Sunday Beer: Australian Inland Ale

Actual beer in an actual glass in an actual pub. The pub was in Paddington — not the bear but the posh suburb in Sydney. I mean, who knows, maybe the whole of Sydney is contained within Paddington Bear. Perhaps he contains whole universes. Short of putting the bear into a particle accelerator and letting physicists better understand what secrets are contained within. But I digress.

I drank some beer in a very pub-like pub in a part of Sydney I don’t know very well. I came to Sydney at the wrong age and not as a tourist, so it is not a city I know as well as I should because I never had a chance to just randomly explore bits. So nice to visit popular places. (Obviously, this wasn’t today as I’m writing this at 5 am).

The beer was Australian Inland Ale from Badlands Brewery which is based in Orange. That’s the name of the town…I don’t want to restart the whole bit about places contained within surprising objects.


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  1. Thinking of “I am large, I contain multitudes”, Paddington could indeed contain many things, but I doubt pubs are included. We know brains aren’t included with his compatriot Pooh.

    There are many towns called Orange, and even a whole county most famous for containing Disneyland… which itself contains worlds, oh dear…

    I should stop here.

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    • I don’t believe there’s a town called Orange around here, but there is an Orangeville not too far from where I Toronto. Which is, among other things, the location of ‘Bag-O-Sand’, a company that sells pretty much exactly what it sounds like. (Those bags show up as part of construction barricades all over the place here.)


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