Looking at some crowdfunding data

I’m mainly just curious how such things work but I picked on data from a Go Fund Me campaign that I know people might be morbidly curious about.


The site gives a list of donations made with the amount and how many days ago the donation was made. Doing some minor spreadsheet wrangling, it is fairly easy to turn this into graphable data. The only departure from literal truth is I used the order in which the donations are listed to spread out the data points more evenly across each day of the campaign – so the smooth growth within each day is just to make the graph easier on the eye (the raw data would just give a big vertical chunk of points).

Compared with the fundraising goal the graph looks like this:


If we assume a growth rate of $20 every three days than this campaign should reach its target in about 1317 days or about three and a half years. Of course, events may change that.


13 thoughts on “Looking at some crowdfunding data

  1. Well, I think that the object of the campaign has 30 days to reply. So when the reply comes, there will probably be another flurry of activity. But I would agree that it’s lost its original momentum, and will not likely be getting it back.

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      1. It’s my understanding that it already was, and was accompanied by that ridiculous letter making vague claims about things which never actually happened and didn’t actually apply.

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      2. It’s my understanding that the ridiculous demand letter accompanied the official filing. If he hasn’t officially filed yet — something which he promised to do as soon as he hit $1000 — then he’s lied to his supporters.

        Not that that would be any surprise, since lying is pretty much all that he does. 🙄

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      3. @JJ —

        I don’t think that’s correct. I haven’t doublechecked the dates, but I believe the demand letter came before he had passed the $1000 mark on gofundme.

        I suspect he’s intending to wait for the entire $10,000 before he files — which means, I suspect that he’ll never actually file at all. I think if he had actually filed already, he’d be crowing about it loud and clear.

        But, of course, I could easily be mistaken!

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      4. Someone who habitually lies about things is lying about something?

        I’m as shocked as Maj. Strasser, and Fry in the famous GIF.

        Are the others of this kind now jealous doggie allies about this yooge windfall?

        Money for nothin’, and your grift for free.

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