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  • Some colouring in activities!

    More things to occupy your time after the fold!

  • Escape from the colour maze!

    For those stuck at home it is time for a maze! You are on board an freaky teleport interchange. You have just appeared on the teleport platform at the top of this security room (the top black hexagon). You must find your way to the other teleport platform at the other end of the room […]

  • Puzzle Corner: Help Timothy Spot the Author

    Poor Timothy is still having problems with human faces. I don’t know what fraction of science-fiction authors have beards but I’d guess 30%? Sometimes feels like more! Can you match the beard-style (numbered) to the author (lettered) so Tim can tell which is which?

  • Farewell Raymond Smullyan

    Martin Gardner was a kind of gateway drug. When I was a kid I went to the same secondary school that my dad taught at. That wasn’t a particular problem for me but it meant I had to hand around school until he was heading home. This meant sitting in the school library by myself […]

  • The Griefer Matrix: Griefers Reloaded

    The purpose of focusing on a set of issues is not intended to catalogue ‘victory conditions’ for the GSBA. Such a person/group may have also sorts of other things that they regard as victories or positive results. Rather the focus is on those things which impact negatively on everybody else or provide strong incentives for […]

  • The Griefer Matrix [Update]

    The Griefer Matrix [Update]

    [Update: started writing part 2 and discovered I’d left off three important things; hostage taking, nominating poor quality (but not actually discreditable) works, and general sweeping categories. In other words VDs 2016 tactic plus Sad Puppy issues. I’ve added those as x.5 issues in places because I’d already used the other numbers in a whole […]

  • A modern take on the classic Lewis Carrol style logic puzzle

    Lewis Carroll was a noted logician and wrote intricate logic puzzles that combined his sense of the absurd with his interest in logic. At io9’s  regular puzzle spot they have a modern (1960s) version by Hubert Phillips. Pickled walnuts are always provided at Professor Piltdown’s parties. No animal that does not prefer Beethoven to Mozart […]

  • Area maze puzzle

    Another fun puzzle article in The Guardian here: You can find simpler styles of this kind of problem in mathematics tests from English speaking countries but in Japan this style of puzzle has become a phenomena. Essentially you just need three things 1. all the numbers in the solution are positive integers (but not […]

  • Gender puzzle

    There is a neat puzzle on The Guardian website that has interesting implications for evolution or fictional social policy. The government – which wants to increase the ratio of girls to boys – introduces a law for all couples that states: If a couple has a boy, they have another child. If a couple has […]

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