Kurt Russell – Space Dad

That should be a title for a film. I hadn’t really noticed before until rewatching Soldier the other day, but Kurt Russell being a space dad is a trope in itself.

Obviously it reached its apotheosis in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 in which Russell is Ego the Living Planet and dad to Starlord.


But he also gets to be a surrogate dad at the end of Soldier, after Sean Pertwee gets his leg blown off by Jason Issacs’s supersoldiers on a training mission.

He’s also a superhero dad in Sky High:


And involuntarily adopts a set of urchins in Stargate:


So that’s at least four examples and I think three is enough for something to be a thing*.

*[He’s not a space dad in The Thing though]

9 thoughts on “Kurt Russell – Space Dad

  1. Kurt Russell also doesn’t get to adopt anybody in any of the Snake Plisken films. Though he does play a single Dad of four (though not in space, sadly) in Overboard opposite his real life wife Goldie Hawn.


  2. IIRC, he started out being a Space Son, in an early “Lost in Space” episode. Again IIRC, his dad in that one was played by Michael Ansara. Please don’t make me watch “Lost in Space” again to confirm any of this.

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  3. They weren’t in space, but he was kind of a science fictional college student in the three “Dexter Riley” movies: The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, Now You See Him, Now You Don’t, and The Strongest Man in the World.

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    1. Obviously he’d been around for years (see the LiS clip) but “Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” was the first I remember noticing him as him. It was also the proto-“Chuck”.


    2. I loved those movies as a kid – he was also in “The Barefoot Executive” (but not “The Monkey’s Uncle” – another college Disney flick).


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