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  • I lost track of bonkers voter fraud theories

    Since the 2020 US Presidential election, there have been a lot of theories from the right explaining that they didn’t really lose. There was a revival of these claims this year when the midterm elections fizzled for the Republican Party There was a time when I tried to keep abreast of each of the […]


  • The weird attempt at a 2014 revival

    Given this blog recently enjoyed great success with a whole book centred on right-wing shenanigans in 2015, I perhaps shouldn’t complain about the latest culture war gambit. I say “latest” but I can’t think of a better way of putting it than “let’s do 2014/15 again”. A lot of this is coming from the Twitter […]

  • Interesting results in Victoria

    Election results in an Australian state which I don’t live in, aren’t usually interesting but yesterday’s state election in Victoria highlighted some common themes for this blog. At stake was the majority held by the Australian Labor party and its leader Daniel Andrews. During 2020 and 2021, Victoria (and Melbourne in particular) had a series […]

  • Will the new Trump campaign fizzle out?

    Donald Trump announced yesterday that he was running again for US President. The announcement was met with some scepticism across the political spectrum. There is an assumption that Trump’s influence is waning, particularly after the recent mid-term elections in which the GOP did relatively poorly and in which wackier candidates, in general, did badly (with […]

  • More nutty fraud claims

    After Correia stamping his feet on Twitter, Sarah Hoyt carries on the refrain on her blog: “As I write this late on the 8th, the tsunami is resolving itself into a wavelet. Or rather, the tsunami has been overfrauded into a wavelet. And it might be frauded away to a Dem win before I wake […]

  • US election results are barely in but Correia claims fraud

    Here we go. To be honest it is almost a positive sign if Larry Correia is rolling out fraud claims so early. 6:28 AM · Nov 9, 2022 (my time, so around 12:30pm Tuesday in Utah) quote tweeting an explanation of the lengthy vote counting process by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) “Lol. Of course it is suspicious, […]

  • Apes and cranks

    I’m thinking a lot about pseudoscience, crank magnetism and science fiction authors at the moment. Partly what I’m interested in is the aesthetics of scientific hypotheses i.e. what is it about some ideas that they gain longevity beyond their empirical life span. The specific idea I was looking at is the possibility of an ice […]

  • Baen: Paranoia, perceived provocation, and politics

    The web forum known as Baen’s Bar is once again being criticised for the apparent violent comments in one of its subsections. There is coverage here at File 770 ( item 2) of a Tweet by Jay Blanc. That Tweet has since been removed by Twitter: “My twitter account is now locked and disabled due […]

  • A voyage around the puppy seas on the topic of Trump

    So many chickens coming home to roost at the Mar-a-Lago that the hen house isn’t big enough. Poor Donald Trump has been finding ways of postponing, deferring or otherwise mortgaging the legal safety of his future self that he’s become a kind of one-person Ponzi scheme in which one set of shenanigans is paid off […]

  • Looks like I’ll be busy in January

    There are more details about the non-fiction book being written by right-wing fantasy author Larry Correia. “Coming January 24, 2023 from Regnery. …Things like my Opinion On Gun Control were the basis for this project. In that vein it is intended to give ammo to people who are already on my side of the debate, […]