Escape from the colour maze!

For those stuck at home it is time for a maze!

You are on board an freaky teleport interchange. You have just appeared on the teleport platform at the top of this security room (the top black hexagon). You must find your way to the other teleport platform at the other end of the room (the bottom black hexagon).

BUT WAIT! You can only move across the room by following tiles in the order of RED, GREEN, BLUE until you reach a black tile (you don’t need to complete a sequence when you reach the black tile).

There may be more than one solution (I didn’t make sure there wasn’t), so find the shortest route to the teleport platform you can without being exploded by the security system! Oh and I probably made a mistake somewhere, sorry!

Solution is here

8 responses to “Escape from the colour maze!”

  1. There is a big shortcut if you move SE (instead of SW) from the first blue the N then SE, Then S


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