Star Trek: Disco

“Klingon Warbird decloaking Captain!”

“Raise shileds and prepare to BOOGIE!”

“Evasive manoeuvres?”


“The Klingons are retreating Captain. Their metal beats are no match for our groovy moves!”

“Set a course! Warp factor 8 to FUNKY TOWN!”

12 thoughts on “Star Trek: Disco

  1. I snapped this out of a Trailways bus window in 1979 on my way back from a trip to Omaha. It might have been in Lincoln. But boy, was it crying out to be posted on this thread!

    Disco Trek

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    1. “GO BIG RED” was the ubiquitous football team-boosting slogan of Nebraska at the time. It might still be.

      (I couldn’t find this photo anywhere. I finally had to scan from the negative. )


  2. Meanwhile, Star Trek’s German rival Raumpatrouille Orion, which premiered within two weeks of the original series in September 1966, had actual dancing in several episodes.

    Here is a compilation video of all the dance scenes:


  3. Y’know, if you lit the background tubes ‘n stuff in engineering in different primary colors and they flashed on and off, they’d be perfect for disco. Same for lighting in Jeffries tubes. And don’t forget the mirror ball.

    I bet there had to be disco dances at late 70’s Trek cons. Kirk seems like a guy who’d really love discos.

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    1. Yeah, I bet that’s exactly what goes down in engineering after hours. Plus the hooch brewed in leftover warp coils. Scotty didn’t really have that accent, he was just half-cut all the time!

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