Vox Day is Stealing Timothy’s Covers

They’ve always had an on-again/off-again sort of relationship since he hailed Timothy as the next new new new Heinlein but this recent event has caused Timothy more angst than usual.

Here is Timothy’s cover from last year:


And here is an earlier cover concept for him:


And here is the blatant rip off as the Vox tries to cash in on Timothy’s substantial audience: http://voxday.blogspot.com/2017/03/the-corroding-empire-preorder-now.html


Imagine stooping so low as to create a book that mimics somebody else’s just for cheap laughs? Shocking, just shocking. In the meantime There Will Be Walrus: Second Volume V is still available at Smashwords https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/636378 Get it now and the first typo is free!



24 responses to “Vox Day is Stealing Timothy’s Covers”

  1. Wow, that is some seriously substantial real estate Scalzi is occupying in VD’s brain. He’s not even bothering to pretend that Castalia is a serious genre publisher anymore, he’s just axe-grinding.

    What an incredibly pathetic caricature of himself VD has become.

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  2. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That cover from Beale…I had to go see that this was really a thing. I need a shower and dry cleaning after visiting Beale’s blog. I’m charging that to you, Cam 😉

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  3. Poor Theodore. Like Wright with his witches and Brad with his flailing on about Jemisin, they’re straying quickly into the fields of pathetic. You know those guys you sometimes meet on long bus trips? The ones who sit down next to you and insist on telling you about the alien radio signals which control the cafeteria ladies in the hotel in their hometown, and that’s why tomatoes smell so strange now? And then want to sell you shares in their hot new plastic container company?

    That’s what they’ve become.

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  4. But I don’t understand – wasn’t VD going to be a major force in sci-fi publishing, whereas Scalzi was obviously an overrated hack who would crash and burn with his overpaid contract? Why this obsession when Beale can simply point to his own accomplishm- oh, right.

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  5. And of course the correct response from Scalzi would be “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t hear your whining over the sound of all the success and fame I’m getting.”

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    • Technically I think that Scalzi can’t hear the whining over the fun he’s having on the JoCo cruise right now.


        • camestrosfelapton: It’s almost like Beale waited until Scalzi was away…

          I don’t think so. I think VD wasn’t paying attention, and timed it poorly. I would have thought he’d want Scalzi to hear about this the moment it hit the interwebs and people were talking about it. By the time Scalzi gets back from the JoCo Cruise, it’ll be old, dead news, and neither Scalzi nor anyone else will give a shit.

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      • “neither Scalzi nor anyone else will give a shit.”

        I feel that this is true regardless of timing. The only people who really care are the ones crowing about how they’ve, like, totes destroyed Scalzi’s career with this stupid stunt.

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  6. I’m mostly amused by the tag line on the book VD is publishing: “An interstellar science fiction epic in space”. As opposed to all those interstellar science fiction epics that are confined to a planet.

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  7. Further evidence that Castalia House has revolutionised publishing and is indeed dominating SFF by devoting time to selling books that only make sense to Teddy’s sycophantic blog following.

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      • (though i assume his silly pamphlet things must be pretty easy money. i doubt these things take more than an hour or two to throw together, and his idiot followers must lap them up.)


  8. “He’s the Chuck Tingle of idiocy.”

    Pounded in the butt by the crippling realization of my own inadequacy?

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