Beard Subgenres (Crossover event!)

Combining our occasional series of pointless infographics, with our occasional series of misclassifying mundane things by sub-genres of SFF and our occasional series of pictures of beards, Felapton Towers presents: beards by subgenres!




  1. Regular Commenter

    Fantasy: 1970s nature mural wallpaper
    Sci Fi: DeLorean-as-a-bed
    Post Apocalyptic: panic room
    Space Opera: velvet curtains
    Urban Fantasy: chalk outline on floor
    Weird West: rubber saloon doors
    Steam Punk: victorian lace curtains made of steel wool
    Cyber Punk: remote control climate control that your teenager programmed to do the opposite of what you want
    Ruritarian Romance: Ricola-tiled floor
    Mutant Superhero: pizza box -as- wallpaper
    New Weird: escher-designed parquet floor
    Mirror Universe: entirely bookshelves with nothing but Federico Garcia Lorca
    Dystopian: Dennis Rodman as nuclear diplomatist. Nothing will ever surpass this void leak.

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  2. Lurkertype

    Steampunk needs to be a BIG handlebar mustache, preferably waxed into curls and points. Moustachioes. Just Google it.

    I demand a correction posthaste, sirrah!


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