Some colouring in activities!

More things to occupy your time after the fold!

Sensible advice for once but don’t wash your hands the way Timothy washes his paws. He’s a clean cat but he doesn’t use a very sanitary method.

Speaking of being sanitary, time to celebrate all those people who are keeping surfaces clean. Our own in-house cleanliness superhero doesn’t get enough attention:

If you have lots of bright crayons, how about colouring in your own Bean book cover! No relation to any existing book series or publishing company! Mister Hunter has to escape from the Facebook bot censors!


6 responses to “Some colouring in activities!”

  1. I think the Bean cover would be a lot more snazzy if it included a cape-wearing skinny woman with very large breasts holding a pistol approximately the size and shape of a croquet mallet combined with a drill press. On the positive side, you’ve already got a guy with a beard, so you’re nearly there. But maybe that’s just me.

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