Collected wanderings: a not the puppy non-round up

This is a round up of some posts I’ve enjoyed reading by following people back to their blogs. The people are all ones who have said something interesting about the Puppy Kerfuffle but the posts are not themselves about puppy things. In the case of blogs with multiple authors the post may not be by the person who puppy comment caught my eye. Also, they are all blogs I haven’t really visited before and so the posts might not be very recent – and for all I know the rest of the blog might be about eating kittens (well probably not).


Doctor Science on mince-pies and hallucinations at On Obsidian Wings:

Iain Coleman* on the science of Doctor Who and specifically time paradoxes at Relative Dimension:

Rebekah Golden reviews Guardians of the Galaxay at her eponymous blog: [OK technically a Hugo/Puppy related post but the movie category is different because I said so]

Red Headed Femme reviews Mad Max: Fury Road:

John Seavey on 5 non-superhero movies DC should make at Fraggmeted:

Andrew Hickey on the bane of existence that is two-factor authentication at Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!:

McJulie on a stupid press article about people enjoying horror movies at Goth House: Julie McGalliard lives here :

Laura Resnick at her eponymous blog on finding novels by people other than straight white men:

Jim Henley’s Rule of Buts at Unqualified Offerings:

I’ll do this more regularly if I remember!

[* I wrote Macdonald for some reason – presumably from reading those Hugo lists too many times. Apologies!]

5 thoughts on “Collected wanderings: a not the puppy non-round up

  1. Thanks for the link — one minor thing, you called Iain Coleman Iain MacDonald (possibly confusing him with the author of Revolution In The Head?)


    1. Phew! Fixed now.
      So much negativity from the Puppy camp recently I thought I’d spend sometime looking at the blogs of the people I was talking to. Much nicer things to read than the rahrraheherahahahrrrgraahharggr elsewhere.


      1. Absolutely. Some very good pieces in this roundup, by some very good people. Thanks for doing it.


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