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  • Graph of selected Hugo winning novels

    More Seattle Library graphs. I filtered on the titles of Hugo-winning novels from 2013 to 2022. I did not include Hugo-winning sequels. This fits my intuition of The Fifth Season and The Three-Body Problem being the two most significant winners in recent years. Observant readers will note something interesting about the peak interesting in The […]


  • Big in Seattle

    OK, I’m drunk on actual numbers because since starting this blog, I’ve had to make do with proxies like Goodreads data, Amazon rankings or Wikipedia views. The Seattle Library data has a big limitation, as already noted: it’s one part of the world and in some ways, a weird part of the US and this […]

  • Short Story Stats 2

    Firstly, for those who are fans of such things, those Wikipedia views do follow a power-law distribution (sort of). Here is a graph of the rank and frequency with logarithmic axes. It’s a straight line until we get to stories ranked 500 and beyond, where it turns a corner. How is this useful? It isn’t […]

  • What are the top twenty most looked up Science Fiction Short Stories?

    Sometimes a cold morning calls for scraping data off the web. Wikipedia has an article entitled “List of science fiction short stories” with (I assume) a comprehensive list of stories that have Wikipedia articles. There were three stories with dead links but with those removed that gives 693 stories. If you know the titles […]

  • Larry Correia is a better writer than John C. Wright

    Oh, controversial stuff today! This isn’t about fiction writing though. Actually, it is about fiction but not fiction writing as a type of writing. Yeah, I’m still on about the Maricopa election “audit”. Hey, I invested time reading that report, so you all have to listen to me go on about it a bit more. […]

  • Ninja FUD in Arizona

    Cast your mind back to the closing weeks of 2020 and in the US the right was all aflutter about electoral fraud i.e. not at all coping with losing. I’ve covered the extent to which US elections are impacted by fraud before and the answer is lots-and-lots-and-none-at-all. The lots are overt and technically legal and […]

  • Today’s Infographic: Pie Charts of James Bond Movie Theme Singers

    I was wondering what proportion of Bond theme songs were sung by somebody Welsh. Quite a few because Shirley Bassey sang several and Tom Jones sang one. There are a few basic questions about how to count things along the way though. Firstly, do you count Shirley Bassey once or three times? Secondly, Jack White […]

  • And more right wingers talking nonsense about Benford’s Law update

    It seems I was too kind to Larry Correia in my first post about the pro-Trumpist misleading claims about Benford’s Law. He actually is still pushing it as supposed evidence of election fraud. “Basically, when numbers are aggregated normally, they follow a distribution curve. When numbers are fabricated, they don’t. When human beings create what […]

  • More far-right deception about Benford’s law

    I discussed Benford’s Law and its misleading use in election data yesterday. What I didn’t mention is that the far-right vanity version of Wikipedia, known as Voxopedia aka “Infogalactic” is actively censoring information about it. Like many articles on the out-of-date semi-vandalised wiki, the Benford’s Law article [archive version] started as a clone of the […]

  • I Guess I’m Talking About Benford’s Law

    The US Presidential Election isn’t just a river in Egypt, it is also a series of bizarre claims. One of the many crimes against statistics being thrown about in what is likely to be a 5 year (minimum) tantrum about the election is a claim about Benford’s law. The first example I saw was last […]