Category: Sunday beer

  • Sunday Beer: Navigator Red IPA

    This is from the same brewery as last week. I peeled the label off to get a clearer picture of the artwork. It was a bit hard to photograph when it was curved around a can. This was fine but I preferred the other one.

  • Sunday Beer: Freefall Pale Ale

    After a run of over strong IPAs, here is a more modest but hard-working pale ale with a bonus astronaut on the label. This is from a brewery in Wollongong — a town just down the coast from Sydney. Nice, slightly bitter ale that you can drink several glasses of without falling over.


  • Sunday Beer: Clipped Wings DDH IPA

    A pleasant but strong IPA that has been “double dry-hopped” — I don’t know what that means other than dry hopped is adding extra hops after all the ingredients have been boiled up. The name has a back story which (again) is partly covid related.

  • Sunday Beer: Simcoe Inoculation Second Dose

    The search for themes for craft beer IPAs has naturally reached pandemic-themed beers. Of course, Corona was there years before but here’s a Sydney brewer seeing what mileage they can get out of it. Simcoe is the name of the hop. The beer was a pleasant, not-so-bitter IPA. It didn’t inoculate anything

  • Sunday Beer: Space Cadet West Coast IPA

    Despite the flag and the American beer style, tonight’s beer is from across the Tasman. It had one of those can labels that you can peel right off, so here’s a panoramic view. Pretty nice, fruity and hoppy and strong.

  • Sunday Beer: Hot Wax NEIPA

    A quite strong NEIPA style beer from Katoomba, NSW. I assume it’s named after its colour – a sort of translucent yellow-orange. Quite strong but fruity.

  • Sunday Beer: Danker Things

    A hazy IPA from Victoria that I ate with a burger, which was a nice combo.

  • Sunday Beer: Back to Basics

    This “pastry stout” was a Christmas gift and it is a pint of alcoholic sweet thickness. One is plenty and best had in lieu of dessert. Brave use of a Comic Sans-like font there on the label. All the way from California, apparently

  • Return of Sunday Beer: Quiet XPA

    It’s back! The weekly blog post in which I drink some beer and don’t have a lot to say about it because I really don’t know how to review beer. On this exciting journey, I’ll mainly be focused on weird labels and alcohol. Speaking of alcohol, today’s beer is taking an almost homoeopathic approach to […]

  • Sunday Beer: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    Galaxy being a type of hop you see. The beer itself was fine but didn’t live up to the name. It wasn’t unpleasantly like being drunk. I drank this on Friday but it felt like Sunday.