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  • Review: Andor Episodes 1-3 (Disney+)

    Star Wars films and streaming shows tap into multiple layers of nostalgia but attempts to deliver the same feelings viewers had when they were younger can lead to disappointment. The strategy of producing spin-off films foundered when the underrated Solo was a commercial and financial disappointment. It is a better film than its premise but […]


  • Could you rewrite the Lord of the Rings as a techno-thriller?

    Could you rewrite the Lord of the Rings as a techno-thriller?

    Despite my attempt to resolve forever the difference between fantasy and science-fiction, apparently, my typography-based typology has yet to catch on and the never-ending discourse continues. I have mentioned before that while we make conscious attempts to define categories by sharp rules, our brains do weird things with them. One model (disputed) for the underlying […]

  • My new pointless Star Wars theory

    I’ve been cogitating on this for awhile but a Tweet by James Davis Nicoll precipitated me into revealing a key insight: This was not the original problem that had been annoying me but it has the same solution. The issue that had been bugging me was the inconsistent way of travelling between planets. In the […]

  • The Mandalorian: The Marshal (S2E1 Ch9)

    Streaming services are now offering me new Star Trek on a Friday night an new Star Wars on Saturday! We live in a time of wonders…or at least time of pricey but accessible TV content. Where Discovery is eminently reviewable, I find that The Mandalorian is not. That is not to say it isn’t entertaining […]

  • A deeper look at The Rise of Skywalker (spoilers)

    In the final episode of the Disney+ Star Wars Series The Mandalorian, there is an almost perfect encapsulation of the Star Wars aesthetic. Without spoiling a wholly different Star Wars property too much, there’s a point where the good-guys are escaping the bad guys and they reach a river of lava. Indeed, it is basically […]

  • Spoiler Free Review: Star Wars IX Rise of Skywalker

    I will avoid most spoilers and focus on my overall impression. Next week I’ll probably do a more spoilery review because there is a lot to talk about. In particular, I know there are a lot of creative decisions about how Episode VIII and IX connect but aside from a broad point, I’m putting those […]

  • Somebody must have made this joke already…

  • Review: The Mandalorian

    Where the Apple+ streaming service had to open with a range of new original programming, Disney+ thumped down with a massive back catalogue. It does offer a live action version of The Lady and The Tramp but its most notable new program is the first Star Wars live action series The Mandalorian. Helmed by John […]

  • The less loved Star Wars wing fighters

    I was impressed by this comprehensive list of ‘alphabet’ fighters from Star Wars I hadn’t realised there were so many but I can’t help thinking that there is a lot more of the alphabet Star Wars could have covered. So I have decided to fill in some of the gaps. Needless to say, this […]

  • How to blow up the Death Star and/or other doomsday weapons but mainly the Death Star

    I don’t always sleep well but when I do suffer from stress induced insomnia it’s never at the initial falling asleep stage. One excellent talent I have is falling asleep. I’m very good at it but it’s not a skill much celebrated. If I do wake up in the middle of the night (and some […]