John C Wright’s Windrose of Political Heresy


I am sucker for these kinds of mental schemas in which people try and sort out their perspective on ideas into dimensions. When judged against how ideological groupings occur in reality they tend to breakdown in the face of the inherent contradictions of stuff that people end up believing but that doesn’t mean these schemas are without merit. They help show how a given person is charting the relationship between ideas and also helps clarify how they see particular ideologies.

In this particular case our occasional blog muse, author and advocate of political ideas way, way, way to the right of where I stand, John C Wright has explained his schema in a couple of places. Here on his regular blog and here in his ‘Every Joe’ column from 2014. I was going to write more about it (in particular whether his major axes work conceptually) but I ended up spending all my time redrawing the diagram he has so it looked nice. There you go, I’d rather draw a nice chart of ideas I disagree with than actual explain my disagreement! 🙂




11 thoughts on “John C Wright’s Windrose of Political Heresy

  1. You enjoy visual arts, and your subconscious is questioning whether analysing JCW’s views is preferable to, say, watching paint dry. I’m pretty sure your subconscious knows the answer to that one, which is why you have composed a rather nice diagram and left it at that. I’m in wholehearted agreement with your subconscious, by the way…


      1. No, I meant I don’t understand a windrose with these sorts of concepts. Can you point to another example?

        I know I will never understand JCW, and I don’t care.


  2. Thanks for the link with the explanation. It was fun taking the test and seeing where I fall. I think I’ve taken it years ago when I was younger and healthy. I’ve become more “in direction”.

    You did make JCWs look pretty. 😀


    1. Well it is rare when one can say that DC’s multiverse scheme makes *more* sense than some other thing but…in this case yes. I think nearly every word in JCWs scheme has its own private JCW meaning.


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