The Doctor Who/Star Wars crossover movies

We now have enough for a list:

I think that’s it – less than you would imagine given the heavy use of British actors in Star Wars.

[ETA: aside from the many examples below, I also forgot that the 7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) was also a wizard along with Count Dooku (Christopher Lee) in the Hobbit movies]



  1. Cora

    Darth Vader himself, disguised as a Minotaur for reasons best known to himself, tangled with the Third Doctor in The Time Monster.

    And Boba Fett – sans mask and before he looked like Temuera Morrison – encountered the First Doctor in The Space Museum and the Third Doctor in The Time Warrior, where he posed as an archer and got to cop of feel of Sarah Jane Smith.

    You get a few more, if you include Imperial commanders and so on.

    For example, in Cty of Death, the Fourth Doctor tangles with the alien Scaroth a.k.a. Count Scarlioni, who also happened to serve the Empire as General Veers and led the assault on Hoth. Coincidentally, when the First Doctor met Richard Lionheart, he looked suspiciously like Scaroth as well. Scaroth certainly gets around, since he has been spotted going up against James Bond, Indiana Jones, John Steed and Mrs. Peel, Chief Inspector Barnaby, Remington Steele (who also tangled with the Fourth Doctor in a different episode), Magnum PI and Blake’s 7. He was seen in Troy and on Moonbase Alpha in an alternate 1999 and lately has been hanging out in Westeros calling himself Grand Maester Pyrcelle.

    Laurence Scarman from Pyramids of Mars, Dr. Summers from Mind of Evil and the Headmaster of Coal Hill School from Rememberance of the Daleks manages to get himself force-choked by Darth Vader as the unfortunate Admiral Ozzel.

    Calib, leader of the Seveteem tribe in the Fourth Doctor story The Face of Evil also gets himself force-choked by Darth Vader in Star Wars: A New Hope.

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  2. Doris V. Sutherland

    Scars of Dracula: Count Dooku has the Second Doctor as a henchmam.
    Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell: if I remember correctly, Tarkin enlists the aid of the Second Doctor while constructing Darth Vader.
    The House that Dripped Blood: Tarkin, Dooku and the Third Doctor all appear, albeit in different segments. The Third Doctor criticises Dooku’s real-life performance as Dracula.
    Horror of Frankenstein: Darth Vader kills the Rani.
    Lord of the Rings: Dooku gets into a fight with the Great Intelligence.
    Bonekickers: Martha’s sister and the disembodied stomach woman from Sarah Jane Adventures eventually go up against Boba Fett.

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      • Cora

        I thought the Beast was played by Dan Stevens a.k.a. Legion a.k.a. dude who almost inherited Downton Abbey and married Susan, daughter of Death, who also happens to be one of Queen Armidala’s handmaidens. However, I can’t recall that he ever was Batman.

        Talking of Batman, in the TV show Gotham Alfred Pennyworth looks suspiciously like the Third Doctor (and is played by Jon Pertwee’s real life son Sean Pertwee), so my headcanon is now that the Third Doctor raised Bruce Wayne.

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      • Lurkertype

        Sean Pertwee went out one Halloween dressed as the Third Doctor. Lovely.

        Oh, and Sean as himself was in “The Five(ish) Doctors”, in the opening scene with the other lady from “Broadchurch”.

        Obviously Batman knows Venusian aikido. I mean, duh.

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      • Cora

        Well, to be fair, Dan Stevens was hidden under layers of make-up for most of the film, so it’s not like he was instantly recognizable.


    • Cora

      Coincidentally, the Rani and Lando Calrissian were both in Dynasty around the same time, where the Rani pretended to be the sister of Edith Keeler from Star Trek.

      Yes, I used to watch that as a kid. I’m embarrassed now.

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    • Cora

      Bonekickers also had Mickey Stone from Hustle and the Lord of the Manor from Downton Abbey. In the first episode, they fight Black Jack Randall from Outlander a.k.a. Edmure Tully from Game of Thrones, who also was in Doctor Who at one point. Unfortunately, Bonekickers was not nearly as cool as that description makes it sound.


  3. Cora

    I’ve got one more:

    In “Daleks in Manhattan”, Captain Panaka of Queen Armidala’s royal guard, disguised as a homeless man, helps the Tenth Doctor and Martha to fight the Daleks.


    • camestrosfelapton

      Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow has a veritable car crash of franchises:
      Dumbledore, Kazran Sardick from the DW 2010 xmas special, Emperor Palpatine, Count Dukko, Saruman, Vernon Dursley, Wednesday Adams, Captain Jack Sparrow, Rita Skeeter and Queenie from Blackadder and I’ve missed several I think…


  4. Stuart Gale

    In “The Elephant Man” a disfigured War Doctor (John Hurt) plays alongside a “skinned” R2-D2 (Kenny Baker). Also, in a separate set of links, R2-D2 could have met a Cyberman, a Gallifreyan guard, a Sea Devil, an Auton Leader, a Silurian, and many others, all in the form of a fairground policeman (Pat Gorman – he was an extra in a whole *slew* of Doctor Who episodes).


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