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  • Sunday Beer: Space Town Hazy IPA

    Yes, I bought this just because of the label but it was a pleasant, strong beer. Brewery is in Botany in Sydney (as in “Botany Bay” — where Cook landed, which is the bay directly south of Sydney Harbour, which anywhere else would have been a perfect harbour for a town but Sydney had an […]


  • Sunday Beer: Hawke’s Lager

    It’s election season in Australia, so here’s a former Labor PM Bob Hawke themed lager. Quite nice for a lager.

  • Sunday Beer: Wolf of the Willows (varieties)

    I was gifted four beers by a friend all from a craft brewery in Victoria. The Inner Vision and Double Vision beers were both Hazy IPAs but of different strengths. The one I really enjoyed though, was the one on the right of the picture: Lark Barrel Aged Whisky Sour II. I’m not a […]

  • Sunday Beer: James Squire Zero

    Another no-alcohol beer, this time from Sydney brand James Squire. Quite a nice lager taste if you have it very cold.

  • Sunday Beer: Vaxxinator Hazy IPA

    Maybe it’s because I’ve been drinking a lot fo NZ beers recently but Covid-themed craft beers is a definite subgenre of beer names. Despite the threatening-looking needle, it’s a firmly pro-vaccine text on the label. The beer itself was a pleasant fruity IPA but not very different from a hundred other hazy IPAs.

  • Sunday Beer: Viva La Beaver Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout

    This isn’t the first peanut butter stout I’ve had and like the previous one, it was a gift. This was nicer than the last attempt at this combination of flavours ( ). I’m not sure what was Mexican about the chocolate.

  • Sunday Beer: Red Rascal Red IPA

    A devilish brew. Quite tasty and refreshing. It would have been nice on a warm summer evening but it was a wet autumn night when I drank it.

  • Sunday Beer: Lucy Juicy Hazy IPA

    More New Zealand beer. Wellington appears to be selling more craft beer in Sydney than Sydney is. It’s another slightly strong hazy IPA, which are nice but a bit all the same. So I’m back on the cover art for differentiating beers. This one has a creature-from-the-black-lagoon like monster chilling out.

  • Sunday Beer: Planet Nectaron Hazy NZ IPA

    Life has got easier for Sunday Beer posts since breweries started selling cans with labels you can peel off. I thought you’d all appreciate this one. With many SF books no longer having complex paintings on their covers, there is at least craft beer cans to continue the tradition. I particularly love the kiwi near […]

  • Sunday Beer: Jack of Spades Porter

    James Squire beers are a common brand in Australia these days and they’ve got a good variety of beers. I haven’t had their porter for a while but it’s a good dark beer that’s less heavy than a stout. It is super-rainy here, with severe flooding in Queensland and northern NSW. Currently OK where I […]