And Larry Correia keeps on lying

As pointed out in the last post, Larry Correia is once again telling big fibs to make himself look persecuted. Despite nobody being able to quote a supposed offending comment where somebody (again nobody knows who) said (gasp) that Larry was not a ‘real Gamer’, Larry is now saying:

“multiple fans still insist with 100% certainty that the comment did exist, and when they went back it had been disappeared.”

And also that “got 3 witnesses who still swear they saw it”. Quite why this comment was so offensive that he’s posted multiple posts about it with quite extreme invective in them and verbal attacks on other people (Cora Buhlert has been singled out in particular is not something he can explain.

Interestingly Larry made his comment on January 12. Meanwhile on January 9, somebody did make an archive version of the File 770 post that outraged Larry.

The last comment was on January 8 and at the time the page was archived on January 9 there were no more comments. Notably NOBODY in the comments was discussing Larry Correia. So, who brought Larry into the conservation?

On January 10, a Sad Puppy supporter makes a new comment unconnected to the previous discussion: Prior to that, nobody was discussing Larry Correia.

Avery Abernethy’s comment sets off a new discussion, which can be followed continuously. There’s zero indication of any break in the conversation. Abernethy has also been commenting at Larry Correia’s own blog but at no point does he either confirm or deny the existence of this mysterious “not a real gamer” comment. Weird, given that Abernethy was actively commenting when this comment was supposed to have occurred that he hasn’t mentioned its existence.

I believe Avery Abernethy has commented here before. I’m curious as to what he has to say about this…

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  1. Given his history of inaccuracies, tantrums, and false claims, I would not expect any useful testimony from the commenter in question.

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  2. many people on the right these days utilise The idea of a left-wing conspiracy in order to explain why they are failing, in this rendering, it is not that conservative ideas are problematic and bad rather that the left-wing culture has poisoned The minds of impressionable young people through the University system.
    Many Conservatives on both the religious and political right Believe that current western culture is very left-wing, despite the number of right-wing governments currently installed in the west, and Larry correias reaction is a microcosm of this belief.

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    1. I like how the Left in the minds of the RIght is at the same time genius Machiavellian manipulators out to destroy the Right with complicated, coordinated conspiracies and also failing at the most basic level because Socialism or something.

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      1. Where’s that Umberto Eco quote? Ah here you go…

        “The followers must feel humiliated by the ostentatious wealth and force of their enemies. When I was a boy I was taught to think of Englishmen as the five-meal people. They ate more frequently than the poor but sober Italians. Jews are rich and help each other through a secret web of mutual assistance. However, the followers must be convinced that they can overwhelm the enemies. Thus, by a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak.”

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  3. Welp, I have a full wordpress email feed of the conversation so even if Mike had deleted something then I’d have an email with it on – guess what I *don’t* find if I search for “gamer” in that thread?

    Obviously I could be lying, but if so isn’t the theory that Mike saw the claim by Larry and then swiftly deleted the comment and lied that it hadn’t even existed? If so, then either one of those offended could have screenshotted it, or the Google cache would probably have still had it in shortly afterwards, etc etc. As conspiracy theories go, this is pretty shoddy work.

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    1. If that comment had ever actually existed, someone would have had a screenshot of it. And Mike knows that, which is why, if he were going to delete a comment, he would never be stupid enough to claim afterward that it hadn’t existed, he would just say that he had deleted it because it was inappropriate.

      I think the really telling aspect is that on those posts of Correia’s, there are several comments about things I said which bear almost no resemblance to what I said even though my comments are sitting right there where people can actually read them. If they’re imagining things in my existing comments, it’s just one step further for them to imagine that the “not a real gamer” comment was there, simply because they’re wishing that it had existed.

      And of course, now Correia and his sycophants are also insisting that there are other comments there which are intended to convey “Correia is not a real gamer” without actually saying it in those words.

      What’s most hilarious is that nobody at File 770 gives a shit whether Larry is a gamer or not. Why would anyone there bother claiming that he’s not a real gamer? What would such a claim prove? It’s not as if being a gamer is anything unique — or even particularly interesting, to anyone but another gamer.

      These people are not the sharpest tools in the shed. They’re just tools. 😀

      And the guy who posted the lie originally has to be laughing his ass off at the way he’s been able to yank Correia’s chain and manipulate him into throwing a tantrum.

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      1. Yeah, if I can wanted to randomly lay into Larry about something then his gaming habits would be way down the list. I’m not into miniatures the way he is – I can’t paint for toffee – but I’ve been playing rpgs since the year dot and I don’t see anything objectionable in him gaming or how he does it.

        I’d be fascinated to know who the original maker of the claim was (and who’s backed it up) but finding individual comments on FB with all the nesting that goes on is a mugs game.

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      2. I gather from what was said that the false claim was originally made on the MHI Facebook page, and I went over there to look for it, but that page is filled with hundreds and hundreds of nonsensical comments by people who appear to have a vocabulary of only 4 or 5 words, and it wasn’t worth wasting my time wading through them on the off-chance I could find the comment, which the maker may have deleted by this point, anyway. (It did, however, give me a real appreciation for the intelligence and articulacy of Filers.)

        There are a couple of reasonably intelligent people commenting on Correia’s posts saying “I was reading that File 770 thread before it was called to Correia’s attention, and no such comment was ever posted”, but of course they’ve been shouted down by the reading-comprehension-challenged imbeciles who want to believe that it actually existed. 🙄

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      3. It’s a good job that my comment above didn’t have a stray “can” in it, otherwise I’d be embarrassed 🙂


      4. I personally don’t give a flying fart about Larry Correia’s hobbies and I’m also mystified why Correia is so upset about what would be a fairly harmless comment, if it existed (which it didn’t).

        I don’t think Avery Abernathy was the one who claimed someone said Correia was not a real gamer, even though he was the first to bring up Correia and talk about real gamers (TM) as in “real gamers like Correia”. But Abernathy doesn’t strike me as the type to cause flame wars just for the heck of it.


      5. Yeah, I certainly don’t give a crap what Larry does in his mansion on his mountain. Although if I were to wager on it, I would bet (although I have no proof) that the shit-stirrer was our friend Mr. Bromfield.

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      6. I wonder if this is the comment that was used to spark it off?:

        Quoting the relevant bit: And for the record, no one ever said that Larry Correia was not a real gamer or a real writer or the end of writing or whatever else he has claimed over the years. He’s very much a real writer with a solid fanbase. His books aren’t to my taste at all, but then taste is subjective.

        The kind of massive failure of reading comprehension it takes to completely invert the meaning of the first sentence is par for the course for the Puppies.

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      7. It might be, as Larry has been picking out Cora in particular but doesn’t have anything to say of any substance about her. [eta: ah, no – that comment was after Larry already spat the dummy]


      8. That thread is… I don’t think the poster previously known as Airboy was paying any attention to what you said. Unless Abernathy considers assholish behavior essential to expressing conservative political ideals, in which case the thread makes a lot more sense. I mean you (JJ) kept pointing out Correia’s behavior as a problem – his frothy-mouthed ranting at anyone less significant than him who disagrees with him – and Abernathy kept pretending it was about Correia’s politics, when nobody I saw mentioned his politics at all.

        As far as Correia’s gaming goes – his posts with pics of his gaming props and whatnot are easily the coolest things he posts online. If only he could rein in his temper.

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  4. “had been disappeared”?!? That’s a very odd way to phrase it. A comment isn’t a person. A comment gets deleted. And in any case is “not a real gamer” seems like a tiny little molehill if it was even said.

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    1. Yup. Larry’s comment section is full of death threats and just plain nastiness – this is all 100% fine with Larry. Suggesting that he isn’t a real gamer (something nobody I know gives a shit about) is beyond the pale?


  5. I for one am proud of how Larry has defended himself against Mike Glyer’s slanderous editorial.

    Okay, I’m proud of how he’s defended himself against Mike Glyer’s slanderous comment.

    No? How about his defense against a slanderous comment made on Mike Glyer’s blog?

    Oh. Well, I am proud of how he’s defended himself against a slanderous comment that no one can actually point to or that we’re not even clear was actually made! It’s things like this that make me proud to be an American, and I salute everyone involved.

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    1. No, michaeleochaidh, I salute YOU, for your salute to Larry, Cora, Camestros and all the other commenters herein! It’s salutes like yours that make me proud to be an American. Can we all sing the Star-Spangled Banner now?

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      1. I’m not American and neither is Cam, but I’ll happily sing the Star-Sprangled Banner with you, provided someone provides me with the lyrics. 😉

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      2. No one actually knows the lyrics beyond a few phrases (“Oh say can you see”, “Bombs bursting in the air”, etc.).

        Now that I’m Toronto I can proudly mumble the lyrics to two national anthems.

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      3. You have my full support, michaeleochaidh. Anything I can do to help you grind Doug Ford into the dust? Where should we all send our conceptual campaign donations?

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      4. Oh, Doug Ford. Assimilate and forget. I just threw up in my mouth thinking about it, though.

        Since that’s now the Toronto waterfront, that could be problematic for people along the lake shore as far away as Kingston, Ontario and Rochester, New York. Sorry!

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  6. Larry certainly has a deep-seated need to be persecuted. He’s got issues. He needs serious help, poor boy.


  7. If you need a conspiracy theory to justify posting a proof that youre are a “gamer” you take things too seriously.


  8. See, this is how fandom works, as I’m well aware. A real writer makes up some libelous shit about a fan. One bunch of fans will take it at face value. Another bunch of fans will wonder if they should take it at face value and spend a lot of time trying to research and fact-check the libelous shit made up by the writer. Because they have to be open-minded maybe I did what Larry says — he’s a writer, after all. A writer with a nose longer than Pinocchio’s, but a writer.

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  9. Ah, so LC made a claim, possibly based on fan’s claim as it was attributed to a nameless fan as the source, that was easily shown to be false but which played well to his Facebook fans. Mike punctured that by showing up, on LC’s territory, to dispute the claim, which LC had no evidence to refute. So LC tried to dismiss the situation as no big deal, just some claim he saw from a fan. But part of his fanbase saw that as LC backing down to a challenge and didn’t like it and he needs them, especially as he’s trying to sell games to far righters. So LC reversed his dismissal of the situation, and claimed the false claim was not a mistake and true. He and his fans have to invent bigger and bigger conspiracies to support the claim they can’t prove because it is false — multiple fans saw the comment! Mike Glyer is a programming genius who removed the comment from the Internet! Multiple Filer commenters took up the claim and denounced LC as not a real gamer! Etc.

    It’s a similar situation to when Freer got a bunch of the Puppies to go on the Camestros is Foz Meadows’ husband kick. LC will probably soon announce that he’s tired of the subject and moving on as a way of fading out with less objections from his followers.

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  10. Truthiness over truth has been the hallmark of Puppies (and the right wing as a whole) for… ever?

    Between the tribal need to lie for each other (“Anti-SJW [X] said it so it must be true, therefore I publically support it!”), and the deep, deep, deeeeeeep need to paint themselves as victims yet at the same time winners, it’ll keep coming up. Throw in the fondness for conspiracies to provide a “reason” for their own personal mediocrity, plus their complete inability to admit they were wrong and apologize, and there you are.

    Remember, this whole Puppy shit started by Larry lying that he was SO insulted by only being nominated for a major honor (funny, he never said that at the time), and then saying he had a horrible time at that Worldcon (directly contradiction himself at the time; was he lying then or is he lying now?).

    So Larry lying is just par for the course.

    Mind you, I’m not ruling out that the groupthink and repetition leads them to convince themselves that it’s true, so they might sincerely believe all this by now. Still doesn’t make it true.

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