Next Weeks News

  • In an alarming set of Tweets Donald Trump alleges that Potus 45 is reading his thoughts.
  • Wikileaks releases evidence that the FBI is run by disgruntled Firefly fans who blame the series cancellation on the Clintons.
  • The GOP attempts to build a pipeline to carry snake oil as an alternative to Obamacare.
  • Sean Spicer simply stares at his shoes at a Whitehouse press conference and then leaves via a window.
  • Vladimir Putin denies having any meeting with “the Russians”.
  • Competing Breitbart articles attempt to coax the President through a giant maze.
  • Pundits decry the extremism  of the alt-alt,  a group the describe as being like other things they prefix with “alt” but more so.
  • Banana republics object to being compared to the USA.
  • Mexico builds a wall on its northern border in case “the weirdness is contagious”.


  1. Mark

    #2 is totally true. The Clinton Foundation was set up during early pre-production on Firefly, shortly after Bill Clinton saw an early pilot script that cast a thinly veiled version of him as visiting Inara. Although early pressure on Fox saw this scene dropped (and then later restated as the “I’ll be in my bunk” scene), Clinton was still not happy and continued to fundraise enough money to eventually buy Fox and order full cancellation.
    The Clinton Foundation has gone on to force the cancellation of numerous genre shows – have you every wondered why we’ve not had Star Trek on TV for so long? And why it’s taken the final political defeat of the Clintons for a new Trek series to be made?
    Loyalists within the Firefly Bureau of Instantiation have been fighting the Clintons for years, mainly via furious letter writing campaigns, finally contriving their revenge on Hillary with the best-timed letter ever.

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