Yet Another McEdifice Cover


There’s a story behind this one.

The ebook on Smashwords (here! ) had some sort of glitch in the ePub version. As a consequence, the book kept failing validation checks to go on the Smashwords “Premium Catalog” distribution list – which means that Smashwords don’t pass the book onto Kobo and Apple etc. I finally tracked down where the fault was and fixed it in the source file (hooray!) the other week. Then…the book got another note from Smashwords…

This time the note pointed to their guidelines for crediting multiple authors…

Long story short, ‘Camestros Felapton’ being on the cover might resolve the issue. We will see! Hence a new cover. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Yet Another McEdifice Cover

  1. Doesn’t quite have the pizzazz of many of the others. Too monochrome. And the fonts are relatively tasteful.

    Plus none of the fabulous supporting characters and/or enemies!

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      1. Yes, D2D also publishes to Amazon, though it’s fairly easy to go direct with Amazon. Publishing direct to Kobo is also fairly easy. Barnes & Noble is a pain in the behind and doesn’t directly accept Australians anyway, as far as I know. Apple won’t let you publish directly, unless you have a Mac. Google Play actually gave me an account, but their interface is so awful I gave up. Tolino shoves you into a self-pub ghetto, when you publish directly via them, and isn’t all that important anyway, unless you have German language books. There are also some smaller niche stores and distributors which supply various foreign vendors.


      2. Google Play isn’t giving out accounts to indie writers any more IIRC (Which I might not). So it would be worth your while to struggle on, you’ll have much less competition there. I do things which get me GP credit so I’ve purchased a lot of books there for free or discount.

        D2D will publish to B&N for you as well, according to their FAQ and I’ve seen books from them on Nook. I’m not sure how many people would check it out on OverDrive, but since it wouldn’t cost the library anything, maybe so! You never know what people are looking for. Their FAQ lists a lot of stuff.

        It all seems to hinge on getting your keywords right so people can find it. Also maybe an eye-catching (good or not so good) cover. Contrasty.


      3. Google Play stopped giving out accounts to indie authors some time ago, after they got overrun by scammers. They have opened up again on a very limited basis and they vet applicants. Someone sent me the link to apply and I got in, only to be frustrated by their interface. Google Play is also a problem, because they randomly discount books and cause Amazon to pricematch, losing authors money and coincidentally also violating German law. There also are some distributors who distribute to Google Play, but not D2D or Smashwords.


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