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  • Bad news for the US

    I don’t want to add to the feeling of doom that many Americans must be feeling now but looking at the Supreme Court decision on abortion rights I don’t have anything supportive to say. What worries me most is an element I touched on in yesterday’s post about bounty hunters. The shaping of new […]

  • Election Results

    So, the downside of having a funky voting system and lots of political parties is that the results don’t arrive quickly. Having said that [waves in the general direction of the last US Presidential election] having two parties and horserace style election isn’t always quick either. Another feature of the Australian system is that there […]

  • Election Tomorrow

    It’s the 2022 Australian Federal Election tomorrow. The parliament has short terms (three years) so these things seem to roll along very frequently but 2019-2022 has been both more eventful and less eventful than most. More eventful because it went something along the lines of FIRE! PLAGUE! FLOODS! and less eventful because the fires, pandemic […]

  • Freer & Funding

    Hey, it has been a long time since we had a look at Dave Freer and Mad Genius Club but we’ve got a new rewriting of history (and geography) over there. I can’t really complain about people who bury the lede in their blog posts but you have to get several paragraphs in to find […]

  • Ringo’s novel view of history

    Author John Ringo is a curious character. He’s pretty important in the history of the Sad Puppies and radical conservatism in science fiction and yet he largely backed out of the main conflict in 2015. Anyway, I’m not sure what is the water over in the former Puppy wastelands but Ringo is having a bit […]

  • Looking at the right and Ukraine

    I should preface this with a more general observation. In the spaces I look at/read (mainly people from English speaking countries), there’s no shortage of confused, uncertain or just plain-wrongheaded takes about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. People on the left aren’t always sure how to talk about an abusive imperial power that isn’t their […]

  • Trucks are the new tea bags

    The revolutionary fervour among the more wild-eyed sections of the right has been heightened by an anti-covid-measures truck convoy in Canada. As already discussed in the comments, my bellwethers for what’s hot and what’s not on the US right have got very excited by the length of the truck protests. Larry Correia declared the […]

  • Ninja FUD in Arizona

    Cast your mind back to the closing weeks of 2020 and in the US the right was all aflutter about electoral fraud i.e. not at all coping with losing. I’ve covered the extent to which US elections are impacted by fraud before and the answer is lots-and-lots-and-none-at-all. The lots are overt and technically legal and […]

  • Larry C is stepping up the boogaloo rhetoric

    Larry Correia isn’t famed for subtlety or nuance in his political analysis but unlike many in his wider circle, he has usually side-stepped some of the more extreme violent rhetoric of the overly-armed right. Things are getting a little too much for him now though and the kind of Civil-War-2 style rhetoric that has been […]

  • Positivity and Gibberish Ideology

    Way back in 2018, I talked about I called “the thing” in the context of the nonsense that Jordan Peterson was putting out. I still don’t have a better name for it. What I said at the time was: “To perceive yourself as inadequate or weak-willed or to see unhappy circumstance as your own fault […]

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