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Sunday Beer: Golden Spiral Fibonacci Hopped Ale

I had some Garage Project beers in Wellington last year and I’ve found a source for them in Australia now. Here’s a gimmicky beer which claims to use the Fibonacci sequence somehow. I only drank one. If I had drunk another one, I would then have to drink two more, then three more, then five more. Soon I’d spiral out of control.


On first contact competence

In my review of The Orville I cast serious aspersions on the crew’s competence with first contact situations. Specifically, that I didn’t think this was part of the joke of the series.

There is an element in the show which parodies the hyper-competence of the source material (i.e. a Star Trek crew) by showing the Orville crew as a bit more fallible and a bit more human (even when they are not). There’s a nice understated example in season 1 in which the captain asks the head of security to hail somebody and she simply doesn’t do it immediately. It’s not a massively funny gag, just a neat little moment that is both amusing and makes everybody concerned a bit more relatable. In general, the crew are supposed to be good at their jobs (the show is neither Galaxy Quest nor Red Dwarf) but it’s also not a tight ship. I note all that for context but also so that I can dismiss it. When I say the crew are not people who should ever be in charge of first contact with the show, I mean:

  • They are bad at it.
  • They don’t know that they are bad at it.
  • It’s not a running joke of the show.
  • It’s because the writers write it that way unintentionally.

Spoilers follow for various episodes from Season 1 and 2.

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Sunday Beer: Alpha Geek American Pale Ale

Another beer from New Zealand. The beer was pleasant enough but the surrounding marketing material is amusing. Fork Brewcorp present themselves using a parody of corporate speak mixed in with 70s/80s office images

From their swanky headquarters in the Wellington CBD, Fork Brewcorp seize beer thought leadership with a series of market-tested end-to-end drinking solutions, delivering superior outcomes to relevant stakeholders at all points in the value chain.