    I think this brewery is in Portland, so it must have floated across the Pacific on the back of a giant octopus to my local bottle shop. Nice but obviously not very different from lots of other hazy IPAs. Cool name but I was unable to make some sort of pun about Yeats and yeast.

  • Sunday Beer: Red Beard’s Captain Double Red Ale

    A beer from Penrith but not the Penrith on the way to Scotland but the other one on your way out west from Sydney. A limited-release beer from Rusty Penny Brewery. Nice nutty flavour. Quite strong but didn’t taste strong.

  • Sunday Beer: Pyramid Scheme

    Can a beer stop you going bald in your mid 40’s? The promotional text on the side of a can of Mountain Culture’s Pyramid Scheme beer says that it can! However, it’s closely followed by a disclaimer saying that it can’t. It’s actually just another hazy IPA but a quite pleasant one. My head is […]

  • Sunday Beer: Space Town Hazy IPA

    Yes, I bought this just because of the label but it was a pleasant, strong beer. Brewery is in Botany in Sydney (as in “Botany Bay” — where Cook landed, which is the bay directly south of Sydney Harbour, which anywhere else would have been a perfect harbour for a town but Sydney had an […]

  • Sunday Beer: Hawke’s Lager

    It’s election season in Australia, so here’s a former Labor PM Bob Hawke themed lager. Quite nice for a lager.

  • Sunday Beer: Wolf of the Willows (varieties)

    I was gifted four beers by a friend all from a craft brewery in Victoria. The Inner Vision and Double Vision beers were both Hazy IPAs but of different strengths. The one I really enjoyed though, was the one on the right of the picture: Lark Barrel Aged Whisky Sour II. I’m not a […]

  • Sunday Beer: James Squire Zero

    Another no-alcohol beer, this time from Sydney brand James Squire. Quite a nice lager taste if you have it very cold.

  • Sunday Beer: Vaxxinator Hazy IPA

    Maybe it’s because I’ve been drinking a lot fo NZ beers recently but Covid-themed craft beers is a definite subgenre of beer names. Despite the threatening-looking needle, it’s a firmly pro-vaccine text on the label. The beer itself was a pleasant fruity IPA but not very different from a hundred other hazy IPAs.

  • Sunday Beer: Viva La Beaver Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout

    This isn’t the first peanut butter stout I’ve had and like the previous one, it was a gift. This was nicer than the last attempt at this combination of flavours ( ). I’m not sure what was Mexican about the chocolate.

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