And the next Doctor is…

Jodie Whittaker

Not somebody on my list but fits the casting habits of Chris Chibnall the new showrunner. Chibnall who had worked on Doctor Who and show-ran Torchwood, had a habit of casting Doctor Who actors in other shows he was involved in (Law and Order: UK, Broadchurch). Consequently, there was some chance that it would be an actor who was in Broadchurch who might be the next Doctor. I was keen for it to be Marianne Jean-Baptiste but apparently not.

For SF fans, Whittaker most notable SF work was Samantha, a nurse who gets mugged and who is then caught up in the alien invasion of a London council estate.

A not-to-adventurous choice. Some quarters (e.g. our old pal Vox Day) are complaining that casting a [gasp] woman will ruin a show they don’t watch. I’m more worried about where Chibnall will take the show than the gender of the actor but a casting decision that suggests some originality is a hopeful sign.



  1. Mark

    With Attack The Block also having started John Boyega, it’s retroactively become the Who/SW crossover we’ve always wanted, where a rebel stormtrooper runs into the Doctor during an alien invasion, all set in London for no discernable reason.


      • Space Oddity

        Hopefully, Chibnall can manage to make “Doctor Who” feel like something more than something for the writers to amuse themselves with elaborate setpieces. To the good, he made “Broadchurch”. To the bad, he made “Broadchurch”.

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      • Mark

        Well, I’ve watched a couple of Broadchurch eps now, and I don’t think it gives much of a clue to her as Doctor – mostly just looking wan and miserable so far.
        The show is pretty good but very depressing.
        I also spotted Companion Rory masquerading as the Vicar, presumably to keep an eye on Ten while he pretends to be a detective.
        Given the coastal location my guess for whodunit is Sea Devils.

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      • Mark

        So I accidentally watched all of Broadchurch s1, and now I’m feeling really miserable.
        I don’t think it tells me anything useful about Whittaker as the Doctor, although she’s clearly a fine actor based on that part, and she got more to do than the original wan and miserable.
        It’s probably a bit more revealing about Chibnall though – I hope the tendency for long shots with depressing music doesn’t carry over! He seems to share Moffat’s liking for finales that reveal he’s been setting up clever resonances all along.


  2. Lurkertype

    I watched the first “Broadchurch” but don’t remember her. I looked up who she played and still didn’t, other than “She was sad a lot.” Mind you, you could have told me she was anyone but The Doctor and his assistant the two cops and I’d have believed you.